Carol Folt Offers Comment On Clay Helton

A few weeks ago, Carol Folt taped an interview with the “L.A. Times Today” show on Spectrum 1. The showed aired last night. I don’t get that channel but here’s the money quote:

“I think Coach Helton understands the expectations for winning but he also is building the character of those students so I feel like they’ve (Helton, Mike Bohn) got the right goals.”

So it’s another mealy-mouthed answer about how Helton understands, just like he has the past 2 years, and really it’s more about character and integrity.

Got it?

43 thoughts on “Carol Folt Offers Comment On Clay Helton

  1. Fuk you cunt folt!!! We should a folt roast on the Petros and money show live on location.Just make sure Petros Father John and folt are not there otherwise folts eyes would be glued to John papadakis ASS CHEEKS!!!

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    1. Please do not use that word to describe women in public. No woman deserves to be called that, even if you don’t like her. I have zero respect for you, or what you say, when you lower yourself to use that horrible, demeaning word. It is totally inappropriate.

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      1. Oh, THAT word is off limits! LMAO! Go back and read many of your posts, where you rip CH a new one while calling him many names. Thanks for proving that women don’t want equal treatment. They want special treatment. I don’t know who posted the remark and generally I’d agree that he want a bit far. But you are quite the hypocrite. Don’t like it? Tough sh_t!


      2. Joan – As a long time SC donor and alum I congratlulate you for speaking up and join you in your admonition. While I think Folt has much to prove to the USC community the comments you condemned are unworthy of any civilized human being.


      3. Agree, JL.
        The “c” word and the “n” word have no place in ANY public discourse, and certainly should not be condoned on this site. I think I have “overlooked” it lately, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

        I appreciate your thoughts on USC and USC FB–as do many on the site–so please post frequently!


  2. Ok Trojan fans, now we know where we stand in terms of Rick Caruso’s minion’s expectation of winning:

    About .500 (13-12 the last two years), with multiple blowout losses, and all is good.

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    1. 67,
      Folt —like all genuine losers —consistently falls back on non measurables to prove her point. Helton’s record against the big boys (Notre Dame, Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State) is for shit. You can’t begin to justify keeping him by appealing to the measurables. So…. trot out the non meaurables —his compassion, his goodness, his integrity, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know how many empty words come out of Folt’s mouth per minute –she talks fast —but all the empty words in the world can’t change the fact that Helton blew the Pac 12 South, blew the Holiday Bowl (big time) and blew recruiting (as badly as you can blow it).

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  3. I guess if the kick to the Iowa’s players head is good character!
    Clueless is doing a great job!
    Allowing Jack Jones to run his big mouth. That was great character also.
    The thing that bothers me the most is were getting our ASS KICKED and the defensive players are still running their mouths and flexing!

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  4. Helton is building character? So if the student athletes don’t want character there’s the portal.
    As for caring about winning, Helton only wants to win his job back

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    1. May I amend your post the tiniest little bit? Folt isn’t a feminazi, she’s not a far left liberal —she’s not anything that intense. She’s just the latest in the long line of do nothing ding-a-lings that USC attracts like flies…
      And you’re right, karma….. it’s getting more and more obvious …Helton’s got a job for life…

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  5. Just look at the lack of discipline on the team, which is Clay Helton’s job to build, and you have your answer on his character development. As the parent of three very successful and productive children, I would not send my son to be coached by him. As others have starting last year, they gave opted for a different character development. Words mean nothing. Action means everything. There is no sound, reasonable, logical basis for her decision.

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    1. Agree, and another reason for anyone not to send their son to be coached by Helton is player safety. They are not being coached at a high level.

      Just look who he had coaching the offensive line for 2 years – Neil Callaway, a guy so completely burned out that he could barely get through a 5 minute TV interview. And the performance is not much better now, given all the injuries to QBs and RBs.

      Markese Stepp can only carry 5 guys with him for so long before he ruptures a lumbar disc or has some other serious injury.

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      1. Michael, exactly. Moreover, Folt is not a leader. In fact, her failure to be a leader is why she was picked by the BOT.

        Really sad what has happened to SC.

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      2. So true, 67. The LAST thing the Board is looking for is a leader. I mean, come on. Why would they want a strong person with true vision running the university or the athletic department? That could only spell trouble. Better to have a collection of weaklings who slap each other on the back & cover for each other [and the board] 24/7. Only problem….

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      3. USC FB seems to have an “inordinate” number of injuries compared to their opponents.

        Lazy practices? Poor discipline likely translates to poor work in the weight room/nutrition/conditioning program. Discipline starts in the weight room, no?


  6. Carol Folt misses the point.

    Long before she came to USC, there were hundreds of thousands of USC alums who had good character and were good people. Many of those were even USC football players.

    USC doesn’t need a good character coach as an example. USC has been putting good character people in to the world for decades.

    For Folt to think that a good character head coach will uplift the rest of the university without winning is an insult to the millions of Trojans who became good people without having to look at the USC head football coach.




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    1. Just to add to a bit, while I think that Helton may have been a “good character” guy many years ago, not so sure now, given choices and behavior the last 2 years.

      And there is no shortage of good coaches who could replace Helton that are decent men.

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      1. Trojan1967,

        My opinion has always been that USC fans wanted to move on from Helton no matter who they hired as a replacement. Even if it wasn’t Urban Meyer, I think USC fans wanted change. Too bad Folt didn’t recognize that because you’re right, there are others not named Urban who could have been chosen to replace Helton. And they would have been decent men.


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    2. In my opinion, marvienna, this is the best damn response to Folt’s bullshit that’s been written. Helton hasn’t had any fewer liars, trouble makers or screw ups on his teams than any other (more successful) Trojan coach. And this is his big selling point? Give us all a break, Folt. The more this broad (is the word ‘broad’ okay, Joan?) talks, the dumber she sounds. Given her penchant for soft conclusions and evasionary small talk, you really have to wonder how Folt is gonna handle the Big Stuff coming down the road….

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      1. Well, MG, I hope she sees my comment to know what a B.S.’er she has become to the Trojan community.




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  7. Building the character or teaching them to lie? Helton lies on a daily basis about his program and recruits see through it. What character are they learning from Helton?

    Maybe we are not understanding that she is using the other definition of character – “a person in a novel, play, or movie”. This would make more sense, because in this case, Helton could teach the players how to act like things that are not real are real. So he is teaching his players to act like they are disciplined and like they practice and like they could actually get invited to the CFP. As an aside, did anyone else see those promotional videos they put out last year where Helton acted real tough and mean?

    It feels like Folt is President Clinton when he he rationalized his actions with Monica Lewinsky by claiming “it depends on what the meaning of is is”.

    Retaining Clay as head coach has forced both Bohn and Folt to lie on an almost daily basis. Glad to see that integrity coming from the top down.

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    1. Anyone who wants to measure Helton’s “character building” needs to check out Michael Pittman’s (non) answers to questions after the Holiday Bowl. He repeatedly avoids having to say that the team wasn’t prepared — just as countless other players have done over Helton’s failed tenure (with the notable exception of Cameron Smith –who told reporters that there’s something seriously wrong about the way Helton approaches team discipline). It’s pretty obvious that the “moral lesson” that Helton’s taught the team is “I’ll keep covering for you if you keep covering for me.”…..

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    2. Spot on GTV.
      Folt and Bohn are hypocrites. They preach integrity and character, yet do not practice it themselves.
      Helton’s disingenuousness is sickening. Why doesn’t the sports media call him out on this? They keep on saying what a great guy he is – he is not great at all. He’s a con-man of the highest order making $3mm+ for scamming the school and football program.
      Proof of the above is in recruiting – these “kids” see right through him – they know they will NOT be developed at SC let alone be in the conversation for a NATY let alone win one with Helton as coach.
      Gonna be another long stretch before this ship is righted.

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  8. That quote should be put out with the Trojan Club and Season Ticket Renewal Applications just so every one knows how their hard earned entertainment dollar is being spent. Never thought I would consider giving up my 3 season tickets and TAF Membership but it is a real strong possibility now.

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  9. It seems pretty clear that the USC brass has put a priority on “character” – but really its about being scandal-free … USC has too many scandal fires to put out. You can’t spell scandal without “SC”


  10. you ladies and gents seem to be MISSING the point!

    Folt was brought in here to clean up the CESSPOOL! not win a few more stupid foosball games!

    we’re talkin’ ’bout a school whose biggest heroes are OJ and Reggie, with pervert Dr’s runnning wild, dirty coaches under FBI scrutiny and an enormous Admissions Scandal that is far from over.

    you should be happy to have a square coach who says his prayers, takes his vitamins and goes to sleep at 9:30!! Hell-TON is the ONE guey you Dummies don’t have to worry about!!!


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    1. I’d agree with you, Charlie —if you were right. But Folt wasn’t brought in to do anything as dynamic as “cleanup the cesspool.” She was brought in to soft pedal, avoid making big decisions, hedge her bets and straddle the fence. Nothing curative is going to come out of her administration —just lots of happy talk.

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      1. 67 –Usually Charlie is as savvy as they come. Why on earth would someone like him fall for Folt? Folt is proving herself to be the kind of phony that –when you walk into a meeting and see her sitting there — you want to just turn around and say “that’s okay — this is gonna be a big waste of time.”

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    2. So soon, you forget about Sam Gilbert. As Bill Walton famously remarked “UCLA would be on about a 100 year suspension and lose 8 natties.”


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  11. I apologize to you but not to folt she is a cunt and a fuk face sorrow here.come up with a better name for her and maybe I’ll use that instead.very interested in your response.


    1. While I believe some women certainly deserve that polarizing word, I don’t believe she’s done anything to deserve it. Not yet anyway. Just because she hasn’t done exactly what many wanted doesn’t put her at that level. Now if she’s actually stabbed someone in the back or intentionally done harm to someone or their reputation, OK. But all I’ve read or heard is speculation. I’m going to be cautiously optimistic about the impact she and Bohn will have.


  12. They ought to take the football signs down and put up a social services sign……….Folt thinks thinks we teach her left wing commie agenda at a major university………..instead of teaching competitive survival and toughness in spite of adversity.
    If this generation ever gets in a major war and we lose a carrier they will surrender. Valley Forge would have been a British park if Folt was in charge of our army.
    When you teach ice cream you get diarrhea.


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