USC Morning Buzz: Oregon Makes California “Home State”

Oregon coach Mario Cristobal made this comment today at the Rose Bowl press conference:

“We’ve always made Southern California a priority for us. For us, this is our home state. That’s what it is. We’ve made it a priority.”

Oregon got Kayvon Thibodeaux last year, the state’s No. 1 player. USC put out a whisper campaign that it did not want him.

Two weeks ago, Oregon got Justin Flowe, the state’s No. 1 player.

That is unacceptable. But USC fans are told recruiting is “going dramatically better” than they care to admit.

Wait until Saturday when wide receiver Gary Bryant is expected to commit to USC. The USC-media industrial complex will go into hyperdrive to pretend the recruiting class has been saved.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Oregon Makes California “Home State”

  1. Lies is all Helton has. At his very core, he is not truthful. Even Folt and Bohn dont believe Clay brings integrity/stability to the program. Bohn has been forced/tricked into keeping Clay. Folt willingly signed up for it willingly because she was fired from her last job and cant afford to be canned again.

    There has been no real purging of HH. Why not?

    My guess is that there is a mountain of bad stuff that everyone in HH and Clay Helton know about and the powers that be are just afraid to really start cleaning out the program and the athletic department.

    Decisions at USC are all about damage control, instead of leadership.

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    1. Possibly the delay is due to them waiting for the trial of Heinel/Singer and the parent defendants to begin esp. that defense move to be given the unredacted taped interrogations of both Heinel and Singer. USC has to have a clear and solid figure as to their financial liabilities – bluntly as much as so many of us love the football program – big numbers of fans and 3rd parties…this mess – Singer’s con job – I believe is the # 1 target to be resolved along with the buyout of Helton’s contract courtesy of Swann.

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      1. Was Swann buying Helton’s silence with that off the chart absurd contract extension? As Dan Weber sez, “Im just asking”……

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      2. I can’t wait for the lesbo Heinel to point the fickle finger of fate at the brave LGBT Warrior Pat Haden.


  2. Matt Leinart on SC recruiting:

    “Those days when USC recruited itself are gone. Kids aren’t just going to USC just to go to USC. You gotta win championships, and you gotta be developed and you gotta play in the NFL. And when I look at USC, I think some of the reasons why that’s not happening is the instability with Clay Helton every single year. I think the lack of development that we’re seeing from a lot of these players, they’re not sending a lot of guys to the NFL. Yeah there’s some good players going, but not every year consistently.”

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    1. 67 —
      At this rate, Helton is not only gonna have a hard time winning games —he’s gonna have a hard time getting former players to lead USC out the tunnel….

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    2. Great quote, ’67!!
      IMHO, the development of future NFL players–and having them make All-Pro and HOF–is more important than playing for the Natty.

      Functionally, the Pac 12 has so many “hurdles” to clear before anyone gets invited to the final four that I don’t think I’ll see a Pac 12 team in the CFB champ game for quite some time.

      Oregon is looking like the class of the conference for now. As long as Super Mario stays at the helm, they will be in the mix.

      USC? I’ll take some 10 win seasons and some bowl victories.
      HC CH has ended his season with a loss 4 years out of 5.
      Finishes weak.


    1. It’s Wolf’s fault the BOT has turned USC into The Stanford of the West. He should be a good little alumnus and praise everything Folt, Bohn and Caruso do.


  3. Oregon IS at home in California. No straws, bring bags green cars. We bent over backwards for their tourism’s dollars. In the next 15 years we will cede Southern California to Mexico and name the top half Southern Oregon.

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    1. I’ll have whatever you’re having (I don’t drink, smoke or anything else actually, but you get my point).

      Happy New Year!


  4. You go up to Oregon & listen to the natives.
    “California go home” “Don’t Californicate Oregon”

    Oregon would still be in the Pleistocene if it wasn’t for Californians. Oregon: Poverty with a view.


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    1. You always surprise me, Cal75.
      (it’s a good thing!)

      Remind yourself that the WSJ rated U Oregon #348 in America.
      Presently CFB and MBB are on the upswing, but academically who cares about the greenclads and their silly costumes?

      I’ve always found it humorous when Stanford (and sometimes Cal) fans wave their car key rings at the USC fans–as if “we” were privileged.
      I sure wasn’t.

      What do you propose we wave at the U Oregon fans and their humble academic results in jest?


  5. Didn’t whOregon pull the same sh-t when Joey “No Heisman” Harrington was their QB?
    They [Nike] even plastered a big poster of the kid on a building downtown.

    That didn’t last long. Pete saw to it.

    This will only last as long as USC decides to keep Helton. As soon as Helton is replaced by a competent HC, the recruits will return. The instance he leaves, the program will be recharged.

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  6. Bourbon
    As you well know, when an opposing team’s player starts boasting about how good they are or denigrating the opposition, – that gets plastered on the board in the locker room. Crystal Ball’s antics should serve notice to the four PAC-12 California coaches to start elevating their recruiting game. All four CA schools have better academics, better alumni assoc. & more successful alums in the NFL(well 3 out of 4). CAL & SC are 1 & 3 in the NFL with the largest ‘cap space’ under contract. All four CA schools prepare student-athletes for life after football.
    Let’s hope for their sake that the CA guys heading north to the tundra like looking at trees. But they need to be reminded of a quote from a well known governor who went on to be the the 40th POTUS: “you’ve seen one tree, you’ve seen them all”.
    There is something to be said for living, working & playing in better weather. Visit SEC in August or Eugene or Columbus/So Bend in December. Ask yourself if you would freely choose to live in that environment for the rest of your life.


    1. Agree on all parts, Cal75.
      So the question remains, “how do Cal, UCLA and USC (re-) leverage their 1. academics
      2. quality of life, beach life, beautiful women, etc etc
      3. Macroeconomics and exposure to “zillionaires”
      4. NFL “productivity”
      …and recapture the recruiting game from Ore/UWash?

      Said it before–Wilcox is a splashy OC hire away from building a nice program for the big Bears. All of us old Trojans love the biennial trip to Berkeley. It would be great to have Memorial at 75,000 strong–along with the cheapskates up on the hillside. Last time I bothered to check, Cal Berkeley was rated the #4-7 University in the WORLD by the Economist Magazine. UCLA and UCSD were also top 10.

      The lil Bears in Powder Blue are a ways away, but look out in 2-3 years. The Chipper knows how to run the ball.

      USC? We’ve figured it out a long time ago….
      Just need to get President Folt and the AD on board.


      1. And Oh, BTW…

        At the Cal vs Oregon games–wave a green and yellow dunce cap at their fans with #348 (ranking per WSJ) on it. Cal can get away with it….

        No more car key rattling at USC, OK?


      2. Bourbon
        I never knew about the car key bit. My best high school buddy in San Jose went to SC in 71. Got a new 2002 bimmer for hs graduation. I got a year old Triumph Tr-6.
        Small minds mock. There’s nothing wrong about a nice car.
        And those SC weekenders at Union Sq were always impressive, I don’t care what school you go to. SC does travel well. *We had to study.

        To your point. I don’t know what goes through la cabasa of an 18yr old. If they think Eugene is the place to be, good for them. Bring an extra jacket & be prepared for culture shock. And be prepared to be liked only if you’re on the team. It’ll get lonely past the second string.
        Bryce Young will feel the sting in bama as soon as he’s a 4th string slot. When he doesn’t matter, Tuscaloosa is a long way from home. He’ll find out.

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