USC Afternoon Notes: So Much For Kris Richard

Kris Richard is scheduled to interview with the New York Giants on Thursday for the head-coaching position per ESPN.

He’s become too big to become USC defensive coordinator. But he probably wouldn’t have been too big to become USC head coach last month.

But you know, that was too hard to do.

  • I hear so much about integrity from Carol Folt and Mike Bohn, but we are now three days past the Holiday Bowl and linebacker Juliano Falaniko has still not apologized for kicking an Iowa player in the head.
  • Why did Velus Jones return to USC after enterting the transfer portal? He barely played this season and is back in the portal today.
  • What goes around comes around, apparently

12 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: So Much For Kris Richard

  1. Is that Ryan D. Leaf who I think it is?

    Skinny Jeans for HC@USC. Think not – he got run outta here for being worse than Clancy if I recall. Ryan D. Leaf must still be pulling for his alma mater Wazzu.

    Seriously Flow? Seriously.


  2. Yeah, no thank you as to Wilcox (although he has done an admirable job in Strawberry Canyon country)…Richard on the other hand…but no matter – there is still apparently some foundation stone below ground level that need to be demo’d before the rebuilding can truly begin…

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    1. Thanks for posting. It really highlights how Helton has become one of the biggest frauds in college football. And that he will say literally anything to avoid accountability and his own shortcomings.

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  3. Justin “I don’t know” Wilcox…Fuck him!

    Source confirms Clay Helton asked Justin Wilcox who was supposed to cover McCaffrey on 67-yard pass and Wilcox said, “I don’t know.” #USC


  4. Clown U will have to raid top tier Div II teams for Asst FB Coaches who want better money or entree into the Div I FB coaching portal.

    Why is everybody lol at the “ELITE” SUCCX FB program?


    1. Even at our worst we are significantly better than you. Your football team is now and has always been meaningless. Your basketball team is most likely the worst in the pac 12, hasn’t been good for a long time, and is 40 years removed from when they were great. It’s a dead program. But keep jumping on here and spouting your nonsense

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      1. Actually, Cal will be the worst BB team in the Pac -12.

        I smell the Clown U “Rough Trade” MVP, Dear Pisley. He’s come back for another shot of bend me over, tickle, tickle.

        True Dear Pisley UCLA BB is not what it was 40 years ago. However, in the last seven years UCLA is NOT 44 – 64 in Pac – 12 games.

        UCLA also doesn’t have to employ a recruit’s Ta-Ta to sign a c – BB recruit.


  5. Kris Richard is, by all accounts, a brilliant young coach with excellent people skills and leadership qualities, but I doubt this is more than a “Rooney Rule” interview. The Giants are like the Yankees in terms of their wealth and fanbase, and it is difficult to see them hiring somebody with no head coaching track record. He may and up knocking their socks off, like Mike Tomlin did with the Steelers, when he, himself, was just seen as a Rooney Rule courtesy interview by most pundits at the time, but the smart money is that the most likely outcome may be an offer of the Defensive Coordinator position … but who knows. We will see.

    I would love to see him get the DC/Assistant Head Coach position with USC, then have him take over for Helton at some point early during the season.

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    1. My guess if Bohn is doing the Assistant Coach/Coordinator hiring because he is actually hiring the next Head Coach. Helton would have followed one of the Golden Rules of Insecure Corporate Schumucks everywhere…never hire anyone smarter/better than you.


  6. very humorous wolfie…
    Cal now has the same record as sc…their q/b got to play the whole game for once…
    Illini played some much improved football this yr…better coaching.

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