Just Another Monday For Carol Folt And USC Football

Carol Folt got swamped again about Clay Helton on a non-football tweet this morning.

At some point, she might want to address the football situation, but I doubt she will.

  • USC practiced on the artificial surface at Cromwell Field on Monday because Howard Jones Field was rain-soaked overnight. That qualfies as an open practice these days because Cromwell is not closed off by a wooden fence.

Offensive tackle Drew Richmond sprained his foot last week and did not practice while tailback Markese Stepp is currently questionable for the Holiday Bowl.

It’s surprising Richmond sprained foot considering how light USC bowl practices have been.

If Richmond cannot play, Jalen McKenzie will shift to right tackle and Liam Jimmons would start at right guard.

14 thoughts on “Just Another Monday For Carol Folt And USC Football

  1. Like the rest of us at this site, I am reluctant to criticize anything our Head Coach does (more than two or three times a day, that is). But light practices don’t seem to be preserving our players from injuries at practice….and they sure as hell aren’t preserving our players from injuries during games. Something is so wrong with our conditioning program that we find ourselves unable to get through light practices …or close out games….let alone seasons.

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    1. Conditioning is a joke. Helton should be thanking the football gods he’s not on the unemployment line. His first order of business should be to replace the Strength and Conditioning coach. If Helton thinks he can take Iowa lightly he might get blown out. Fight On!!

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      1. Spot on, JP.
        Iowa plays a tough, disciplined, smart brand of football. No splash or dash. USC plays with tons of splash and dash. Discipline? Tough? Smart?

        I surmise that the turf at Jack Murphy Stadium will be wet and slick, which could impact the pass game (?).

        I’m not going to San Diego with any confidence.
        Of course, since Darnold’s departure I’ve not felt confidence with USC FB in ANY game (including Fresno, Oregon State…)

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      2. Bourbon — One thing that has stuck in my mind all year is Cameron Smith’s exit interview. I hope everybody remembers that, feeling free of Helton’s passive/aggressive bullshit, Cameron told interviewers that only the players who want to practice have to practice …. and that a lot of guys don’t want to and don’t have to. He said team spirit under Helton was poor and it obviously interfered with the ability to perform at a high level.
        I can guarantee you that the two enormously uninformed individuals involved in Helton’s retention (Folt & Bohn) NEVER listened to that interview.

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  2. With apologies to Capt. Bob Jensen of the ’69 team, I am pasting in an entry of his that was very late on an earlier blog post that I dont think many people saw.

    It speaks about his commitment to SC football and he has some comments on the one of the best college football defenses of all time, the ’69 Wild Bunch. Great stuff, Bob, and thanks for continuing to post here:

    From Bob:

    I’ve been speaking out for the last two years and will continue! You can bet on it!!
    I thought when Folt fired that pompous Twit Swann, it would be a start of a great
    Turnaround for the program.
    Apparently Not.. The same Athletic Department swamp is still there
    Orr,.Noriega and Tessalone.
    Now this current group of pompous weasels, Caruso, Folt and spineless Bohn, have insured USC will be a second rate, non relevant program.
    12th in the Pac12 and 81st nationally in recruiting..
    A Helton is again putting his usual spin on how great his recruiting class is and that this obscure meaningless Bowl game
    Means a resurgence of USC Football!!
    USC is in Deep S**t and it will stay that way until a new Quality Head Coach and An Accountable Winning culture Is Brought in.
    Prior to Helton’s renewal.
    I contacted Folt and Bohn’s offices.
    Asking to speak to them, but only getting
    To their secretary’s, I expressed my feelings about Helton and recommended
    Urban Meyer.. Obviously, they ignored it!
    Also, thanks for the Kudos,
    I was honored to be chosen CoCaptain along with the great Jimmy Gunn.
    Our Wild Bunch defense was No.1 in the Country in all categories..In the 1970
    Rose Bowl game, We held Michigan. Who just beat the current national champ Ohio State, to just 3 points!!
    They were averaging over 40 points per game that 69 season,,,
    Jimmy Gunn and Charlie Weaver were
    Phenomenal Athletes.. No one got outside of them.
    Bubba Scott, Tony Terry and Tody Smith
    Were inside .. Greg Slough was other Linebacker.
    Sandy Durko, Jerry Shaw, Tyrone Hudson and Ron Ayala were the DB’s.
    Every one got drafted and played in the NFL. Shaw went to SC Law School.
    I got drafted by Dallas in the Second round, but decided to go to SC Dental School.. A smart decision for me!
    Thanks again Bob Jensen

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    1. Thanks, 67! As many have noted, it makes no sense for Folt to fire Swann for being so damn dumb as to keep Helton….and then, turn around, and tell Bohn to keep Helton…..

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  3. Beat the Hawkeyes! Did Patton root for the Germans at any time? Think he was enthralled with the President? Once the judge hears your case, anything further could jeopardize your case. Have you prayed about it to a higher authority? Scoff at this? Sounds weak to you? Don’t believe? We can’t accomplish everything by might….


      1. God resists the proud…you may find it in James.,.look it up. Out of context? Prayed up? You better be, otherwise, your stance might be swept away….


  4. the only strategy for SC to win against iowa is to simply open up the hail mary passes and just try to beat them on talent. i am afraid that slovis will be taking a pounding and might get injured, but helton is fine with putting his players at risk during games, since he wont make them tough during practice.


  5. Spain ankles .. What a Joke!
    When I played (66-70) under Coach McKay
    No player stepped onto the practice field without getting fully taped, either sweats or full pads!!
    I don’t remember any injuries happening to my Teammates..
    Typical Helton and his lack of discipline and
    Weak ass practices,
    It shows at Game time!!!
    Bob Jensen #51 LB
    1969 Team CoCaptain


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