All Quiet On The Mike Bohn Front

Another day without a tweet (or peep) from Mike Bohn.

Where are those meetings he promised with small groups after he announced he was bringing back Clay Helton?

For a guy who was a man-about-campus his first month on the job, he sure has been invisible.

Some of his apologists say he is still new to the job but that didn’t stop him the first four weeks when he was talking to everyone on campus.

One thing that’s bothered me too is that he did not attend the Oregon game, which was a total debacle. I don’t think it would have changed his mind but at least he might have toned down his comments about how strong USC finished.

Bohn is supposed to be different. But so far, he has a trait common to Mike Garrett, Pat Haden and Lynn Swann: The I-know-more-than-you so I can just hide in my office while the fans are livid.

39 thoughts on “All Quiet On The Mike Bohn Front

    1. He’s busy working on it !!!!!! Along with everything else on his plate Mr Wolfe. Leave the guy alone so he can get his work done.


  1. So just because Mike Bohn isn’t tweeting about what he’s doing, or informing the “former USC beat writer” about what he’s doing, means that he’s not doing anything now?

    Scott, if you had any real reliable sources, then you would know that Mike has led 4 different small group focus group meetings with several members of the athletic department.
    He is also still very visible on campus. Anyone that is on campus lately can tell you that Mike arrives very early each day and still converses with several people while making his way to Heritage Hall. He is active in helping people in Athletics and outside of Athletics, in their staff development endeavors. And he’s been doing this while also making time to meet thoroughly with each coach and sport, while also following through on his pre-scheduled commitments to his son’s wedding over the holidays.
    Do some real research and talk to some real sources and you might be able to get some real stories, not just your daily bitching and whining about why he didn’t tweet today…

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    1. You must either be a friend of Bohn or on the payroll.
      Bohn is a weak pussy and is non relevant just like the Football Team.
      He should resign rather than take shit from Folt willingly!!

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      1. Neither quite honestly, but I have reliable sources unlike Scott so I only think it’s fair to call both sides how i see them. Something you should expect from someone touting themselves as “inside usc”…

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    2. “He still CONVERSES with SEVERAL people while making his way to Heritage Hall…”
      Far be it from me to tell a public relations guy how to do his job….but….wow… WTF?!

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    3. what was ol’ buddy bohn doing those eleven days? you know, those eleven loooooooonnnnnggg days between the b-ruin game and his announcement that clay helton was the man with the plan for usc football???

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      1. Doing? Arguing with Folt over hiring Urban Meyer.

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    4. LOL… Well head, Just responding here to (you) someone who obviously gets off by lurking to troll Scooter’s blog, just to launch bombs at the host, I heartily recommend that you put yourself away and zip up, then while in your usual position facing your master, spit out the “bohn” and rise up from your knees, go swallow or gargle, then return to grandma’s basement.
      Hell by your being the turd in Scooters punchbowl, you’re just taking the fun away from so many that come here to be entertained. You don’t need to waste your time trying to steal the show though b/c your nonsense is simply old and lacks interest or value. SMH

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      1. MY nonsense? OK. I don’t mind taking the fun away especially when it’s unproven, unreliable, and non-factual fun… If there was any bit of truth or actual researched journalism going on, I would respect it and most likely agree with it. The reality is that we all want change in the way athletics, particularly football, is being run. Myself included. I’ve actually had conversations with little Scottie in the past, but his negativity, lies, whining, and tantrums have just gotten old. It’s just a shame that his untruths are still believed by some, and thus give some of the real journalists out here a bad name…


      2. Head.. Your angst is spurred by Wolfe’s negativity and whining etc. IOW it gets old eh? Similarly to a poster with same seemingly never ending “repetitive complaints” about said blogger? Try looking in the mirror! If you’re just getting off on being the devils advocate just remember that old saying “Everyone thinks that the devils advocate is usually the biggest A’hole in the room”.. In this particular instance, Wolfe has an issue @ the performance of the new AD based on his obvious change of personality since he ignored the throngs of Trojan supporters/fans/boosters etc, right after he told us that his next order of business would be to “listen and learn”. Then the AD obviously didn’t listen and definitely didn’t learn.. then when hit by push-back, he basically runs for cover and drops out of contact. Well Bohn did seemingly go into hiding and undercover.. at least to the basic masses.. So Wolfe’s post here raises your hackles so much that you were forced to bring out your tired old besmirching assault? I personally thought his topic was right on the money. When I communicated with Mr. Bohn just after he assumed. the job, his personal response was one of upbeat anxious endeavor to support the good of the players and to compete for championships not only in football but in all sports. Since then, Mr. John seems to have changed his persona in mid stream. So where’s the problem…

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    5. All that being said, Mike Bohn is still a putz.



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      1. If you only knew….
        Tessalone doesn’t make the effort to spin anything. Most of the time he sits on his hands and waits for things to pass over. I have more reliable sources than Tiny Tim and Wolfbag put together.


  2. Flow, the dude was publicly castrated by his feminazi ‘superior.’ Do you expect him to strut about and tweet incessantly? Dude has nothing to talk about, football is screwed, basketball is tanking, and baseball is on life-support. Even women’s sports are suffering. My guess is that Mr. Bohn regrets ever taking the job, and he’ll ‘lay low,’ wait for his junk to grow back, and then get the heck out of ‘Dodge.’
    Carol is the new Sheriff in town, and what she says goes – period. Gomer stays, stick that in our collective pipes and smoke it.

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    1. As the above public relations piece by trojanhead makes abundantly clear, Mike Bohn (who, unlike Helton, DOES seem like a decent guy) is going to stay in his lane, leave the big decisions to others and keep a keen eye on the peripheries of the Athletic Department. We, who have nothing to lose, would love to see him lead the Charge of the Light Brigade against USC’s brain dead leadership circle—- but it’s clear that ain’t gonna happen……

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      1. Respecting Arturo…
        “F-ing” brilliant, MG.

        I disagree with you, tho. Bohn will either punch back at Folt (and win) or leave.


  3. “It was an unbelievable honor to be part of the search committee, and know that voices from across our students, coaches and staff were being heard,” said student-athlete Anna Cockrell of the USC track and field team. “I was most impressed with AD Bohn’s passion, integrity and real examples of how he has connected with students in the past.”

    “In Mike, we have selected an energetic leader who will stay true to our Trojan heritage of outstanding athletic performance,” Folt said. “He has led athletics programs that are extremely competitive while demanding the highest level of integrity, and he will bring this winning combination to USC.”

    Bohn also demonstrated a commitment to gender equity by consistently hiring female coaches at Cincinnati. His department received an “A” grade from the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport for seven consecutive years, the only university in the nation to do so.

    Integrity, integrity and an A in gender equity, what a guy

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    1. karma — I kinda wish you hadn’t reminded us of these words. Nothing good is gonna come from Folt or Bohn. We’ve all worked with people like this over the course of our careers —- folks who don’t have the slightest idea how to make the car run cuz they’re so invested in re-designing the hood ornament….

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  4. Breaking News, Donna Heinel squealing like a baby.

    Lack of Institutional Control will be back in the headlines!!

    This is not good.

    Hopefully Caruso, Lopes and the faux greek, Nikias are implicated as they should be.

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    1. We can put together a 20 minute post right here, and come up with more causes and remedies, than people are paying and spending millions for! Scott’s not charging a penny…


      1. Not to mention the hired folks, who are making those millions, to get the act together. This has been going on for 10 years! A generation has passed! Helton has been here for 10 years! Good Lord…


  5. If Clay Helton had the honor and love for USC he professes, he’d cut a deal and resign for lack of performance. At least, Lynn understood this, I would imagine.

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      1. I support any person who understands limitations…Lynn Swann is a Trojan great, and I called long long ago for his dismissal because he had three years overseeing a department with corruption issues. Was he in on it? I’m pretty sure, even not being on campus, he was not in on it. But, it was his department, so the responsibility comes. I hope he continues his great life! His son graduated from Army? That’s a tremendous honor for him and his wife as great parents. There’s no greater honor, than to see your offspring through. I know…..I turned down an appointment to Annapolis in 1982, to come to USC, where I failed, mostly. Yeah, I moved into Trojan Hall with my left arm in a sling, having torn my pitching elbow, throwing a no hitter in front of most every pro team in existence. Then, surgered by Dr. Jobe, not more than a few weeks before my freshman fall semester started. But, I learned to respect USC, nevertheless. Clay Helton? Give us all a break.

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  6. lynn swann lectured us after the rose bowl, saying usc has greater aspirations than a mere rose bowl win (i agree, but time and place, please). he lectured us to get in line behind clay helton after a disastrous 5-7 season. HE SAID USC WOULD RELOAD USING IRISH — GODDAMNED IRISH — AS THE MODEL!!!! please note: IRISH HASN’T WON SHIT IN 30 YEARS!!! he banned the song girls from basketball games, for goodness sakes!!! and lynn swann gave clay helton the contract extension — bidding against no one, mind you — in a move that may be this program’s ultimate undoing. (sigh) fine. he’s a trojan great. so, i’ll just agree with you that clay helton must see how his tenure is ripping this fan base apart. and, should do the right thing and step aside. for the love of god, step aside clay.

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    1. I understand, and you’re right…..I just liked Lynn from afar, minus the big leaguing of people, and his poor decisions as the AD, cuz at USC, they got big leaguers all over the place, and we saw them at 18 years old etc…..that’s what kept me going, even in my disappointment, that others carried on to the pinnacles of professions, giving me reasons to cheer, and get my mind off my own self…

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      1. Steve
        You’re alright & I’m sorry for your injury. I somewhat know how you feel. Life goes on.


      2. There’s nothing deep about it. That was years ago, but, if you can’t/aren’t doing the work, for whatever the reason, you should stand aside, with grace, not hold on in ignorance. He doesn’t act like he knows anything, which becomes an affront to Trojan fans everywhere, but thanks….


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