LSU Also Has A Little-Discussed USC Tie

I had forgotten that former USC offensive line coach James Cregg is in the same position at LSU.

He left USC when Lane Kiffin got fired and didn’t make a huge impression in four seasons. He then spent four years in the NFL as an “assistant offensive line coach” before LSU hired him in 2018.

Who would imagine he would be thisclose to winning a national title after he left USC?

So was Cregg an underrated coach or does he just have better players now?

I remember a USC assistant from the 1970’s telling me, “we were all good coaches because we had great players.”

Last month, LSU won the Joe Moore Award for the Most Outstanding Offensive Line Unit in College Football.

  • Maybe I should start calling him Mike “Retweet” Bohn because he only retweets and hasn’t not tweeted himself in more than a month.
  • USC scored a whopping 40 points tonight in a 72-40 loss to Washington. Are you surprised? Andy Enfield on the road vs. a quality opponent? I guess Washington, which lost to UCLA, was fired up.

9 thoughts on “LSU Also Has A Little-Discussed USC Tie

    1. Coach Enfield is a piece of crap. He recruits no one who can shoot from the outside or a free throw . This team is undisciplined with 20+ turnovers
      game after game. The worst part is they gave up in the later 2nd half. A
      point a minute juggernaut is a disgrace. Lose to ucla , fire his ass then.

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    2. Football Head needs to be tarmacked. It’s ridiculous that USC has never ever won a national title in men’s basketball. We have won titles in all our other men’s sports. Why isn’t there a concerted effort to bankroll the best coaching staff and end this embarrassment to the university?


  1. I remember a USC assistant from the 1970’s telling me, “we were all good coaches because we had great players.”

    That is a big part of it. Extremely talented, motivated, disciplined players really make you look good.

    Take Phil Jackson, and all the talent he had with the Lakers and Bulls (and even when Jordan was MIA from the Bulls). Then look how things turned out for Jackson with the Knicks under his leadership. True he wasn’t the coach, but he hired the coaches, told them to run the triangle, had final say on whom to draft and trade deals, and it was a disaster.

    But more to the point, Coach O has his assistants on the same wavelength, and they all seem to be working together and producing great football. Happy for the big fella.

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  2. The coach was just being humble. As he should be, and put the focus on the players. A great coach/teacher/parent does that. This is no secret. Build a culture based on a sound philosophy that will stand up under pressure and duress, with integrity, and watch how those players/students/children have a foundation for success. That’s integrity.

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  3. Ok, you get down early and they look hyped when it was 10-1. It’s tough historically for SC up their. Terrible start.
    It was a frustrating start but when I had to turn my attention to my nephews Bday after slowing up the pace only down 14-12 somehow I thought i can watch the rest if we win at home.
    I guess I was wrong for thinking Enfield might end up trying to coach this game with basketball strategies or timeouts to win the game.
    Im not saying we should have won. How do allow your team to get back in the game after the horrible start and then just let Washington put their balls on your face by embarrassing you like This?

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      1. I haven’t watched any Bruin games really but I can’t put a finger on SC. We are inconsistent from outside it seems.

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