USC Batted .500 On Silent Commits Because They Were Never Solid

All right, let’s find those four silent commits Mike Bohn identified (against NCAA rules):

There was Tuli Tuipulotu, the younger brother of a player and a three star.

There was Dwight McGlothern, who backed off as soon as other schools, notably LSU, wanted him. I question if his silent commitment was ever that solid. He scheduled two official visits after he was supposed to announce he would go to USC and immediately committed to LSU when it informed him Friday night it had room for him.

There was Dorian Green-Warren, who claimed he was a silent commit until early Signing Day. Now, he might have been a silent commit at one time but I don’t know anyone at USC who thought in late November/December that Green might select the Trojans. He was lost before that.

There was Gary Bryant, who was a lock for a long time.

My point is Helton sold Bohn a bill of goods claiming he had four silent commits because one didn’t exist anymore and one was shaky at best. And for Bohn to go public on it was even worse.

33 thoughts on “USC Batted .500 On Silent Commits Because They Were Never Solid

  1. Marshawn Lynch – still a Best…see how that team reacted to that run? THAT…is what USC used to be…and isn’t any more…and what Helton…just…doesn’t…get…

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    1. You know what Marshawn is thinking every time he gets the ball? “I am not gonna run at ’em, I’m gonna run right thru them —like they don’t even exist.”
      That new first move —where he literally takes a flying leap into the hole — is unreal.

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    2. still a Best but more importantly auto-correct, still a Beast! The whole game – reminiscent of vintage USC football, to include physical defense shutting down what had been a hot offense…

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      1. 67,
        Do you know what Clay would tell Stepp if he ever flew into the hole that way? “Easy –you’re gonna lose the ball doing that!”

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      2. 67……no no no…….Stepp is a full class younger than Carr and Mali…….so he will sit under union shop rules…….when the others graduate and if he feels OK (remember he was winded earlier this year after running it 10 times and those two bowls of ice cream probably gave him the runs… pun) then he can try a few runs as long as they are short ones……..we like to throw to get our longer gains…..even if they drop 10.
        If you need any more clarification……just ask Bozo.

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      3. Hi Arturo,

        Other than the ankle injury, he didnt have any other significant physical issues.

        Harrell was interviewed about why Stepp doesn’t play more, and Harrell said he worried about fumbles, yet I don’t believe he is much more fumble prone than the other backs in actual game situations. Particularly when he is the guy who gets hit by 5 guys and keeps going.

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      4. Your remarks would be funny, Fred —if they weren’t true. In the Alabama game, Carr will get us off to a bad start with several 2 yard runs, causing 3 and outs —-then, when we’re behind by 4 TD’s and everybody’s demoralized, Stepp will get his first carry.

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      5. Like one of those sugar comas Buster Douglas would go into when he’d sit in his bedroom watching Mighty Mouse cartoons, eating 2 dozen donuts and 9 Hostess Cherry pies?


  2. That clown Helton is lucky to get to .500 on silent commits after finishing 5 – 7 (4 – 5 Conf.) in 2018 and following that up with another crap season this year.


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  3. USC has lost its direction.

    When is that Cypriot criminal going to leave? How about Lopes and Tessalone ? Why hasn’t their employee badges been deactivated?

    I am a longtime season ticket holder and blog visitor. First post with many to come.

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  4. Questions abound at USC.

    However, there is no question when it comes to Helton. He is a soft, sub-par coach, and he is perceived as such. Why would any recruit want to come to USC and be coached by Helton. Defensive players? Why would they even consider SC, who’s going to run the defense? No one knows. Helton is currently interviewing these guys. Great, Helton interviewing… BTW how much input will Helton have in the hiring process? Weren’t we told by Bohn that he was going to evaluate and hire the two open coordinator positions?

    Welcome BurrowTrump.

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    1. Wouldn’t you have been sending out some “queries” (sometimes called “feelers”) to some DC’s after the UCLA game with interviews set up even before the Holiday Bowl? AT this level, with a good DC commanding $1.5-$2M per year, I would have expected an announcement from USC the day after the DC’s team (NFL or NCAAF) finished their season.

      I get a sense from the timing here that the “brain” trust have been sitting on their arses the entire Holiday Season.


  5. At the timet Helton told Bohn about thefour silent commits he would say anything to save his job. Lie today, save the job, worry about the consequences tomorrow.

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  6. The word is out with the recruits. USC doesn’t care about football anymore. They are going to focus on the bigger university issues, and worry about football later. So don’t expect any big time recruiting classes, or bowl victories for that matter, until Helton’s contract is up. Fight On!

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  7. Be grateful all of you – Helton has lost what meaningless respect Bohn had for him – it;s al gone.

    No new hire for 2020 – Bohn’s hands were tied – I do believe this will work out for the best a year hence. Bohn is involved in the DC and ST coordinators which should be announced very soon.

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    1. That is how I see it also, Ruso.
      Maintain progress on the offensive side of the ball, and hope for progress on the defensive side of the ball (should happen with our experienced D players).

      HOWEVER, if “key” players leave for the NFL early, or vigorously enter the T portal…game over for HC CH and Madame President.


  8. Assuming my Web Search information is correct, Helton earns more than Tennessee Titan Head Coach Mike Vrabel. I used to say “If you think Life is Fair, I got two things to say to you….Mary Kate & Ashley.”. Need to update this with “Clay Helton”.

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  9. It’s a real shame to see one of the countries greatest football dynasties go down in flames because the administration can’t make the decisions to fix the problem(s), or won’t be replaced by those who can. By the time the reality of the seriousness of the situation and lack of appropriate action becomes painfully obvious, a lot more damage than has already occured will have taken place and it will be a long and expensive recovery . WAKE UP TROJANS!


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