Mr. Nice Guy?

Is Clay Helton really Mr. Nice Guy like you always hear?

There are plenty of people who work or have worked at USC that have a different view.

Ask Tee Martin, who was constantly thrown under the bus by Helton, who insisted Martin called all the plays when Helton also had a hand in playcalling.

Ask the recruiting dept. staffers who left USC because Helton failed to recognize their work.

Ask Jack Sears, who started a game in 2018 and then was made the No. 4 QB going into the 2019 season, which was basically an invitation to leave the program. You don’t think he might have done better in the Holiday Bowl?

Ask the players who have competed for playing time against Helton favorites like JT Daniels and Toa Lobendahn.

Ask Norv Turner, who couldn’t even get an interview for a job he was overqualified for: quarterbacks coach. Helton wanted to hire a former Western Kentucky player instead.

Ask Norm Chow, who left several messages to offer to help and didn’t want a job. He never even got a return phone call.

Ask the staffers who never received a card or gift at Christmas, which was something past USC coaches did.

40 thoughts on “Mr. Nice Guy?

      1. That’s exactly what I thought. He’s not competent to do those things or be those things. And he’s certainly not competent to coach at USC.


    1. Helton doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.
      The problem is the rest of us know what he doesn’t know….and that is what is frustrating.
      For Christ’s sake already, why can’t he hire a DC?
      What is taking so long?
      Everyday another team announces coaching hires, and its crickets at USC.
      Recruiting continues to suffer through all of this incompetency. Helton should have already had his guy teed up months ago, when he knew he was making a change.
      In any other job, this guy would have been fired and kicked to the street. He should be happy he doesn’t work on Wall Street or any other place where there is accountability.


  1. Martin was a LOUSY OC by any measurement – he brought Helton’s meddling and dismissal due to his birthing the 2/3rd’s front end of a 5 – 7 record. I agree about Chow – Helton is a coward.

    As to the rest well no one bats 1.000 but per Helton….he’s gone in 10 mos. time.

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      1. Hey amigo – once again – where did or do you teach in Harbor City? Eshelmann? ….Lomita Magnet? …..Normont? ….Harbor City? ……….Park Western? …..Fries? ….Hawaiian Ave.?

        Or ‘maybe real world’ you know that ‘truly a day in Hell’ Carson’s signature hellhole Broadacres…

        Maybe a player like you be at that place made by ‘satan’ himself…’Century Park’….don’t worry ‘ofay yer ‘words’ be safe with me


      2. Do you want my address too? With all due respect, it is kinda creepy that you are looking me up.

        I previously responded to your inquiry, so I won’t get into it again

        Have a nice day, sir.

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      3. Arturo,
        The way Helton has ran the team I would believe everything Martin had to say defending his side if he were to speak.
        Helton has not legs to stand on as a coach and is like the coach who plays his son no matter what yet he has no clue his son belongs on the sidelines.

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    1. I am so sorry for you that the writer simply pointing out consistently what deep crap and trouble the USC Football program is in is so irritating and hurtful for you. Did you ever consider his posts may be trying to prod you to take off your Cardinal and Gold-colored shades and DO SOMETHING however small or large to put some pressure on the administration and demand better? Did that ever cross your mind?

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      1. Mom, we are all here for the same reason. Maybe there is one out of a 100 readers in which Scottie is not preaching to the choir, but that would be about it And many of us have stopped making donations, have written to Bohn and Folt about the state of SC athletics, as well as the lack of leadership that allowed med school 1, med school 2, tyndall, lori loughlin/heinel, etc. to persist.

        So far it has done no good. Nada. Zilch. Much to our disappointment.

        All that said, nobody serves up leftovers like Scottie. Nobody.

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  2. That would explain why there is no discipline on the team. If the head coach conducts himself as a fraud the young men who watch you everyday will follow. You know just talk it without actually walking it.

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  3. Scott… this post my is what the Air Force calls “bouncing rubble.” It’s when you continue to drop bombs over the same target with no strategic value cause it’s already destroyed.

    While nothing you say is wrong, it’s been said over and over again. Believe me, we all get it. Time for a new angle of attack. Trojan fans are tired and apathetic enough already.

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    1. George, that Air Force term “bouncing rubble” could have been used to describe this year’s Oregon game…or the 2017 Notre Dame game…or the 2016 ‘Bama game, or…

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  4. If you can show me where you ‘replied’ I will definitely ‘stand down’ – you cited Narbonne and then said ‘elementary school’ so amigo ‘active’ or what? Come back now and BTW no one’s ‘stalking’ anyone…just like to see if the ‘beads connect i.e. Narbonne ain’t no grammar school.


    1. Hey commie
      If Art needs your stalking he’ll let you know. You used bourbons name yesterday. Was that cool? If you knew my name I bet you’d try to run me into the ground too. You really need to call PD on yourself & request a welfare check.

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      1. Ah look whose here – the closet racist….remember?

        December 30, 2019 at 4:06 pm
        One of the reasons why there are going to be fewer fannies in the seats is that none of those schools have many fans that want to travel to put their life in peril by visiting the area around the stadium. The absolute worst in the USA. Bar none. Just damn dangerous.
        There it is ‘en flgrante’ to you the typical ‘white bread limousine liberal’


      2. Commie
        You get the speaking in tongues award.
        Drunker than Sark award.
        Creepy Stalking award

        You’re in the Hall of Fame. Rejoice

        As for me, most sane people don’t go down there unless they have to. I don’t.

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    2. BTW
      You don’t have to stand down- I don’t care what you do with your free time. I’ve always shown you respect and even like your comments. If you checked the staff rosters for all of the public schools in Harbor City, again, whatever you do on your time, go for it.


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  5. Never forget those idiots had two players on the field with the same jersey number on the first play of the season. So we can only imagine how much preparation goes into USC game plans and practices. SMDH!

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    1. Megatron —Yeah, a lot of us were hoping that Helton’s “new emphasis on discipline and no penalties” would get us a little further than the first play of the first game. But the problem went deeper than the screw up itself. When Baxter was asked about it at practice the next week he acted way weirder than Callaway ever acted —saying shit like “I don’t know players by numbers, I know players by name” and “okay, I guess if you want, you can blame it on me.” He was so clearly burned out as Special Team Coordinator that a blind man could see it. Certainly, his players could see it —and they under performed ALL season long —putting both the offense and the defense in terrible positions in game after game (finally snuffing out the team’s will to win in the Oregon and Iowa games). The fact that Helton stood around with his mouth open and watched this miss unfold is pretty fucked up.


      1. Yo, Linkster, Mega:

        My wife coined an entirely NEW WORD many years ago which I find is quite pertient to your present discussion:

        “amblivious”–the act of being either ambivalent or oblivious or both.


  6. Hey cal66 go get your hand gun and boom boom big boy yeah you with you hand gun and but too afraid of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum…come on boyo let’s see it… can do it….


    1. Commie
      Don’t stop now. You just continue to prove that you are certifiable. Seek therapy.


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