USC Morning Buzz: Last Day In L.A. For Trojans

USC practices on campus this morning and then will travel to San Diego this afternoon.

Clay Helton will speak for only the second time since he was retained by USC.

Remember last week when I said someone sent a package of human feces. An administrator tells me USC has also received at least one jersey that was cut into pieces.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Last Day In L.A. For Trojans

  1. Ridiculous, when Dr. Tyndall was busted nobody mailed “Nicky Squid” a sack of shit that “Nicky” richly deserved.

    That reminds me has St Pat received his sack of shit, or Sark received his sack of shit.

    Coach O didn’t get shit cause he got St. Pat butcher knife deep in the back.

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    1. Justowns, The gynecologist at your shitty little school was a bigger dickhead like yourself. Keep mouthing off you turd with absolutely
      nothing to say of merit.


    1. gt — Caruso must be smiling. [He sure did hire the right 2 dolts to accept all the incoming for him]……

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  2. Good. Keep sending stuff. Keep up the pressure and don’t let up. They are praying it goes away. The only way to facilitate change is to lead the way.

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      1. Thanks Michael. I didn’t meant feces. I meant letters, calls, withholding donations and not renewing. Although the funeral wreath was apropos. I have more sense and class than that. Although by retaining Helton the administration effectively took a dump on anyone who is passionate about USC athletics and football. After all, the football team supports all the other programs. So keep up the calls, the pressure of no donations. As general Patton said, “God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t. “

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    1. Mostly agree, Joan, but maybe sending precious bodily fluids* are a bad idea? My wife tells me they can get your DNA from just about anything.

      *See Jack Ripper from Dr. Strangelove.

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  3. Just read an article that the talent USC currently has on their roster even before this years recruiting disaster ranks with Alabama and Clemson over the last 4 prior years.

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  4. I wouldn’t send anything most of this is too childish for my taste and besides the goodwill stores need rag materials. But in all honesty I wear much of my Trojans gear three months out of the year. Some of my stuff was acquired before I was married and it’s still in good shape. I’ll go down to the thrift store and pick up a jersey if I want to make a statement. But there too many good memories in my gear to give to the likes of Bohn.

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    1. Well, have you read the childish posts of many on this site and ROT? We’re not exactly dealing with MENSA members. The smart ones among us realize that some assistants will probably be shown the door and nothing else. Throwing a tantrum (boycotting, rooting for them to lose, etc.) isn’t going to change that. Are we thrilled? No. But what’s done is done. I’m certainly not going to hope we get stomped next year, so I can say, “Told you so!”. I’ll leave that to the mental midgets. FIGHT ON!


      1. What assistants will Gomer purge Tampax Trojan ? He’ll fight to the death to keep Baxter and Clancy, I would be surprised if any changes were made. Gomer has no clue but he’s got Folt in his corner and that’s all he needs because it’s pretty clear that Bohn is a puppet.

        And if you pay to watch this shitshow, buy merchandise or donate, you’re aiding and abetting this farce


  5. Great point Karma, we should not stand for this shit show any longer. Take a stand. The student athletes on the team now deserve better than what Gomer brings to the table. This clown couldn’t sign even one of California top 25 recruits. Even the recruits can see that Gomer is a joke. If some fans except mediocrity than the joke is on you. Under Gomer, USC will beat the average to bad football teams and occasionally upset a quality team. But when elite teams with quality coaching come calling, you know exactly what’s going to happen….Alabama 63- Gomer 14.


  6. How many of these people actually went to SC? I’m an alum and ashamed at the tone and nastiness. Very un-Trojan like. Wolf is an embarrassment. He’s biased and slanted. He never says anything positive. Haters and Boo-ins👻 love him. Brutal.


    1. Very few of them. I, too, am an alumnus. Most of the others aren’t and spout off like 5 year olds throwing a tantrum. Folt & Bohn were hired to do a job. Those of us with any sense will allow them to do it and see what happens. We’re not going to have a fit because they didn’t do exactly what we wanted them to do within weeks of being hired. We’ll be there to support our student athletes no matter what, unlike the front runners who claim they’re going to boycott games or worse, root against USC. FIGHT ON!


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