USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Interviews Joe Barry

Clay Helton interviewed Rams assistant head coach/linebackers coach Joe Barry for the defensive coordinator’s job on Friday, according to sources.

Barry is the first coach to be officially interviewed. He was previously at USC and liked by the players. He also has a good reputation.

But . . . let’s hope USC interviews some other candidates too because it feels like business-as-usual with Helton, where he immediately goes to someone he knows.

Mike Bohn should demand it too since he is going to approve whoever gets hired.

32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Interviews Joe Barry

    1. Check out this tweet from Chris Steele

      Chris Steele Twitter

      I graduated from having haters. Now I see it as fake love, so don’t congratulate us! Don’t wait til we’re back on top to support. Alumni and all! Have a great Saturday, Fight On!

      Thanks Clay


      Chris Steele can thank Clay Helton when he graduates and Clay has failed to develop his talent.


      1. On second thought after reading that tweet by Steele, he doesn’t seem smart enough to be able to graduate.



  1. Joe Barry was a horrible defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions, so I’m not sure what the big deal is about him . His Father was John Robinson’s last offensive line coach at USC, and he’s married to the daughter of the Cowboys defensive coordinator, Rod Marinelli. So he obviously has lots of connections in the game of football, but he’s still a bounce around, average coach at best. The only difference between Barry, and Clancy Pendergast is, personality, and physical hands on recruiting.

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    1. Perfect summation, Fan Boy. But did anyone expect Helton to get a True Super Star? Barry will probably get more out of his players than Pendergast —how much more is an open question…..

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      1. gt –I’m encouraged by the tapes I just watched of Barry actually coaching at practices and at the NFL Combine —- and I was also encouraged by the way he talked about the difference between “liking football and loving football.” I think this guy might know which players have a fire burning inside them and which players don’t. That gives him a big leg up on Clancy.
        As always, our biggest problem is the extent to which Hugs interferes with Barry’s approach. It will be a shame if Barry is hired and then not allowed to take control of the defense —- no equivalents of Helton changing Harrell’s calls in the Red Zone, please……

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    2. I know the dude personally and he is very good coach. he motivates his players, can coach x and os. Very good motivator, which is what you need in college. Played at USC and has been coaching ever since. He is a smart dude, and yes he had a rough last year as a dc in Detroit like 10-15 years ago, but Detroit is a dumpster fire of a franchise. Year before they were 8-8 and actually pretty good on defense. I think it would be a great hire.


  2. Speaking of the NFL, Clay Helton is probably wondering why Pete Carroll isn’t proclaiming the Seahawks as Pennsylvania State Champs after going 3-0 in the state this. year.

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  3. I would definitely take a long, detailed look at Charlie Strong…I’ve watched him from afar, and feel definite he can recruit and coach defense……

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    1. That’s a nice addition to the conversation, Stephen.

      Joe Barry
      Charlie Strong
      Zach Arnett (SDSU)
      My picks–Jim Leonhard (UWisky), Morgan Scalley (Utah)

      We will see who Troy picks….


  4. Man, even if USC is going to do the same dumb thing and interview only “prior USC people” for football jobs, they should at least be smart enough to leak info that they are interviewing guys outside of the USC circle. Even if the info is false.



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    1. Jack was the best in house candidate, he’s off the board…I thought the school wasn’t going to let Clay hire the defensive coordinator. What does he know about defense? He hasn’t shown the ability to shore up, or reign in, even Clancy…..

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  5. Nice showing by the BB team last night, 40 points? Really ? USC is littered with incompetent coaching.

    Joe Barry will be the only DC interviewed, Gomer doesn’t know any other DC’s to interview and apparently neither does Bohn

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    1. When Haden hired Enfield, Haden said “I believe that Andy will be an exceptional coach, based on his accomplishments in the business world.”

      Yep, this was from a “professional” AD.

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      1. 67 —The discouraging thing about both Clay & Andy is that they both get their lunch stolen so many times at the start of seasons that everybody left on their schedules knows their teams are soft and give up when things go south…..
        [On my first day as a trial attorney, an old pro told me, “in every trial, one of the attorneys is gonna be scared —it’s best if you’re not that person.” Same thing applies to coaches…and teams].

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      2. Michael, It is remarkable that USC keeps on incurring self-inflicted wounds year after year after year. This is because of an unprofessional and unqualified administration and BOT, in which there is no accountability.

        And that schemer Caruso gave himself and his BOT buddies the perfect cover by hiring a woman as prez.


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      3. 67 — No question about it. USC’s idea of being progressive is to become a 1990’s Ivy League school —how pathetic and backwards is that?
        [By the way, the short amount of time it takes for Folt to lose the fake smile and flip out….is not a good sign]…..

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    2. You’re right on Enfield. He seems to me just a socially palatable employee for those in charge. He, like Swann, allowed corruption on his staff. I don’t see much difference. He’s hired a budding star’s dad, and this is what we get? You’ve got so much talent leaving LA all the time, it’s disheartening…

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    1. Bohn will not allow it! Bohn will put his foot down and say “This cannot stand! I command more physicality!”

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      1. What leads you to believe Bohn is going to demand anything? Even after he found out he couldn’t make the hire of Urban Meyer, he still signed onto the A.D. position.

        Bohn signed up to be nothing but a “Yes Man”.

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  6. Here’s how the interview went
    Gomer ” Hi Joe, want the DC job ? ”
    Barry ” Will we practice hard and in pads ?”
    Gomer ” Faith, family and football Joe, are you in ? ”
    Barry ” You didn’t answer my question ”
    Gomer ” Joe, it’s in God’s hands ”
    Barry ” Does God want us to practice hard and in pads ? ”
    Gomer ” If that’s what God wants Joe. So how bout it, do you want the job, Lord knows I have no idea what the defense does. ”
    Barry ” Yeah, if you get canned I’ve got enough connections to get hired even though I’m like you, an incompetent boob who keeps failing up ! “

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    1. karma —I object to the way you departed from the verbatim transcript and added the part about Barry calling himself a “boob who keeps failing up.”

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  7. According to football scoop . com, San Diego State coach, Rocky Long is shopping himself to become a defensive coordinator at a major university. 🤔 I’d love to see him at USC , because he’s a physical type of football coach, and would be a great coach in waiting for a couple of years after Bozo Helton gets kicked to the curb next season.

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  8. It’s reported as Gomer was interviewing Barry that Gomer was on his knees begging him to come along with tears flowing down his face…”Please please please Joe help me”


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