Is There A New Campaign Against USC In Recruiting?

You probably saw on twitter that there was some kind of problem with USC and Oregon coaches regarding the recruitment of star linebacker Justin Flowe and an accusation that USC did not recruit African-American linebackers.

I’m not linking to any of that because I haven’t heard any direct comments about Flowe’s recruitment.

But I can comment on this: Several high school coaches in Southern California complained to me this fall that USC coaches preferred Polynesian players. I’m mentioning this because it is now a perception among some coaches. And I’m guessing some opposing schools have said it too.

I have not heard that another college used it against USC. I have heard nothing regarding Flowe, who looks like he wanted to go to a more successful program, whether Clemson or Oregon. And I’ve never heard a USC coach say they preferred Polynesian players.

But when high school coaches, who are friendly toward USC and have players on the current USC roster, tell me this, it means it is making the rounds on the recruiting trail.

24 thoughts on “Is There A New Campaign Against USC In Recruiting?

    1. No she didn’t or she’d be seriously violating NCAA rules. She simply said hello at an event and and had PR spin it on hopes that if he came her PR people could take credit, and it backfired.


    2. Why do you keep saying that? She said hello to a group of recruits at a basketball game. A president of a university can’t recruit a player. To recruit a person has to go through a process, take a test and be part of the limited staff allowed for recruiting as part of the athletic department.

      I get that you may want to refute the rumor but why say it with something that’s not true and worse, if it were true would have USC looking guilty of NCAA violations?


    1. Unacceptable to call these kids s@#t!

      You are awful.

      I personally know three of the ol and they are smart, athletic and will be fantastic!!

      You’re post is up for worst post of the year award, schmuck!!


  1. Bozo Helton doesn’t even spin things anymore, he’ll tell you exactly how it is, with a smile.😂😂. So I guarantee he’ll just shrug off these latest rumors.

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  2. Scott,
    What a stupid and irresponsible post. How many African American kids are on the roster? How many at linebacker? I know you are a no talent hack who pukes our posts for clicks, but this is just straight garbage. See ya.

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    1. That is just BS! Yeah if Flowe would have signed they would have sad sorry your black. That is just ridiculous. I didnt know John Houston and Chris Claiborne were polynesian.

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    2. ? Scott didn’t invent it, it’s on 24/7 and the boards, twitter… It’s long been said the last 3 decades about SC at QB. I’m not saying I agree but SW is reporting not making it up or agreeing.


  3. Oregon has long history of negative recruiting, this year tried to poison Sav’ell Small that Chris Petersen an Washington was racist and elitist. Ultimately they failed


  4. As many others have, I’m calling bs. I”m sure Drew Richmond would agree.

    “He wanted so badly to prove he belonged at Tennessee, to live up to the expectations that weighed so heavily on his shoulders, but over four seasons spent fighting through the emotional pain it caused, Drew Richmond had lost sight of why he enjoyed football in the first place.

    “All that scrutiny, it took a toll,” Richmond said.

    But as Richmond looked back on an up-and-down collegiate career that will end at the Holiday Bowl against Iowa on Friday, the easy-going USC right tackle smiled as he recalled the experience that helped him rediscover what he’d once lost.

    After four years of turmoil, his single season as a Trojan, he says, “changed my life.”

    “To see it all end here at USC, to be a part of this family, it’s been a blessing,” Richmond said.” – LA Times


  5. Scott. you are truly pathetic. Did it ever occur to you that coaches recruiting against USC might try to come up with any argument … no matter how much a stretch? Of course it’s going around … because of idiots like you.


  6. This is racism if true and should at least be investigated. Also. though I agreed with the decision to fire Swann, why treat the black in an undignified manner and leave in the real culprit Helton,the preacher who happens to be white?. Could it be subtle systemic racism. Hate to say it but the students of color at UNC, from what I have read did not trust or like her. All or none of this may be true but something to think about. Again all this rush to get rid of Swann ,and you leave in one of the most incompetent coaches USC ever had. If this word begins to float it may impact recruiting for the next several decades.I am personally, however, concerned why you fire the incompetent black and keep the incompetent white? Just a concern. A simple explanation from her would be nice,but I do plan to send her an email raising these questions.


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