It’s Anniversary Of John McKay’s Final USC Game

Today is the 44th anniversary of John McKay’s final game at USC, a 20-0 victory over Texas A&M in the Liberty Bowl.

USC was 7-0 and ranked No. 3 in the nation when McKay announced he would go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Trojans promptly lost four straight games.

Ricky Bell scored on a 76-yard swing pass. Vince Evans threw a 65-yard pass to Randy Simmrin that set up another TD.

That Texas A&M team featured two All-American defensive backs familiar to long-time Rams/Raiders fans: Lester Hayes (Raiders) and Pat Thomas (Rams).

When McKay coached at USC, he had a suite at a hotel on Wilshire Blvd. so he would not have to drive home. Some nights when he didn’t use the suite, legendary assistant coach Marv Goux would get the key and hold parties there.

If you wonder what the parties were like, here’s a recap of one crazy night at Julie’s restaurant involving McKay and his coaching staff.

11 thoughts on “It’s Anniversary Of John McKay’s Final USC Game

  1. That was also the last year for Dick Vermeil at bel-air tech. Philadelphia had offered him the job. Vermeil went to McKay and asked his advice. Story has it McKay replied “Once, maybe twice in life the brass ring comes around…..take it.” Vermeil did.

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    1. After his drubbing by Texas in 2018, Helton was reminded by a reporter that John McKay’s Trojans manhandled Texas [and Alabama and Oklahoma]. He responded, “At least my lips have never touched the devil’s water.”

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      1. Michael, If Julie’s was still with us, Helton wouldn’t set foot on the property. Not even sure he would be allowed in the premises.

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      2. Say it bruddah’ ….no ‘joy juice’ fer’ Coach Heltonska jus’ mo’ of his cornpone ‘…it’s a miracle….a miracle!’ idiocy.

        Mothing changes until this clown is gone – absolutely nothing…
        btw we could do a whole lot worse Mike, than JDR.

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      3. “We could do worse than Del Rio.” You’re right, my friend —& I’m afraid that’s exactly what Bohn is thinking…..


  2. I thought it was the Ah Shucks bowl because it was the last time we were invited that bowl. Interesting fact the PAC 8 controlled things back in the day and this was the first year teams were allowed to accept invitations to other bowls, teams that had beaten USC stayed home that year. But hey USC sold tickets well so get them while they’re hot.
    Are you going to San Diego???

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  3. I signed my letter of intent at Julie’s..Coach McKay was just awesome.
    He told my parents he’d take good care of me, graduate me and that I would play and be a leader of the team and that we have some special players signing with me!!
    He was right!!
    My 4 years at USC resulted in a 33-3-2
    4 Rose Bowls, 1 National Championship, 1967, 1 loss in the 1969 National Championship game( we should have won.. OJ’s last game!)
    And undefeated in 1969 winning the 1970 Rose Bowl bs Michigan, who had just beaten the current National Champ Ohio State..
    I did graduate with Honors in 1970 from the Business School and with Honors from the Dental School in 1974.
    Coach McKay was instrumental in getting my into Dental School..He called the right people and the Dental School door opened..
    I’m sure I would not have gotten in without Coach McKay’s help, For which I am eternally grateful!
    Bob Jensen #51 LB
    1969 Team CoCaptain 1970 Rose Bowl CoCaptain

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