Don’t Enjoy Utah Loss Too Much

Utah getting routed by Texas doesn’t make USC look good. The Trojans beat the Utes and still lost the Pac-12 South.

Oh, and Utah’s won consecutive Pac-12 South titles. Everything always comes back to Clay Helton’s incompetence.

  • If you want a sign of how USC recruiting is going, how many USC recruiting reporters went to the All-American bowl. Some USC recruiting reporters used to miss whatever bowl game USC was playing in to attend the event.
  • Anyone remember this billboard for the 1956 football season?

35 thoughts on “Don’t Enjoy Utah Loss Too Much

  1. I’d say we best all be glad Willinham was not tasked to lead USC football….he is not a great coach let alone a good one…OR kicked his behind…but oh yes…..the good day by ‘Kalsonska’ agaimnst IL….Waldorf…aka ‘jo’ momma chevrolet!

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    1. He’s never had that QB that was the offensive fire. Not a QB that wins on his own. If he had one he’d be pretty good, but he is content with trying to turn a project into “the guy” for his offense. That’s not easy. He just needs more passing because in big games they get locked down by a good secondary because they have a QB that’s really projected at another spot starting usually.

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      1. UU’s 3 Seniors (Moss, Huntley, and the WR)–all from the same high school– were a huge part of their offensive scheme Take away one, and the O cannot sustain itself.

        I’ve been wondering all year if the Trojans would have beaten UU in LA with Moss running all over the Coliseum turf?

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      2. We should have lost more games. Helton is lucky that all three QBs did not go down for the season because we passed in the redzone in 1st 2nd downs and couldn’t block. But our pass rush was pretty good that game and I know Drake Jackson and Jay Tufele were alot for Utah to handle. I think Willingham would run circles around Helton at USC with the talent upgraded he would make us more of a tougher team for sure. He just never gets a QB that has the 4th Quarter finish when throwing is needed.

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  2. Interesting billboard. I do remember schedules like this one, where there were no “TBA” dates…Before football became a TV puppet. Now the game times are dictated by ratings and available time slots.

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  3. We know Utah is a fraud and that’s just partially why as fans we are pissed. 2 years in a row we have not been able to overcome an average coach with no NFL level QB in the weakest or at least one of the weakest divisions in College Football? All Gomer wanted to talk about is how afraid of their defensive line he was. Maybe Utah just simply practices and that is enough to win the Pac 12 South.

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      1. Look at their non-conference schedule.
        UU also drew the easier Pac 12 North rotation.
        The fraud exposed.
        Kyle W is a very good coach, but not a great coach.

        He will have a dual threat QB next year, some decent WR, and a
        bull for a RB who gains 1000 yds. They’ll win 10 games, cuz they schedule patsies in non-con and Larry Scott will assure that they have the easier rotation with the Pac12 north.

        We will be going into the Utah game at Rice-Eccles in late Sept 2020 or early Oct with multiple injuries…..


  4. I am re watching the Rose Bowl from 2017. Penn State really lost that game more so than USC winning it. Even Clay Heltons biggest win is really another poor coaching job. Also this team was lead by Darnold, JUJU and Adoree. Those players commited to Sark not Helton. USC basically won that game off of talent. James Franklin probably kicks himself still for losing that game to Gomer of all people.

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    1. What’s is really eerie is many Rah-Rah/Pimps were hot and heavy for Franklin to quit Penn St and replace Helton.

      Talk about the blind leading the clueless.

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      1. Franklin would be an upgrade at USC and at UCLA.
        His “event” at Vandy with the sexually assaulted co-ed has been conveniently forgotten by all–esp ESPN (who lavishes praise on PSU) and especially the 105,000 fans decked out all in white at PSU home games.

        Funny how winning at CFB makes everyone forget a coach’s personal mistakes….


    1. Agree. Agree. Agree (with all three of you above)

      Pac 12 is officially a joke in CFB and MBB.
      The “Power 5” is really the Power 4.
      (In fact, CFB is more the B1G/SEC+Clemson+Okie.)

      Soon, the “Olympic Sports” will fall for the Pac12.
      It’s already happening. WVB is a B1G dominated sport, with Stanford in the mix. Tennis/Golf? Swimming? Pac 12 Baseball?

      I’m of the opinion that it is a deep-seated, West (left) Coast problem.
      Runs deeper that just some bad recruiting years, Trojan stumbling after the NCAA/Bush infractions…

      My Midwest friends understand.
      The Iowa fans in San Diego showed me.
      West Coast has some deep-seated issues.
      Not gonna’ get better.


  5. True! so let me go on record now. I do not want Franklin, Willingham or any other coach who lost to Clueless Clay. I noticed Urban Meyer did not break a sweat in the sugar bowl from 2018. He Just got a lead and ran a vanilla offense after that. He knew Clueless Clay was in over his head. Saban…. 52-3 Nuff said. I would hate to see what Coach O or Dabo would do to this idiot.

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  6. I have looked to see when ucla has their bowl game??? Certainly they must have one , since we still read tripe on sc from a ucla athletic supporter on this site perpetually dishing his brand of sarcasm like his current bruins are better than this current pathetic sc team. Utah, over rated this yr but had a decent record considering they are mostly 2-3 star and a few JC athletes…I think Willingham does a decent job , not as good as Iowa but better than sc or ucla. He did not have 50 4-5 star athletes as sc did.

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    1. Lefty
      I can’t find the ruins post season schedule either.
      WTH? Mule always has a fallback of 1960’s ruin MBB. That’s over 50 years ago by golly. Before the crackhead was born. With Sam ‘come here girl, I’ll take care of that little problem’ Gilbert assisting. Maybe mule can explain Sam’s official title?


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    2. Tim, I hate to say this, but you are about 2 years late. In their last bowl game, the bruins got thrashed by old Bill Snyder and K-State back in 2017 in the monumental cactus bowl.

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  7. I’m not old enough to remember the billboard.

    But looking closely at it you can see USC has one game on a Friday night that starts at 8:15 PM! And UCLA has two of those games!


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  8. That’s funny. I guess i am so USC i do not even think about Fucla and would absolutely never visit a Fucla website. But i guess even when we are down it is still better than Fucla. I do not blame Jus Towns because Fucla is well… Fucla

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    1. Yeah –Same to you and all the gang, 67. [BTW, If Oregon gets wiped out today I guess we all have to endorse gt22’s premise — Pac12 teams shouldn’t be taken seriously cuz majority of their wins come against each other]…..

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      1. Michael, exactly right. Speaking of Wisconsin, Paul Chryst, IMHO, is one of the most underrated coaches. Year in, and year out, he produces about a 10-3 team in a much better conference.

        Bring him here, and he would turn this chaos into a disciplined unit that would be consistently in the top 10.

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      2. I think Ore will put up a good game, and should win.

        Chryst is a very good coach–great running game/O line/Defense. When he has a good QB and WR corps, he’s very competititve!

        Recall, my friends, that I tapped his DC–Jim Leonhard–as a “guy to watch.” Chryst is likely not leaving for quite some time, so JL is gonna have to move on very soon…..
        (hint, hint).

        (BTW, JDR and Ron Rivera just signed with the Washington Foreskins)

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  9. Peter Schrager discussed the Baltimore Raven hired, in 2016, Daniel Stern a 22 yr old ‘cognitive science’ Yale graduate, who was instrumental in turning John Harbaugh from a near dismissal in 2017 to the best record in the AFC in 2019. the Ravens are 76% successful on 4th downs – 17 of 24. The closest team is the HOU Texans @ 70%. Stern’s title is ‘analyst’ – predicting what will work and what won’t on both sides of the ball esp. per Raven offense on 4th down situations

    The radio host went on to say the NFL now realizes the gain as evidence of the increased staffing of non-athletes in decision-making spots. One wonders if the same is leaking downward to college ball? The college game is vastly tilted to the top 10 – 12 program annually and they don’t play each other that often until post-season. That makes the use of such even easier.

    Who USC chooses for both ST and DC is critical.

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    1. Rusoviet, the problem that I see is that the best DCs and STs will not be willing to work for Helton. And he has a tendency to hire those who are not very good to begin with.

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      1. I’m gonna’ disagree ’67.
        I think that the hiring of King Kliffsbury showed that HC CH is willing to hire an OC/DC smarter and better at football than he is. I’m hoping that he does the same with the DC.

        Everyone knows that the DC hire at USC–kinda’ like the Vice President of the USA–is just one “event” away from the top job…….


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      2. Bourbon, I certainly hope you are right. However, since Helton hired Kingsbury, Helton has one more year under his belt, which was just another year of …well…Helton’s incompetence, underperformance, chaos, and week after week wondering whether the guy will get fired.

        So I worry whether good people will be willing to work for a guy whom they won’t respect, and who shouldn’t be HC. But I do hope you are right.

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      3. John Daniels has it right ’67…there is only one direction for anyone hired by USC. Helton’s control is melting away and with a new hire will be almost gone because he’s seen as ‘out’ a year hence. Kingsbury was an excellent hire who, subsequently move on to the NFL and Harrell has proven his worth.

        Remember it’s the talent at USC, even accounting for the abysmal recruiting class for 2020, it still has, on average much better talent than most programs nationally. A sharp-minded coach knows that. This is an opportunity that anyone would run to.

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      4. Rusoviet and Bourbon, I definitely see your argument. If that is the direction this goes in – SC hires a very talented DC who clearly dominates Helton – the 2020 season will indeed be an interesting one, particularly the internal organization dynamics.

        Hope you guys are right. It is hard to watch this, year after year. This could have been an 11-1 year with the right leadership.

        Happy 2020 to both of you.

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    2. So true, rusoviet!

      It’s kinda’ like the “moneyball” thing in baseball.
      Analytics. Analytics. Analytics.

      It’s making it’s way into the NFL. A smart young man will bring it into CFB–esp a smart DC. No more playing hunches.

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      1. John Daniels – bullseye – that’s ‘exactly’ what Scharger said – the analytics first hit MLB then the NBA and now the NFL….and yes sir again you’re right – someone is going to bring this to a program that understands the gain in its’ use – perhaps one that has no real history of dominance but close in terms of recruiting…..VA or MN or IA St. or a legacy one.

        Happy new Year

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