Joe Barry To Stay With Rams? Velus Jones Picks School

The word in coaching circles is Joe Barry will remain with the Rams, whether as defensive coordinator or linebackers coach. Stay tuned.

I’ve heard Barry has not yet been offered the USC defensive coordinator’s job.

Meanwhile, USC wide receiver Velus Jones has transferred to Tennessee. A year too late, I say. Jones didn’t get to play much last season at USC. He’s back with Tee Martin.

30 thoughts on “Joe Barry To Stay With Rams? Velus Jones Picks School

    1. Hey Mike, Chris Richard and Charlie Strong listed as the top two that USC should go hard for.

      Richard is actually a hot name in the NFL per conquest chronicles. If he came to he would improve that side definitely and they would certainly be disciplined.
      Honestly Richard would most likely make Helton’s life easier, but he could potentially sneak into the Head Coaching spot also.
      I think Strong would be impactful also but Helton and Bohn need to rush Chris Richard now.

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      1. Sam —If the REAL Charlie Strong is the guy who coached at Louisville –YES! If the REAL Charlie Strong is the guy who coached at Texas —NO!

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      2. Hey, Sam? Remember when so many guys were pissed that we were ranked in the low 30’s at the beginning of the 2019 season? …..

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      3. I do and let me say they seen us coming a mile away. They know where our program is right now. It’s not too hard to notice we have a lot to correct before spring and summer. I hope the players are now hip to realize they need to dig deep themselves because they won’t get the coaching of a championship team and need to work that much harder in the off-season is where it starts for some players who need it more than others but we need a tougher mentality first. Helton needs to stop approaching things with a buisness as usual way of going at it. Obviously it’s not working. Porter Gustin would probably do a better job than our strength and conditioner coach. Hahaaa. But seriously we don’t look like the teams that are playoff teams. We are soft but also we don’t look intimidating at all. Something needs to change there.


      4. Rocky Long would be a fantastic choice, but we all know CH would be scared to death of him and not have the integrity to hire him. Folt’s idea of integrity baffles me, why would such a bad coach continue to drag a program down even further if he had so much integrity he would have resigned for the good of USC.

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      5. Perfectly said because that is exactly what any coach that was honest with himself would have realized by now and stepped away after realizing that he did what he could and it just wasn’t enough. He’s out of his league.

        There are men who are stand up individuals who have been able to admit that but Clay Helton is bent on success post Sam Darnold.


    1. 67 –Great point. If anybody had said things would get weirder & more confused under Bohn than they were under Swann I would have said they were crazy.
      Nothing good is going to come from this D-Coordinator Search.

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      1. So true, gt! You know how you can measure it? Way fewer people are complaining about the interminable search for a Fricking D-Coordinator than complained about the fact Bohn blew it on Helton. Fans are giving up on USC. Not a good sign.
        Oscar Wilde wrote that it’s not sad when heart are broken, it’s sad when hearts are turned to stone. USC fans are hardening to the UNENDING parade of obvious screw ups…..

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  1. Best of luck to Velus, who really didn’t develop at all.

    Sub 4.4 speed and he had offers everywhere in 2016. Hopefully things will turn around for him at Tennessee.

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      1. MG- football should be the least concerning thing for Jones; he did it right, he got a degree from USC. He should focus on special teams coverage and he might just find himself on an NFL roster. With that little chunk of change from the league, he then should turnaround and put that degree to work.

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      2. You’re serving as the voice of experience here, Arturo…..

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      3. I don’t have D1 talent in football, but I grew up poorer than poor. (for seven of us, I caught a glimpse of mom”s 1981 paycheck stub- $135 a week) Good times with wonderful lessons to be learned – just gotta catch’em.
        Wish Velus and all SC players nothing but the best. Maybe they’ ll turn out like you, MG.

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  2. Just catching up. Wow a few hours ago Sark was at Mississippi State and Mealy Mouth Mike was at WSU. My guess is the Leach is looking for warmer climate to retire in.
    As for Harrell leaving I have seen many options saying it’s too far north for him. That means the way are shaking out for us …he’s as good as gone.

    As for Joe Barry I said it the other day he dated Helton to grab a raise. Nothing new there.

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      1. Ha! [As long as all kissing was on the cheek —and not on the part of the cheek where your lips “accidentally” brush up against the other person’s lips].

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  3. With the way things are going to hire a defensive coordinator, my concern is, will he be here by the third week of the season?


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