Who Is A Real Trojan?

We are at the stage now where some people, who I wouldn’t listen to under normal circumstances, are trying to define who is being a “Trojan” or “Trojan fan.”

They were Trojans when they called for the firing of Clay Helton.

But you are not a Trojan now if you continue to protest Mike Bohn’s decision, note the awful recruiting rankings or vow to give up your tickets, gear, etc.

They prefer to keep supporting a sloppy, leaderless program and hope for the best. That’s fine. But they don’t get to define who is a Trojan or is not a Trojan.

When people do that, they usually are not worth the time to begin with.

29 thoughts on “Who Is A Real Trojan?

  1. Man I don’t know anyone who is claiming those who mock Folt or Bohn are not real ‘Trojans’ …. Find me anyone worth quoting who sees retaining Helton as ositioning USC for great feats in 2020. (crickets)

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    1. Maybe this question (who’s a real Trojan?) should be settled the way political corruption cases are handled: you need a smoking gun to go forward. I say only the people who’ve been caught on on tape saying “I am not a real Trojan!” can be labeled ‘not real Trojans’……

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      1. Sweet watching ‘boy scout’ Comey squirming on Chris Wallace’s show today and even sweeter knowing he and McCabe and Brennan, Page, Strozk, etc. are now going to get slowly and exquisitely ‘bled out’ by attorneys….if convicted hey that’s the frosting but the real ‘cake’ is doing to them what they did to Carter Page etc. – destroy them financially….

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      1. So typical of NASA. Everybody’s supposed to play by their rules….

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      2. Pudly —Oh no! I saw the whole story in “Independence Day”……

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  2. john menshunned bein a astronot, im not a astronot but i been reeding allot abuot space exploytation, seams sort of dum sense there is nothing out there But the son, May be if john and the astronots want to be use full they can finely ansewr the age old qeustion of wear does the son hide at nite? May be it neads to get some sleep like us poeple do, Sometimes the obveius answer is hitting us in the face,

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    1. Ed —
      I think there’s maybe one more planet than the sun—for a total of 2 things. Once, when Picasso saw a beautiful woman wearing a yellow hat and a silver scarf, he said “oh, look, the sun and the moon are out together today.”

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      1. Both of Ed’s iterations—Ed Garrett and Ed. G —have earned special places in that thing men call history…..

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  3. Understand that Heritage Hall will soon announce the existence of a “whistle-blower” that claims he/she have information on those calling themselves “Real Trojans.” Apparently there were high-level discussions that a friend’s cousin, who knows the whistle-blower’s sister-in-law’s gardener’s brother overheard, that named the supposed “Real Trojans” that were using a “quid pro quo” – asking that Clay Helton be dismissed or they would return the Trojan Gear they bought at the USC Bookstore back in November, after the bRuin game. None of this has been verified, however the FBI has requested a FISA warrant be issued to wiretap Bohn and Folt, to see if they know the identities of these so-called “Real Trojans.” A stake-out by USC Public Safety is currently underway (the golf cart with two guys wearing sunglasses in front of the bookstore) to determine the identity of the perpetrators. This story is gaining steam – not sure why Scott has not reported this yet.

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  4. I prefer being called a surreal Trojan (I’ll accept Sir Real Trojan from Ed) but it it is a surreal experience, being a Trojan for over 50 years and seeing the coaching being mishandled the way it has been for the past decade. I have not replaced any worn out Trojan gear or purchased season tickets since 2017, but I keep abreast of the team’s doings as if they were a glitching video game the company refuses to replace. It’s surreal.

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    1. Real Trojans, Non Real Trojans or Surreal Trojans: Into which camp does each of us fall? Scott needs to poll this.


  5. Memo to: Pinkywood

    The “The Donald” is just 67 votes from the historic infamy the orange AH richly deserves.

    #Chug-a-lug Pinkywood; enjoy your ripple and puke DT’s.


  6. As a die hard fan of SC, being one since 1965 when I was first exposed to who Mike Garrett was, USC, and college football, which I saw on the front of the L.A. Times, my brother in law and I are really deciding if we are going to renew our season tickets for SC football. We have been going for a very long time, as brother in law and as friends, but it is hard to swallow the mediocrity that SC is putting out. If they don’t care about their own product, and it shows with fans, the coaching staff, and the way SC treats its fans, then why should I care.


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