Something To Look Forward To Next Year

Clay Helton talked today about the Holiday Bowl being a springboard to next season.

“When you look at our schedule, even for next year, we’re going to play teams like this,” Helton said. “This is a top 25 team, ranked 16th in the country. And when you look at our schedule for next year we could play six top 25 opponents. So the mindset we take into this game is imperative.”

So next year’s schedule will be tough?

That sounds like more reason to fire him.

I actually think USC can easily win nine games next season. But with Helton holding the program hostage, I suppose any scenario is possible.

  • Iowa will remove the Tigerhawk logo from its helmet for the Holiday Bowl to honor former coach Hayden Fry.
  • Helton said today Drew Richmond sprained his foot during “our last full-contact practice.” He’s been vindicated for having few full-contact practices!

23 thoughts on “Something To Look Forward To Next Year

    1. I’m surprised Scott left out the rest of Idiot Clay’s remarks. He said that when he looks at Stepp at practice he sees a “lack of confidence.” And he went on to say that “in my gut I don’t feel good about him.” Stepp is the only thing that might save Helton at the Holiday Bowl…

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  1. USC has, save for AL, a very winnable schedule ‘if’ the 2020 was a USC squad so many remember that fought to win.
    Home: NM, AZ St., Cal, CO, WA & ‘the princess’
    Road: AL (pseudo neutral), OR, WA St., UT, Stanford & bel-air tech
    Per Scott’s prediction the 3 losses – AL, OR & (‘the princess’, UT, WA, ‘bel-air tech’)

    IA still a 2 pt favorite this Friday 27th Dec..

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    1. IF the rain doesn’t rob us of our Air Raid offense we should do fine, Alv. But if we get into a physical mud battle, forget it.

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      1. IF the rain doesn’t rob us of our Air Raid offense we should do fine. But if we get into a physical mud battle, forget it.

        Did you ever think you would say that about USC? Times have changed.

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      2. No, Dude –I’ve been around long enough to remember when we’d have the advantage on a slow field…..

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    2. Given USC FB these past 4 years (co-inciding with HC CH tenure), a 6-6 to 11-1 season is feasible. While I am excited about the returning talent on both O&D (and the two kickers), I think the Trojan road schedule is tough and HC CH teams always underperforms on the road.

      My final hope for this iteration of USC FB is for that epic announcement on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday that a monster Defensive Coordinator is joining the Trojans after his team finished their playoff/bowl run…..(hint, hint).

      The Hawkeyes should be a favorite in San Diego. Had they a more talented offense they could have played in their conference champ game.

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  2. Even Helton knows in his heart that USC should be a heavy favorite to beat Iowa. We are far more talented. Playing just about at home. Its a no brainer. Except for him.
    His remedy……. talk up Iowa so if we lose its to a 16th ranked team and no riot develops. If we win it was a tremendous win due to his great coaching.
    Helton was probably breathing heavy thru his mouth watching the Oregon vs Utah game. If Utah had gone to the playoffs putting us against a team with talent below ours but a 2 notches better than Iowa he would have
    had a tough day explaining the blowout.

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    1. It will still be a blowout in the 4th quarter. Iowa the winner. But, so what. He makes me sick. There are no class acts, just Folt, who knows nothing about effective decision making and the pretender Bohn. How disgusting.


  3. Hey where is SC with transfer portal and junior college players in light of the Helton recruiting meltdown? Here are some of the players that were or are available

    chester graves, OLB, #1 JC player
    6’5″, 240, 4 star
    council bluffs, iowa

    Mychale Salahuddin, RB, 4 star
    5’10”, 193, washington DC

    Justin Shorter, WR 5 star
    6’4″, 205
    penn state

    Calvin Ashley, 5 star, OT
    6’6″, 310
    Florida Atlantic (Auburn?)

    Antonio Alfano, SDE, 5 star
    6’4″, 285
    alabama to colorado?

    Brenton Cox, OLB, 5 star
    6’4″, 245
    Georgia to Florida?

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      1. Ha! [Bohn even looks a little like Dean Wormer—– who I believe gets choked out at the end of the film by the city mayor…. who looks a bit like Caruso]…..

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      1. Hoping that many go across the Bay to the Fighting Wilcox’s.

        Don’t mistake me for a sycophant, Cal75.
        However, I despise the inappropriately arrogant Stanfurdians in a way which I cannot convey. (I like Cal B most days, except when they play my Trojans.)

        Oh, and I have no patience for the few (misguided) arrogant Trojans out there.

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  4. I can’t figure out why you guys think SC is playing at a disadvantage if there is rain. No way.
    Offense players know where they’re going. D doesn’t. Just reacting. A little decent rain will help SC. Iowa DB’s should be eating mud.


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  5. What? Iowa had a full contact practice?
    It sounds like they’re taking this game seriously.. Good for them.!!
    I hope Helton and his inept staff get embarrassed again and somebody steps
    Up and fires his ass!
    But, based on what I’ve seen with Folt and spineless Bohn, I’m not holding my breath…

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  6. More HATRED If you want HE’LL Ton FIRED then Do Something about it Do You Have $20 Million for He’ll ton s BUYOUT. DAAAAAAA


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