Holiday Bowl Report

USC practiced at Southwestern College and was not in full pads. There was a full-pad practice Monday. Tailback Markese Stepp was not dressed.

A rumor going around in San Diego was that former USC assistant Joe Barry could be a candidate for the defensive coordinator’s job. Barry is currently the assistant head coach and linebackers coach for the Rams.

So unless the Rams are making staff changes, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. But Clay Helton does know Barry, so he probably would call him.

12 thoughts on “Holiday Bowl Report

  1. We are doomed in San Diego. I have three “experts” predictions that USC will beat Iowa. That is the one thing letting Helton slide on practices. As iron sharpens iron, Helton believes in Helton. Did I mention we are doomed?


      1. Missing Link does it piss you off the 4 – 8 Bruins had a better-ranked 2020 FB class than mighty 8 – 4 SUCCX.

        BTW, they can’t even give away tickets for San Diego’s Pneumonia Bowl. Even worse, the Bruins, at home, warm and cozy, will get a cut of SUCCX Bowl Game payout…..LOL! The Pneumonia Bowl invitation will cost the bozo’s a bundle.



      2. What a competitor you are mule. Stay cozy in your trailer. Turn the stove on.
        Your season is O.V.E.R.
        Ruins predicted to go 8-4 or 9-3 in 2019.


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  2. USC lost to BYU and now Hawaii is throwing the ball all over the place against them. Hawaii put 21 points on them in the first quarter. I guess USC is very glad they didn’t play Hawaii this season. That could’ve been an Alabama level ass-beating.


  3. If Joe Barry is the assistant head coach for the Rams, then that’s job security. So why would he jump onto Bozo’s sinking ship, with a poor recruiting class coming in? 🤔


  4. Memo to: Kal 86

    Kal is the perfect team for the Dooky Bowl. Kal FB rolls downhill.

    The Bruins, LOL, will get a cut of Kal’s guaranteed pay-out w/o experiencing the absolute boredom of the Dooky Bowl game.

    #Moneyfornothing – asitwere.


    1. Geebus mule, are you on a 0300 break from the donut fryer or was it so cold that you woke up because you forgot to turn on the oven in Che Mule?


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  5. My guess is that Slovis gets hammered again and again in the backfield, and has to dance his way to any passing success. It is very difficult to say whether Iowa can stop the SC passing offense, but the line of scrimmage is going to be very unkind to SC, in my opinion.

    I just think at this point that Clay doesnt care at all about what anyone thinks and figures he will lose 3 of the next 4 games, but has Folt/Bohn in his corner, so he will survive another season, dragging the team down with him.

    i am starting to believe that the only way this gets resolved is if Caruso were removed from the BOT, but that is highly unlikely. So SC just starts to spiral down the drain and the football tradition is finally killed.


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