LSU Just Took A Recruit From USC Like USC Used To Do

Cornerback Dwight McGlothern was supposedly a silent commit to USC.

He visited USC in mid-December and was going to announce in January. That’s was right around when Mike Bohn made his big “four silent commitments” comment.

But then LSU got interested. Suddenly, McGlothern said he was delaying his announcement.

McGlothern never even visited LSU but was told in the past couple days he would fit into the Tigers’ recruiting class. He committed to LSU this morning.

LSU has five ex-USC coaches — Ed Orgeron, Tommie Robinson, Kenechi Udeze, James Cregg, John Robinson — so taking a recruit from USC is probably a lot of fun.

This reminded me of when Pete Carroll was at USC. He had not offered a scholarship to linebacker Kaluka Maiava. Then Maiava committed to UCLA. So Carroll immediately offered Maiva a scholarship.

“I’d rather take him than have him go to UCLA,” Carroll said.

Maiava ended up being a smart signing but it was motivated more by keeping him from UCLA than anything else.

22 thoughts on “LSU Just Took A Recruit From USC Like USC Used To Do

    1. Truly hope this is only a comparison of talent.

      Rather than an overall assessment, Jackson is/was a self-important douche bag. Remember when Kevin Ellison laid him out? He was trash talking at the end of the 1st half – then he was done.

      A great hit that would be “targeting” today.


      1. Don’t forget about Deshaun decommitting in large part due to the fact he wanted to wear #1 and it had already been requested by and assigned to Patrick Turner. He was a BIG TIME douche and I was happy to be rid of him.


  1. Nothing surprises me anymore. We have become the parent doing Christmas shopping on December 24th looking for the hot gift everywhere.
    Back in recession days when my job was a distant future my wife shopped the toy district in LA. She bought knockoff toys for the kids. To their credit my kids never complained, even when the cheap crap broke in short order. But it was because we were living on the cheap, we had to accept knockoffs knowing the kids across the street had the real thing.
    This is USC these days the coaches act like they don’t want talented players anymore, just whatever is left on the shelf for us. Even if Helton were fired after (maybe when is better) Alabama teaches him what football is supposed to look like, we will still be reaping what he has sowed for years to come.

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    1. I agree with everything Truman, ‘cept the last statement.
      We WILL rebound within 2 seasons (assuming the right hire).

      We have a 90 year history of winning National Championships,
      and a 60 year history of producing NFL all-pro’s and HOF’s and salary earning veterans. Since the Zumberge/Sample era, we can add a degree from a top 20 university in America with nationwide ACADEMIC prestige.
      USC has all the weapons. Just needs the Generals to win the war.


      1. That’s why the BOT’s make sure to not hire the right general, because they know that we will become great again and they don’t want that.


  2. Gary Bryant Jr. looks to me like a new model version of Deontay Burnett…btw, I’ll be rooting for the Eagle 🦅 #16, tomorrow, against the Seattle Seahawks…He’s trying to break into the league. There’s something to pray for: Deontay Burnett Philadelphia Eagles…we owe him for the Rose 🌹!

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    1. If Sam hadn’t thrown that pass, and Deontay hadn’t caught that pass, we’d really be mad! Lol lol lmao…


    2. Hopefully Agholor is schooling young Deontay.
      Nevertheless, I still root for Pete’s Seahawks.
      They play football the right way.


  3. Cunt folt fuked this shit up more for yrs to come by keeping ballroom helton.i heard she kept him as coach because she likes looking at his ass it right sweats….. You dirty folt!!!


  4. Let’s start counting the California kids going to Ole Miss. Open question: Who gets to the Playoffs first? Lane Kiffin or USC?


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