Morning Buzz: USC Really Easing Into Holiday Bowl

First, this week’s podcast is below, which includes my pick for the Holiday Bowl.

Now, I caution in the podcast about there being so many warning signs heading into the game that USC is not as serious as Iowa. I already mentioned the 40-minute practice last week.

But I hear the Thursday walk-through is scheduled to take place in a hotel ball room. Say what?

The forecast Thursday is for rain but this is San Diego. It’s not going to snow. And Southwestern College, where USC will practice, has artificial turf.

Does Clay Helton not want to get wet? Do you think Iowa will practice in a ball room?

Helton has a reputation for being extrememly easy during bowl practices and the arrival of Mike Bohn hasn’t changed a thing, apparently.

10 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Really Easing Into Holiday Bowl

  1. Really smart to practice on fake grass when you’ll play on the real stuff and the ballroom walk through is brilliant !

    With rain forecast for the game we’ll see how well the Air Raid does, think Gomer and Opie would go to a running game if it gets really wet ?

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    1. karma –after all this time Helton’s still under the impression that he’s getting the players ready for a Vogue Magazine photo shoot (“absolutely no bumps or bruises!”) and not a football game.
      If our o-line isn’t ready for a fight, the Air Raid goes nowhere.
      Everybody knows we try to surprise people with our speed on the first drive of the game. If we don’t score on that drive, watch out.

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  2. Why not hold the walkthrough at the IHOP?

    “You cut by over there, and fake an out over by the maple syrup, then look for the ball on your inside shoulder by the coffee pot – ready, BREAK!”

    Not having good feelings about this game, seems like Gomer is counting on the players to out-talent Iowa. No new wrinkles or plays? Nothing special? Gomer is going to follow his normal game plan, just like the Cotton Bowl a few years ago – we all remember how ‘well’ that went – even with Darnold at the helm. The OL had better protect Slovis, or Gomer’s plan will backfire big time. It might take 40+ points to win this thing, especially with Pendergash and Baxter on D and ST, respectively.

    Either way, will be pulling hard for the players – as always.

    Fight On gentlemen, beat Iowa. Lord knows you deserve better leadership.

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    1. ‘….Gomer is counting on the players to out-talent Iowa.’ Laser hit perfect that is exactly Helton’s scheme. He’s going to find it a bit more difficult a year from now because that talent pool has dried up thanks to Helton still there as head coach.

      Atta bot Juan4SC

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    1. Yeah, we’re all nuts.

      SC has such an awesome coach, we just don’t realize/appreciate it.

      We should be thankful that we have the 80th best recruiting class in the Nation, and not the 129th – oh wait, we do have the #129-best coach! Great!

      “We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of…”

      Happy Festivus!

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  3. Helton is like the baker who never apprenticed in a bakery. He’s seen bread made and he has a great cookbook and the best ingredients, but he just knows there’s a better way. When I was a kid, I tried and tried to bake bread, but like the baker I just described, I made a brick instead of a loaf. It wasn’t until I worked with my Grandfather to learn how the dough feels and the correct amount heat for the yeast etc., that I really started making real bread. (now my wife has a bread machine so nothing gets made- square tub bread meh!) Anyway this tinkering with proven formulas, such as the amount of and intensity of practices is just lazy and oafish. If we wanted PlayStation football, we’d watch the video console.
    When are we going to get a real coach?

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