Two USC Claims Go Down At Holiday Bowl

How many times did USC say during the spring and summer how great the strength and conditioning program was?

How often did you hear during the season the defensive line was the strength of the defense?

Well, the Holiday Bowl sort of dispelled those claims.

27 thoughts on “Two USC Claims Go Down At Holiday Bowl

    1. I disagree, this discussion on how bad usc has only begun. I’ve seen JC colleges being able to beat SC. I’m so pissed off about the calmness that Bohn and Folt have taken. They should be tied to a tree along with Helton and tarred and feathered. If anyone try’s to let them loose, then they need to be tarred and feathers.

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      1. I won’t argue that. And that says perfectly why the group of 10 or more did not attend one game this season and until Helton is gone will not support USC with throwing my money away and ignored. So I’m with you, but we won’t see any big change in football in the near future unless Helton quits or gets into some kind of off the field incident that becomes a quick embarrassment for the school forcing the situation. There’s more to come with this sad creation he’s leading every step of the way. I think Tosh Lupoi would save Helton in the area of turning our recruiting around if we were to land him at DC. But my comment was really meant to be shooting one at Wolf for not shining a light on the team so far and our #1 Recruit who’s led his team to 11 wins straight and a win over the #2 Team in HS yesterday.
        I’m definitely p*ssed at this program and when you add the Dodgers f*cking up more each day it’s a feeling that only some can relate to with the anger level jumping to new levels each day.


      1. Some things are for sure regarding all of this.
        Bland did too much for too little and we are gonna face his mess. They seem to have kept it all silent for the most part. Could be a good thing and bad thing. But how does Arizona get off when Sean Miller was recorded then later he’s not worried about this, North Carolina had fake school going on and they still got away so this could be a message or scare. Either way I’m just riding the games out until we hear bad news I’m watching the team.


  1. How many times did we hear that Helton is an incompetent moronic village idiot….

    Well that was proven with certainty.
    Mark Twain and/or Abe Lincoln were clearly thinking of Helton when they said:

    “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”

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  2. Sadly that looked like men amongst boys. Iowa offensive line manhandling the SC defensive line. Imagine if we actually practiced physical football instead of just talking about it? It’s an embarrassment. Did you hear the announcer practically begging Ferentz to call another sneak? Even the announcers see our team as a national joke. I remember the days when Pete was running the show and there was a saying about the competition and the physicality that they displayed during practice…Iron sharpens Iron. I wonder if Gomer and Pendergast have ever heard of such a thing. What a f..ken joke we have become. Wait until the Alabama game.

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  3. Pretty simple! Clay Helton and the rest of the stooges at USC have no problem lying directly to the faces of fans. They do not respect our football IQ. Just tell em anything is their approach. I give credit to Scott though, he was skeptical of all that weight room warrior hype at the very beginning. I will never drink the Dan Weber and Ryan Abraham Kool Aid again.

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  4. The point is moot. They fired the defensive coordinator. Strength and conditioning begins in next few weeks. If it hasn’t improved, the problem is on the guy directing the coaches. Once the defensive mindset is out and in place Helton knows he’s out of excuses.
    Losing will always happen in football, losing badly is not an option. If the team is prepared, then the best talent wins. If the team is rudderless, then the best athletes are left to pull for themselves. Too many times it has been obvious that the talent has not been enough to tell the players where to be.
    One of my favorite things about well coached teams was when the players stayed with their individual duties. Nothing stops a play like effective positional players. Clancy never understood this simple method of defense.

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  5. Flow. No comments about Whittingham’s hickey on his neck tonight? Maybe a little “alone time” with one of the water girls? Oh that’s right, Helton was punched this season like your buddy, Kiffy.


  6. Good points guys, I absolute worst part of all this mess is that the players are left to fend for themselves. They are not being developed for the next level. Technique is poor. Losing will happen but losing and being mandhandled should never be acceptable at USC. We have far more talent than Iowa but they obviously have far superior coaching, culture , and discipline. That is the case every time that we play vs good to great teams with discipline. This trend will continue to happen with Gomer running the show. I don’t know about you guys but I have very low expectations for the upcoming season as long as we have a high school level head coach that is delusional. Remember on national signing day when he said he wasn’t about perception but he was rather about victories? What a clown, they expect us to support this crap??? The guy is 13-13 in the last 26 games….and he is about victories. Take a stand, fellow fans, supporters, and alumni. Enough is enough.

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  7. USC could have played Iowa State notre dame did or Illinois like Cal. And WON Easily then Everyone would be Shutting the F up every one knows He’ll Ton must Resign or some PAY his BUYOUT which is so CHEAP hand over the $20 Million


    1. Keep…Hatred
      I don’t how you and the rest of this herd keep blathering the $20m number.
      Helton is now in his second year of his extension, four left, at $3.2m per…that my friend isn’t $20m…it’s $12.8m, unless Jimmy Sexton, Dipshits agent took advantage of the Admins and BOT’s ignorance…USC can terminate Helton at any time, remember ND firing Wiess, they paid him his annual salary for the balance of his contract less what Kansas paid him.
      Kiffin was paid for the balance of his contract as well.
      To make a one time buyout both parties have to agree to an amount, when paid its over. Same thing apply’s to assistants.

      To try and aggregate all costs as a total sum, Fire Coach, Fire assistants, pay new coach, pay new assistants etc. it’s ALL INCREMENTAL!!
      New Coaches are paid per month, just like everyone else on the program.

      Getting rid of Helton is a lot easier than the Propaganda Machine at SC would have you believe. They don’t get rid of the Shitbag because he is part of their plan…to downgrade men’s Football….PERIOD !!!

      WAKE UP…

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      1. Reading the comments of Helton apologists is like watching Frank Burns in the original M*A*S*H (except we’re finding out ‘Suicide is (NOT!) painless…it (does NOT!) bring on man (the right) changes…’).


  8. … maybe they were in the wrong defensive formation??? (the one thing i feel like i can count on with this team is defensive stops on short yardage up the middle runs. think pac 12 title game against stanford or texas in 2017. but, for the love of god, don’t sneak the tight end behind this defense on a play action pass … or a back … or any sort of deception, to be honest.) but, back to that qb sneak series from the 12 yard line, for usc that was an embarrassment. however, like joel klatt, i was rooting for it. it was something i’d never seen before, so as a fan of football, it was impressive. ‘finish him. FINISH HIM!!!’ i thought … thinking of helton and his pansy-ass seven-on-seven football team.

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  9. w.texasmike thank you because that is definitely what i see every game since Helton took over. A soft ass goofball 7 on 7 team. Matter of fact it does not look like a team at all it really looks like everybody out there doing there own thing and relying on being more talented than the other team. Thanks to Helton, Folt and Bohn we won’t have a talent advantage much longer.

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    1. perhaps the most enlightening moment was last year’s western michigan game, megatron. when aca’cedric ware broke a run, the pac 12 play-by-play guy said, ‘ aca’cedric ware for eight yards ALL. BY. HIM. SELF.’ then i thought, maybe the sam darnold fan club was on to something. if this team achieves anything, it has nothing to do with scheme, but pure athletic blue-chip prowess.

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