USC Morning Buzz: An Actual Commitment Expected Today

There will be confetti flying around the USC recruiting sites today because wide receiver Gary Bryant of Corona Centennial is expected to commit during the Army All-American game.

Graham Harrell can always use another receiver although he played only four this season.

But also keep an eye on cornerback Dwight McGlothern of Houston, who was supposedly a silent commit to USC but might give a verbal to LSU today.

UPDATED: McGlothern committed to LSU.

UPDATED II: Darion Green-Warren, who was a silent commit at one time (before Bohn), announced he would atten Michigan.

17 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: An Actual Commitment Expected Today

  1. The Yankees announced that they will completely overhaul their strength and conditioning program as a “result of the numerous injuries suffered last season.”
    Does Helton CARE enough to follow suit?

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  2. He’s fast….I watched him play his junior year. I thought he was ready, then. However, didn’t see him this year because I figured he’d progress even more. Whether that happened, time will tell. He was Drake Jackson’s teammate….

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  3. Dwight went to LSU, but if I was a DB, I’d seriously give some love to USC to be able to go against those WR corp in practice for a few years. Of course Helton would never mention that as he assumes Allah will tell the kids where to play and he has little control over their decision.

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  4. 1st that db was ours but coach O loves putting it in usc ass so he offered him and now he’s lsu.second imagine the combination of what could have been Bryce young to Gary Bryant jr. Only in our dreams.Thanks you cunt folt for keeping clay and not giving a fuk about our football program you fukn #METOO Liberal cunt!!!! We hate you and you will see that hate this year you bissshhhh,you think the usc faithful don’t give a fuk about what was once the great usc football brand just wait and see.I HOPE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE SHIRTS THAT BEEN SEEN AT THE ROSE BOWL AND ALL OVER TOWN LIKE DISNEYLAND FROM OREGON FANS.THE FRONT OF THE SHIRTS SAY WE OWN CALI AND THE BACK SAY THANK YOU FOR KEEPING CLAY! HOW FUCKING LOW HAS OUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM DROPPED BECAUSE OF FUKS LIKE YOU CUNT WHO CANT DO WHATS RIGHT FOR USC!!


    1. Who just heard Warren’s from mater dei mom say he is going to michigan because because the develop plays are you listening you FUKN CUNT FOLT….


    2. “The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it.”

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    3. Rol rol, what a complete asshole you are with that language towards
      women. You must be a real jerk. Why this message was printed is in
      excusable by Wolfe.


  5. How could anyone really expect a player to commit to USC without a defensive coordinator? Perhaps USC should of fired Clancy after the end of the season and hired a D/C with the goal of convincing the few of the undecided to choose SC, but what do I know????? 😦


  6. I’m becoming amused by all of the misdirection the administration has exercised, I’m wondering just how bad this Train Wreck called a program gets.
    The smurf called Folt and the “In it for the money puppet” Bones, together, they are a real pair of egocentric idiots…Helton on the other hand is quite the beneficiary of their combined ignorance, not to mention Caruso and Nikias’ covert schemings, Adelson and Spielberg are right in the mix also.

    Fight on to victory…that’s all great and fine. The problem for most of the invested, they can’t quite see who the real enemy is, and it isn’t Helton, he’s simply a useful pawn in the game, someone for us to throw our rage and disgust.


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