Is Mississippi State Crazy?

In what kind of dudebro fantasy is Mississippi State thinking of hiring Steve Sarkisian as its head coach?

The idea that Lane Kiffin is at Ole Miss and Sarkisian at Mississippi State seems like a fantasy spawned by the former Pete Carroll assistants.

At least Kiffin went to Florida Atlantic and won.

What has Sarkisian ever done?

He was extremely average at Washington. Extremely average at USC. Didn’t make the Atlanta Falcons better. Is this just another Alabama assistant getting a job off Nick Saban’s reputation?

I can’t believe Mississippi State fans want this.

46 thoughts on “Is Mississippi State Crazy?

      1. Errr, guys, I think Sark’s favorite was Patron (shots, no less).

        Had Sark hired me as his WR coach, I would have converted him to the finer art of Kentucky small batch bourbon and assured that he was limited to 1-2 shot glasses per day–and only after 7PM when all the work of the day was done.

        True confession and only to be shared with my besties: when Pete fled, my first choice was Sark and not Kiff. I always thought that Sark was the more brilliant offensive mind. I recall watching him QB for BYU. He had that streak of consecutive pass completions, etc.

        It is my honest hope that Sark is successful and sober and that he and his family are happy. We caught him at the wrong time in his life….


    1. So USC is definitely better with Helton, right? Sark didn’t go to MSST because it is not a good program. Leach is STILL toxic and will be gone after next season. Texas boosters are toxic, FSU boosters are toxic, Michigan IS lost forever with the Harbaugh experiment, UCLA sucks hard, and Sark will be HC at Bama when DungeonMaster retires after his 7th natty. Dig?


    1. kenwible,
      Sark would love to show what he could do clean and sober. Many —if not all —of his personal problems are behind him now …and he’s raring to go.

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      1. gt —I think you put your finger on Steve’s NEXT job….

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      2. This one is EZ: Helton has left CA recruiting wide open so now every team wants a coach with CA recruiting ties. Sark played at EL Camino JuCo and signed a ton of local players when he was at UDUB.

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  1. What about the fantasy of keeping Clay Helton for the full length of two contracts?

    What about the Ohio douchebags, FOLT and BOHN, running USC football?

    You cannot make this stuff up.

    Star Wars is more believable than the USC events.

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  2. Mississippi State is a garbage program, it’s a money grab for Steve Sarkisian, he wants to getaway from under Nick Saban . If you can’t turn Washington into a power winner, then it’s almost guaranteed it’s not gonna happen at – place likes MS.State 😂😂

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    1. ‘Hear hear! It is! Yes I too sense he wants out of Tuscaloosa and the ‘mad’ wizard Sabin.MS ST is a sad program….outside of Columbia-SC I can’t think of a worse place to ‘land’…Why it’s close to 3 hrs. to Memphis and 4+ to NOLA. Smack dab in the middle of nowhere but I mist say it is <1 hr to Tuscaloosa-AL.


  3. That related section above keeps on giving lol….follow the “legacy“, the riffs and the changes. Try to keep up….Scott is…


  4. Can you imagine that?

    Three (!) former USC football HC’s all head coaches in the S.E.C. at the same time? And one on the verge of winning a national title, too!

    It would be awesome if Helton gets fired and lands a HC job in the S.E.C., too. I could see Helton at Kentucky or South Carolina.



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    1. But wouldn’t it look bad for the guy who got the USC contract extension to get his ass handed to him every year by the guys who didn’t?

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      1. Why should USC fans care about Helton’s feelings?





      2. You’re correct, “s,” I should stop voting Green Party and vote for the tax and spend DemoPublicans. Thanks for the heads up. Oh, what is our debt to GDP ratio these days?

        (BTW, nice bait tactic, nucklehead.)
        Our debt to GDP is somewhere around 105%. I didn’t think you’d bother to do the research, let alone be capable of its analysis or prediction.


  5. Oh little Scottie — angry typing from Mom’s basement again…
    Quick to point out how crazy other people are when Scottie couldn’t even keep his job as a beat writer.

    Scott, you sure seem to think you know a lot about running, coaching, managing, and building a team, but you’ve never spent a day doing it. Shit, you can’t even write about a team correctly without getting fired and banned from the campus you’re supposed to be covering…
    For once Scott, enlighten us with a reliable source, or even some factual information and evidence of all these stories you’re coming up with… i’ll wait for that to ever happen. You are quick to point out of all these ‘sources’ and ‘rumors’ you hear, but how can that be when you aren’t even allowed to cover the team…


      1. No ass hurt here. Just a long time fan and donor that wants some insight without the nagging, whining and unproven lies that Scott spews. Believe it or not, he was once pretty good at his job, before Pete started treating him like a step child. You remember those days? When little Scottie started referring to Pete as Caesar because Scott couldn’t get Pete to respect him?


    1. Trojanhead,

      where it comes to “running, building, and managing a team”, I am much more concerned with Clay Helton’s, clearly demonstrated, utter inability to do so, than I am with Scott’s potential capacity to do so.

      If you are, indeed, a donor, I would suggest you get onboard at some point. I am sure that you have worked hard for your money.


  6. You guys always give the wolfster grief. Try finding anything daily re CAL. The big news was BeastMode going back to get 24yds for Carroll. And that was the headline on the CAL internet for 7 days.
    Geez, Stanfurd Football doesn’t even have a google listing on the first page. Just crickets.
    CAL let it’s OC go when his contract expired. He went from $750,000/yr to a HC at Cal Poly SLO @ $250,000/yr & the garbage CAL blog made it look like he took a promotion to be a head coach & the posters couldn’t even figure out what happened.
    Be greatful for the wolfster. He’s kind of like dorm food when you were a freshman. Everybody hates it until you have to face the alternative & cook for yourself. Five yrs from now you’ll say to yourselves…’you know that son of a bitch Wolf?-he was right.’

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  7. Grateful? that’s laughable. Grateful for inaccurate and made up stories?
    If it was balanced and fair, then I could see the point. But everything coming from his Mom’s computer is negative. 100%.
    I know there’s not a lot to be positive about right now, but be honest at least. He’s making stories up with no real information. And even when there were things to be positive about, ole Scottie the cheerleader stalker was negative then too!


    1. ‘Mrs Helton’

      Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

      Can you imagine the angst the wolfman goes through to get people to come here in the off season? Even Sucky Dickwebb comes around for the dumpster fire.
      Wolffy knows if he rags on the BOT that they’ll sue him. What’s left you say?



    1. We were wondering where you’ve been since the Rose Bowl, QD.

      Did you notice that the Pasadena sun setting on the Dux chrome tinged helmets gave them an eerie California sunset look?

      I’ll take the Dux over Wisky all day, but you should thank your lucky stars for that Wisky WR’s fumble and the resulting scoop six, bro.


  8. Sorry but I can’t let the guy go on without being called out. Say what you want about Sark but he inherited a Washington program that was at the time the embarrassment of the Pac12 conference. They were 0-12 the year before with Tyrone Willingham. Steve Sarkisian got US back on the map for the standards of Husky football. So don’t knock the guy like he hasn’t did anything. He’s overrated but he beats you and wins this round Wolf.

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    1. He’s much better than Helton.

      Miss St is not half as crazy as we are. Especially if Sark is in a better mental place right now.


      1. I will agree. It was frustrating the way we played against Stanford and Ucla. Hawkins getting beat (thats being polite) in the open by a Tight End which shouldnt happen as a CB. That game and the Bruin game we got pushed around. But he never had talent like he could have had each year while at UW then potentially having top 5 class yearly at SC. We will never really know what kind of ending he could have had if there wasn’t any problems with his personal life issues. He had the #1 Recruiting class in the nation and that class played off its own abilities that season to win a Rose Bowl making Helton look like the leader undeservingly then and it showed up why when Sam and Adoree left. I didn’t want Sark but I think Helton has set the bar now for a coach to ruin so much momentum in such a small amount of time.


  9. Whew!
    This is the best news I’ve heard yet today!

    I recall watching the Trojans get humiliated by Lame Kitten and Bama back in 2016, with the “petulant” coach Kiffin coming over to the USC side and warmly embracing all his former Trojan recruits with a huge smile on his face. Made me want to self eye-dagger like Oedipus.

    I was already preparing myself for Oedipus II at Jerry’s World in September, with visions of Sark coming over the the HC CH sideline after a thorough shellacking by Bama, with Sark smiling and shaking all the
    “dejected” Trojan players hands.

    Now, would I schedule Miss State in the preseason over UC Davis.
    Heck yeah.


  10. I liked Sark drunk better than I like Helton alive. I guess someone was going to hire him. And we all know what happens if Sark succeeds next season. The “We had him but Haden fired him ,” crowd will jump on it like a bounce castle at recess . So Scott is right to warn us. Not much to do with inside USC, but it’s Wednesday wait for the weekend.

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  11. It’s official SEC sucks … Goat and Suck are HC in that league those Miss schools must like losing
    Who wold hire either especially Suckisian lol


    1. Lotsa money rolling into those backwater SEC towns due to the SEC network/ESPN monies.

      BWM and Mercedes think a lot about those SEC towns. Good enough to make expensive SUV’s for libtard Californians, no?


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