Forget Defensive Coordinator, USC Needs Discipline Coordinator

Let’s compare USC and Iowa for a minute.

The Iowa players walk out together. They wear the same socks. They wear their jerseys the same way.

USC players don’t even all wear shirts during warm-ups. They don’t wear the same length socks. Some players wear long-sleeve shirts.

Look at the socks in the picture below.

Now I am not one of those people who think how a uniform is worn determines who wins a game.

But it is a sign of the lack of discipline.

There is a “goof off” mentality within the USC program, thanks to Clay Helton.

And it leads to players laughing in the locker room after the Holiday Bowl.

There’s no standards. Just lip service about winning championships. But no real substance.

Do you think an Iowa player would flex his muscles down 18 points?

Would an Iowa player kick a USC player in the head?

22 thoughts on “Forget Defensive Coordinator, USC Needs Discipline Coordinator

  1. Just for fun I looked through a few LSU pics. Try it. You’ll see short white socks with no leggings, short white socks over purple leggings, long white socks (no leggings). It doesn’t matter.

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  2. That kick, as harmless as it was, was still disgusting. Someone like that has NO BUSINESS being on USC’s football team. Classless and potentially dangerous. No opponent deserves that with no provocation. Kudos to the Hawkeye player for not stooping to the same level and retaliating. THAT is a disciplined football player.

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    1. Even those who don’t like what Wolf writes should note this – it was picked up on by commentators more circumspect towards or even favorably inclined to Helton…the Iowa team was infinitely better prepared, far more disciplined, and far more physical…the better coached team…something we’ve witnessed repeatedly during the past 4-10 years.

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  3. Yes –an Iowa player would take a cheap shot at a USC player (and several did)…
    No —an Iowa payer wouldn’t showboat when down 18 points in the FOURTH QUARTER…..
    And…. No Iowa player would be caught dead laughing it up in a Ferentz locker room after getting humiliated on national television …

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    1. When did any Iowa players cheap shot one of your guys? Iowa plays through the whistle but rarely cheap shots, and they never quit.

      Your team flat out quitting would irk me the most as a fan.


  4. IMO They don’t care………..get it. This blog and all the rest only exist as a testament to what was……and is no longer.
    In 10 years the USC blogs for football will probably be down to one or two with a posting every 3-4 days…..sort of like Az.
    The leftists have taken over and the only thing they care about is female rights and foreign relations…….along with donations tied to advancing their agenda. Its a revolution…..and we lost.
    The folks assuming it will all change when a new coach is hired don’t get it. That coach will never be hired……Helton’s replacement will be another baby sitter who is instructed to keep the kids quiet and only bring in the type of player who is……..easy to manage…… beasts……no animals…….no football players. The animals don’t fit the left wing agenda of everyone is equal and behaves and was raised like on my three sons.

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    1. Gots to say that I concur with Mr. Fred Flinstone’s take on the current state of Trojan FB. Can’t say the same about Wilma over Betty tho. No disrespect to Wilma, she’s pretty chill fo sho, but I’m 100% Betty. Still havent figured out the Mary Ann or Ginger dilemma yet, but that’s a whole different deal… anywho, fuckin nostalgia, eh? Too much of that shit will kill ya when the alarm clock snaps you back to the present. You have to treat a visit to memory lane like a deep sea diver treats a return to the surface or you’ll end up with the bends… or in the case of USC FB, you’ll get the bohns.


    1. Wanna hear something funny, Craig? After Velus Jones entered the transfer portal at the start of 2019, he was lured back by Helton with the promise he could return kicks every game (he got past the 25 yard line once all season). NOW, Velus has entered the portal again —waiting to see what Helton promises THIS time.

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      1. I would be real surprised if running backs dont enter the transfer portal. Why stay at SC if they are not going to run the ball and when they do run the ball, the o-line cant even block?

        If Markese Stepp hits the transfer portal a great team would snap him up. If you were Stepp would you stay around for this?

        Losing Velus is something they can withstand. I dont know how they spin control other key players leaving.


  5. For 10 years it’s been a long drop with little comfort in between. I really have no expectations anything will change. As someone said–We play with Oregon State, Arizona, CAL, Stanford…we should just learn to fit in and be proud of how influencers and rich kids can buy their way in to an education. Hell, we’ll give Brown a run for their money.

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  6. I saw a post by the band saying they will miss John Baxter. Oddly enough nobody said anything about missing Clancy. I guess nobody likes this tune.
    Once again a targeting fail. Illinois just lost a defensive back on a play which used to raise a roar at the Coliseum. The player ejected for a tough hit. In replays it is obvious the ejected player led with his shoulder and hit the shoulder. It was a bang play that would have brought a cheer a few years ago.

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  7. HE’LL TON is a Pee Wee football coach should be coaching 5 to 10. Year olds The Big Crapoo is USC gave HE’LL Ton A $20 MILLION Contract with is PAthetic UNTIL HE’LL Ton is FIRED or Resigns USC players will ACT as 5 to 10 year olds HE’LL Ton Needs to Have Graham Harrell Run the Offense and the Running backs Coach Make sure Next Season All the Running backs Stay Healthy Do not get Injured…So USC can Run with the DAM FOOTBALL instead of Throwing the football on every down NOW Fix the Defense since Pendergrass and baxter are FIRED BEtter Hire someone that better know what the HECKthearedoing This football season KedinSlovis get All the Credit


  8. What Heritage Hall is trying to do is incorporate some of the Pete Carroll elements in the program – a loose sideline, a laid back demeanor, an active sideline with all the hootin’ and hollerin’.

    Those are fine but the one thing they forgot to bring from Carroll are some of the big essentials – tough practices, preparation, an ability to adjust after halftime and being mentally prepared (discipline).




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    1. The problem is that Helton is trying to be something he is not – a football coach. He is a weak man who pretends to have an ethical core.

      So he and HH run around and try to figure out how to copy some other program. Truly good football coaches have learned through experience and have a core of how they run a program. It either works or it doesnt, but at least they are being authentic.


  9. Pee Wee FB ? You must be referring to Two-Hand Touch or Flag Football, because, if you’ve been watching, helton doesn’t understand Tackle FB….and, what right-minded, non-butt kissing, SC supporter, would want helton coaching their five or ten or 15 or year old
    , in anything? helton doesn’t understand the basic rudiments of football–Blocking and Tackling….concepts beyond his ability to comprehend…but, he makes over $3 million a year, so what do I know…

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  10. The sock thing is ‘outrageous!’
    Can’t believe that not all players wear the same height socks, or that some USC players choose to wear – uuugh – long sleeve undershirts!!!!

    Really Scott?

    This shows me you never competed in anything more than a snow cone eating contest.

    You can have discipline on a team and allow for some individuality – to some extent.
    Perhaps what you pointed out are merely insignificant reflections of the underlying problems with Gomer-coached teams – we’ll give you that much.

    The disorganized warm-ups, some wearing no shirts, and congregating in the wrong end-zone [as you previously reported] are IMO much worse than attire issues you pointed out.

    The Gomer sh-t show runs fathoms deeper than un-matched socks.

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