USC’s Botched Tight End Recruitment

Graham Harrell, the Boy Wonder, does not want a tight end in his offense.

USC tight ends had only 145 yards receiving last season. Tight end Jack Yary, the son of USC legend Ron Yary, decommitted because he saw the offense does not use a tight end.

But maybe worse is five-star tight end Darnell Washington of Las Vegas, who is one of the top 20 players in the nation.

“USC was saying D-end, some schools were saying D-end, but most schools said tight end,” Washington told Sports Illustrated. “The school I chose said tight end and that’s what I want to play, tight end.”

32 thoughts on “USC’s Botched Tight End Recruitment

    1. p.t. — Helton reportedly told Bohn that he’s not recruiting anyone for any position so that by 2022 USC will lose all it’s games & get the top draft pick…. Bohn reportedly told Helton that he couldn’t believe that some other university hadn’t thought of this sooner…..

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    1. Not the loss marvienna seems to think it is…..


      1. Not sure we are getting a big name, up and comer who wants to use us as a stepping stone seems to be our best option. JDR is too accomplished to work under Helton.


    2. Jack Del Rio would never take a job under Clay Helton.
      Ucla just lost to San Bernardino or Joshua Tree I think the other day in Basketball. That’s disturbing. I know it was a school that they should have beat because they are a “basketball school”.

      Hmmmm. It’ll come to me.
      It might have been UC or Cal State Big Bear.

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      1. They’ve lost six already. They’re young but in Basketball u can make a championship run off one recruiting class so they shouldn’t have any excuses being ucla. Enfield better go for the jugular against them this season.

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  1. Hard to see why any coordinator with a significant track record would want to come here, so it will almost have to be a young person moving up from a much smaller program, or a retread who is recently fired.

    Here are words to remember from Pat Haden when he named Helton HC:

    “Choosing a football coach is an inexact science. Except with Helton, because with Clay, there is exactness.” – Pat Haden

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      1. Brian Greene would point out that according to theory there is at least one universe where Clay Helton is the best coach of all-time…another reason not to trust scientists…

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      2. Ha! [Brian Greene says you’re not supposed to reject theories because of their implications —but THAT implication dictates otherwise]…..

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      3. Clay evidently is that one piece of evidence that prevents the theory from being a law…the lack of a vibrating string in the W column on a regular enough basis must mean it’s an infinite multi-verse (lite)…

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      4. Glad you brought this up. I love Brian —and I wish he found his fricking graviton —it would have made him SO happy…..

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      5. Yes, that’s their “God” particle as I recall…the link between Quantum Theory and Relativity…more accurately, as you describe it – “beyond our comprehension” (aka the point at which your reach exceeds your grasp)…nothing to do with Helton, except “beyond comprehension,” which is a leading contender for the retrospective documentary that will be made about his coaching tenure at USC…but about Herm and those Devils…haven’t found much to complain about there…

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      6. The fact that I’m still alive today after the holiday celebration on Maui is proof that there is some kind of never to be understood harmony between the laws of quantum mechanics and the the laws of relativity.
        Speaking of time travel (okay, I skipped a base there), do you think that someday in the far distant future a time traveler will return 2019 to discover how Helton ever beat The Greatest College Coach of All Time, Herm Edwards?

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      7. Ask me that in about 11 months – don’t think a TE drop will save n-verse Clay next year…especially since, unlike USC, he has made major, proactive, positive changes to his staff because 7-6/8-5 isn’t good enough…but we’ll see (the time traveler will certainly want an explanation on how a team could lose to Helton and then stomp an Oregon team then on the doorstep of the CFP – agreed?)…

        More enjoyable Bloody Mary food for thought – for those in the crowd who don’t like JDR and in particular the one who said he wasn’t in demand…hope that person enjoys watching what he does with what is by all accounts a highly talented defense, working with an equally capable head coach (Rivera to me is the current update of Marty Schottenheimer – he will come, he will fix, you will be better than competent, and then it’s a matter of the breaks…and JDR running his defense will be a big “pre-break”)…

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      8. Wanted to add this earlier…like I’m a damn publicist or something, but so be it, I think it matters…did you catch this after yesterday’s game? Regardless of Xs and Os (what got him in trouble in the NFL, where like Del Rio, he took two different franchises to the playoffs), this is what a legitimate, honest, authentic coach sounds like (so why I’m harping on “that noise USC fans better listen to coming from the desert” – they’re proclaiming themselves to be doing what Pete did at USC – NFL Prep School, and he’s building a staff – Mawae, Lewis, Jackson, now Hawkins to go with Gill and Hagan – that is convincing):


      9. Themistocles —I was one of the nonbelievers when it came to Del Rio. If the Redskins take their division next year, I will promptly apologize to marvienna…..


      10. No need for apologies – your reservations were perfectly acceptable in my estimation…there are pros and cons, and supporters and opponents commensurate with that on this site (some of the critics however fail to give credit where do or acknowledged that JDR is in a different universe from what we have now)…Rivera and Del Rio have a lot to work with, but a lot to fix (organizationally, but with Allen finally sent packing, looks like Snyder has decided he’s ready to finally get some worthy hands on the wheel – USC should pay attention and take notes, but they won’t)…but if Jones hires Meyer in Dallas, could be the resumption of a what was once a great rivalry…


  2. Rancho Christian led by MVP, #1 Player In the Nation, beat Sierra Canyon who was dubbed the #1 Team this year in OT in the championship game of the Damien Tournament.

    Someone had to report it because ⬆️ won’t do it.


  3. Harrell IS A HORRIBLE COACH. Say it with me, HARRELL IS A HORRIBLE COACH. Whew, there… Thought some idiots couldn’t just bring themselves to say it. I’m sure some idiot is mumbling “But look at all da passing yards, and wit’ all duh injuries at QB!” If you are that dumb shoot yourself.

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    1. I don’t entirely agree with your opinion (but I always respect it). Wonder why Harrell didn’t emphasize run in Holiday Bowl after Slovis went out…?


  4. Goofy Harrell learned nothing from Leach. Leach did a full clinic on two back sets (explaining the problem is the shortage of fullbacks). He also explained that he would prefer to have his QB take a quarter of snaps under center but that it’s a matter more of running backs at hand than QBs. And this is Mike Leach on Tight Ends:

    “Tight ends are a blast if you have them,” Leach said. “If you have a true tight end – and I mean a true tight end – then life is good. God didn’t make very many true tight ends. Just go to the mall and the big long-armed guys you see at the mall – you’ll see a couple, but most of them can’t run fast and those that can probably can’t catch. So there’s not very many of them. You desperately want that big-body guy that can block but also catch balls and is big enough that he’s a mismatch on the strong safety but nifty enough that he’s a better athlete than the linebacker,” Leach said. “So you’re constantly looking for those guys and the trouble is, as you’re sitting there pushing it too far, pretty soon you end up playing the third-team guard that can sort of catch, but all he is the third-team guard. Well if he’s the third-team guard, what business does he have playing tight end? In my opinion, none.”

    Leach deals with the talent at hand, Harrell can’t make use of talent he’s got.

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