USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Likes To Spurn Big-Name Coaches

Remember two years ago when Norv Turner contacted Clay Helton for the quarterbacks coach job and couldn’t even get an interview?

Turner then became offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers.

But this one might be better: In the past few years, Norm Chow has made multiple calls to Helton — not seeking a job but to see if he there was anything he could do to help in a limited role — and Helton did not return his phone calls.

Considering what Chow did for USC, he deserves a call back, even if he you do not require his assistance.

But this is why Helton’s first instinct is to always go straight to his extrememly limited list of candidates first for a job. By the way, when people always say there is no doubt he is a nice guy, wouldn’t a nice guy return Chow’s phone call?

28 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Likes To Spurn Big-Name Coaches

  1. Gomer isn’t a nice guy, he’s an ass kissing dipshit.

    No way would he allow Chow to be around his team in even a limited manner, Gomer is so insecure that he would perceive Chow as a threat

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  2. Clay Helton will never hire someone who has the potential to take over the USC program. Norv Turner knows more football then Helton, and anybody else he’s linked to.

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  3. After talking briefly to Norm over the phone, Bohn instructed Helton not to take Chow’s calls….

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      1. Reggie? No way, gt. Here’s Pete’s thinking on that one: “I know Reggie is actually ineligible. If I put him in, we’ll win —but the NCAA will point out that we WON the NC by giving the ball to an ineligible player [which, according to rule 7592.11(b)] is even worse than just having an ineligible player play throughout the rest of the season. I’ll take a chance and go with Lendale….that way, the NCAA will probably leave us alone.”

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      2. Hate to dwell in the past, but that game still haunts me.

        Plus, there was Reggie’s brain spasm of a lateral that was recovered.

        Plus, there was the call when Young’s knee was down.


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      3. Bottom Line, 67 — If the ref picks up obvious fact Young was down, we win the NC….. and we get to keep it until NCAA steals it away…. but if Haden has the minimal balls to challenge retroactive application (violation of due process) of the “new rule” about “institutional control”, we get to keep NC FOREVER and beat the sanctions to boot…

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  4. November 23, 2018……ahhh, a classic piece of knowledge lol….it’s truly the gift that keeps on revealing who’s who….up above, in the “related section”, that one with the po po walking Helton out lol…THAT’s OVER A YEAR AGO, Trojan nation! LMAO!


  5. My wild guess is that Helton spurned other coaches because they weren’t “Christian” enough to fit into his culture of “faith, family, football”.

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      1. karma — Yes. The ONLY question is how many more times will he have to prove it to Folt and Bohn? Another couple season’s worth?

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    1. Cal75 —Like I’ve said before, Helton’s handing that ball to Bohn was the equivalent of the bitch slapped & broken Cool Hand Luke handing the dead possum to Boss Man…

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  6. Helton knows he’s incompetent and is terrified of having anyone more competent anywhere near the program. It’s kind of like the joke about what to do if you’re ugly. Just hang out with people who are more ugly than you and you’ll be the best looking one in the room.

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    1. Ever hear the one about the guys on a deserted island reduced to dating gorillas ? One guy keeps getting snickered at and asks “What’s the deal? We’re all out with gorillas!” His friend tells him, “yeah –but yours is ugly.”

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  7. “But this one might be better: In the past few years, Norm Chow has made multiple calls to Helton — not seeking a job but to see if he there was anything he could do to help in a limited role — and Helton did not return his phone calls.”

    I really want Helton gone, but does anybody else find this claim to be implausible?

    One reason – he wouldn’t call him back? Really?

    Second reason – why would Chow keep calling? multiple times? Over several years?

    If this IS true, then it is really awful. For so many reasons.

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    1. You’re smart to wonder, 67. But it seems consistent with all we know about Helton. Everybody worried he would repeat his Wisconsin Holiday Bowl mistake by not using up all his allotted practices. Reporters even asked him about it –and he just laughed and jerked them around. When critics complained about Callaway and Toa –he just ignored them…..

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      1. Michael, it would indeed be a special kind of stupid to not call back Chow as a courtesy.

        I still can’t get over the game balls to “coach Bohn” and “coach Folt”.

        That is a special kind of suck-up.

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      2. 67 — How special of a suck up is it? Let’s just put it this way: It’s NEVER been done before….and it will NEVER be done again.
        And local sports “journalists” let him get away with it by labeling it another example of Helton’s “niceness.”…….

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  8. If you are Clay Helton, and your teams play like drunk kindergarten girls, and you know it…wouldn’t you expect crank phone calls? If I had thought of it, I would claimed to be Norm Chow instead of Batman. Maybe next time I’ll get somebody in Hawai’i to call or maybe the first prankster did that already. The way my mind works this the plausible explanation.
    “Norm” called for Clay, on a phone from Hawai’i and when Clay answered the voice on the other end said, “eat shit and die.” Helton is afraid because that phrase can be punctuated so many ways . Is it, ” eat, shit, and die. (In that order). Or is it, “eat shit, and die” ( a health warning). Or is it, ” eat shit and dye” (a culinary choice). So if I were Helton I’d be wary of “Norm” and his calls!

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    1. Truman,
      Loved your post. But it leaves the central question unanswered. “It could be this, it could be that, it could be the other.” Enough! I say Helton needs to eat shit and see what happens….

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