USC Morning Buzz: A News Blackout On Holiday Bowl

Mike Bohn wants you to buy a ticket to the Holiday Bowl. But how much buzz have you heard about USC in the past week?

It’s hard to generate publicity when Clay Helton limits interviews and closes practices. And in a couple cases, he doesn’t even tell the media what time practices takes place.

Why does he do it? He doesn’t you to know he had a 40-minute practice. Or that he counts 7-on-7 player-run workouts counts as a “bowl practice.” Or that two practices are in pads.

So it’s a media blackout until Tuesday. But please, do buy those Holiday Bowl tickets!

23 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A News Blackout On Holiday Bowl

    1. Michael, the one positive that could come from Caruso being mayor is that there is the hope he would resign as chair of the BOT.


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      1. 67 –I believe he’d have to resign just to run [then Folt’s personal bodyguard would become chairman]…

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    2. At least I can now save money. I will not buy another game ticket until that dud, Helton, is down the road kicking road apples!


    1. Wow, gt! That’s the most negative article Katz has ever written.
      It’s taken a lot, but USC has finally turned off even it’s most ardent supporters.

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      1. gt –You nailed it. What an out of touch (as in stuck in the 1990’s) bunch of goofballs…

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    1. Actually the drill goes like this: Clay listens —if he likes what he hears, he smiles vaguely like the 40 Year Old Virgin —if he doesn’t like what he hears, he shoots one of his “if looks could kill” looks….

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  1. What 4 or 5 star recruit would want to come to a University “led” by a triad of stooges like Folt/Bohn/Helton?

    Clearly, the answer is none. Can you blame them? What a collection of idiots!

    Maybe the triad of stooges can give back to the community and house the homeless in the empty coliseum and empty new suites.

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    1. Nice work, Alv —now Clay is going to copyright it and use it as the title to his autobiography…………
      P. S.
      [Clay told Folt he’s planning on missing the playoffs again in 2020 and passing out “Threepeat” bumper stickers to the student body]…

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      1. …and his background sound track will be what’d we all expect ‘Dueling banjos’….yee haw! Waiting for Heltonska to say “I’m just tickled pink to be here in San Dee-a-go. Let’s play sum’ football and see who wins huh?”

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      2. Alv — I hope he leaves out the “see who wins huh?” part for next year’s opener with Alabama…..

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      3. Cal75 —…Riley’s Threepeat referred to winning championships in a row —Helton’s Threepeat would refer to being left out of three championships in a row…..


  2. I’m not worried about a news blackout. That’s what Scott lives for. Do not worry his anonymous sources will fill the void. We’re safe here. So far Trojan Daily Blog has the weekend off. I hope all is well over there…any rumors?


  3. The idiot. He will fall apart. Doesn’t have the discipline to manage a team. Certainly can’t manage himself. He’s lost. Needs to move to Pop Warner coaching. But they wouldn’t want him either.


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