Holiday Bowl Practices Don’t Sound Physical

USC conducted its top-secret practice Saturday in helmets and shorts.

At the moment, only two of the 11 bowl practices are expected to be in full pads. Maybe this is why Clay Helton wants to keep the media away. The main reason he closed them last season was because of criticism that practices were not physical enough.

Is this the change Mike Bohn promised?

22 thoughts on “Holiday Bowl Practices Don’t Sound Physical

  1. I don’t want Clay Helton to change anything he’s been doing over the last few years, because I want this nightmare to be over by this time next year. … Please!!!!!

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  2. Scott –Lest there be any more misunderstandings: Bohn is not in charge of change, he was not brought in as a change agent, he doesn’t even like change.

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      1. Pudly,
        May I borrow your card to bet USC in the Holiday Bowl? All the major Vegas Betting Services accept them — [for some reason they seem to be having a problem with mine because of a minor mix up over what I owed after the Oregon game].

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    1. What was her hire for?
      That pompous ass Lynn Swann was fired..
      Which was the awesome..
      And usually when you bring in a new AD,
      He hires his man.
      Apparently. USC’s model is to keep the inept Head Coach and his incompetent staff.
      Bohn is between a rock and a hard place.
      Ex Players like me and loyal fans are really pissed off and extremely disappointed.
      It’s what you get when you hire a second rate
      Fired NC President and a AD with a history of
      Being shown the door at previous colleges. There endorse a Third Rate Head Coach.
      The embarrassing saga continues at USC..


  3. This nightmare is never going to be over……groundhog day.
    They want their “nice guy” to lead the team to a glorious Pac 12 south championship 😂

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  4. Yes, the obvious intent is to lull the Hawkeyes into a false sense of security, by acting as if USC is vastly superior. Maybe some pizza parties and bowling trips are in order, instead of any more unnecessary practices? Plus pads and full contact practices can lead to an increased laundry load for the staff, and it’s Christmas after all… c’mon now.

    Watch, Iowa will over-practice, over-focus, and lay a big egg in the game – we all just know it! Iowa, pfffft… really?

    BTW – no need to waste time practicing special teams or defense either, certain those squads have got it down already, let’s not waste any good tackles or coverages on the practice field.

    And penalties, no big deal, the guys know they can absorb and make-up for at least 150 yards worth per game – they’re used to it. Oh, and the OL line blocking, no worries there either, they can just pick a guy and try to block ’em. If anybody gets through, Slovis can evade and throw a TD easy, he does that all of time. Save your blocks for when Chucker JT gets back next season, he’s gonna need them! The RBs can make their own holes too – they’re talented enough. A quick blocking ‘do’s and don’ts” run-through will do, about 35 mins. before the game. Easy peasy.

    Lot’s of hugs for all too, remember it’s Christmas!

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  5. Michael – think the above seals it.

    Why practice at all!?! It’s a done deal.

    Sure that Helton is playing that video over and over to the team so they can see how they’ll win. Everybody gets a hug too, just to drive the point home.

    Wowie are we lucky or what!?!

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    1. Juan —
      It’s kinda awe inspiring when somebody puts into words all your worst fears…..

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  6. There should be a “Going Out of Business Sale” at Heritage Hall. All shunned alumni and fans can bring USC merchandise and sell it to garages, workshops, and pet shops to be used as rags, bird cage lines, and dog chew toys.

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  7. Genius Papapep!

    Kind of like when Ford put Shelby out of business back in 1967 (I was 8) – there was a fire sale where you could buy a real 427 Cobra for around $1,500. Not to mention engines, parts, etc… A “Fire Sale” of sorts… perfect!

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      1. That ’73 Mustang was one of the worst. Next to the Gremlin, and the Pacer, and the Vega, and the Pinto, and…


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