Of Course USC Fans Think Graham Harrell Is Hot Candidate For Washington State

Since many people think the world revolves around USC, Graham Harrell is being mentioned by fans as a candidate at Washington State. So I will play along.

How would USC possibly survive replacing Harrell, who refused to run the football in Holiday Bowl; got shut down by Washington and Oregon and put up 3 points against Arizona State in the final three quarters?

Harrell is already a legend in some circles partly because Kedon Slovis passed for 515 yards against an atrocious UCLA defense. He also feasted on Cal’s insane decision to play man-to-man defense the week before the UCLA game.

Let me address something else he gets credit for: Slovis.

First off, everyone talks about Slovis being coached by Kurt Warner in high school, so it sounds like he deserves some credit.

Harrell defenders will also say the offense was hurt by the fact Matt Fink had to play in some games. Well, here’s what one former USC assistant coach says about that:

“Your backups prove how good a coach you really are,” he said. “They will tell you. It’s easy to coach the starters. They get all the reps.”

Also, let’s not forget Fink played because Harrell decided Jack Sears was the No. 4 QB. That was ridiculous and more about sending a message to Sears that he should leave. I bet he would have played better in the Holiday Bowl.

26 thoughts on “Of Course USC Fans Think Graham Harrell Is Hot Candidate For Washington State

  1. Unfortunately it seems as if we USC fans are so desperate for any positive influence on the football program that we now think of Graham Harrell as the program’s savior. You look at his body of work for the past season and I believe he’s overrated.

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  2. The weird thing is –even though Sears was not the right QB for USC’s offense this season —- he was just the kind of QB who would have given Iowa fits in the Holiday Bowl…

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      1. So True, 67.
        Solid route running. Baller skill sets. Great on jump balls.
        When the money was on the line, the WR made the plays VERY reliably to get the 3rd/4th down and move the sticks.

        As much as we can see, it appeared that their downfield blocking was strong.


  3. It was weird the way Wilcox planned Cal’s defense – he’d already ‘seen’ what WA ad OR did to shut down the passing game. IA did the same as the otyehr two schools did.

    Hire somebody capable to ‘counter’ Harrell assuming he’s his own genius.

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  4. Harrell is just a distraction…….he is a barely passable coach that would never have gone near a job at a blue blood program like USC in normal times. His offense is an band aid for a program that has not recruited linemen. It all boils down to the same old thing……mediocre…..for everything……we do have some outstanding talent but that will only be for another year or so……the recruiting is coming down to the level of the coaching.
    Unfortunately….it appears that this is what our BOT and Folt want. Since neither are going anywhere for decades….
    There is an old man at the University of Illinois that is in charge of dusting off five NC trophies for football. The last one many many decades ago. The ghosts of Red Grange (Reggie Bush of his day) and some day Dick Butkus hovers around the trophy case. Fast forward to 2040……that will
    be USC.

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  5. I’ll defend Harrell (to a point), as to my eye this was the first decent offense USC has put up in almost a decade. The Sarkiffin bubble screen game plan was painful to watch. And these were two “offensive geniuses?” If Sarkiffin have enjoyed a renaissance lately, it is because they were blessed to coach the best CFB talent in America vs weekly inferior talent. I am going to enjoy looking in on their programs now that they both are on the other side of the talent divide
    (if Sark goes to Miss St).

    The eye test usually lies to old Trojan fans who are accustomed to Charles and Marcus and Reggie and Lendale and Javorius running free all over the field. Despite what Mark Twain would have you believe, STATS don’t lie. S+P and FPI both have the Trojan O in 2019 in the top 9-13. Harrell was slow to advance to the running game when teams dropped 8 into coverage. It cost him the BYU game (though the defense quit halfway through the 3rd qtr). “From my 50 yard line seat, row 14, at the Holiday Bowl,” I watched the Iowa line manhandle the USC O-line. Harrell wanted to run, but it was obvious to everyone watching the line play that USC was overmatched.
    In 31 minutes, the USC O put up 300 yards and 24 points on Iowa–the #12 defense in America.

    Nevertheless, many on the site hate on Harrell, and you just may get your wish. A wise woman (my wife) is known to say, “be careful what you wish for, cuz ya’ just might get it!”

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    1. Agreed. Whatever his faults, without Harrell and his top 20 offense, USC will get their brains beaten out this year —commencing with the worst loss in USC history on September 5th……

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  6. How come you forgot to ADMIT you’re wrong about Steve Sarkissian to Mississippi State yesterday? Same old sources, eh Scotty?
    USC football sucks, the athletic program is pitiful but you know what beats all that, Scott? Your rumours and sources in your piggy bank.


    1. Global — I hear you. How does it make you feel when Harrell —for all his greenness and faults —stands head and shoulders over Clancy and Pendergast? Does it leave you with a little bit of a knot in your stomach?

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    2. Harrell and his offense will be “better” in 2020 (if he stays and if he has ongoing improvement in Drevno’s O-line). Correcting the “Calloway era” does not happen overnight. Big “ifs,” I will admit.

      Nevertheless, GC, if you wish to
      send him on to Wazzu, you obviously have a high paid and proven
      replacement OC who is chomping at the bit to join the USC
      circus at this late date in the hiring cycle. I don’t have the inside track to these hires as you have.

      Kinda’ reminds me of the circus surrounding poor Carson Palmer back in those days. He had something like 3 or 4 OC’s in his first 3 seasons (and a few HC’s also) and his talent just couldn’t come through as the scheme changed every Spring and Fall. Given stability, this offense will be top 10 in 2020 (if Drevno and the O-line bulk up, AJ spurns the NFL, etc).

      It’s a waste of my time, but I’ll repeat it again.
      Played against 6 top 18 defenses in its 13 games–and played very well against most of those defenses. FPI and S+P rated USC offense top 13 and top 9. On a team that was borderline comical at times, his offense was a ray of bright light.

      Is this a Pete Carroll/Norm Chow program?
      No. Not close. Won’t ever get close.
      You’ll get THAT chance again at the end of 2020. Don’t “f” it up this time.

      If Harrell bolts to Wazzu this month, your deepest nightmares will come true.


      1. I too like bourbon, so I’m just gonna chalk that one up to drinking and commenting. lol

        But seriously friend, it wasn’t consistency– When Hackett was here he was always really the OC , that was his specialty, his OCs were only good for bringing coffee. Hackett while not dumb by any means just could not put together an offense that worked for the college game. Carson didn’t succeed because he was around longer– he succeeded for the same reasons he got BYU a Heisman and a NC, and Leinart and did a terrific job in turning around Rivers and that NC State offense and how he utilized Reggie… He’s a genius OC. Sadly he wound up coaching the pistol under Rick Neuheisal and having a good run and getting the best out of Vince Young in the pros despite saying he wasn’t the guy for the offense and had some issues (we all know how right he was proven there). UH humiliated him for disciplining players, made HIM apologize. Sad, sad, sad.And to think HE OFFERED TO VOLUNTEER TO HELP HERE WITH CLAYTON. So did JR. SC is never a place good coaches aren’t attracted to. Chow came when SC was down as did PC. So yeah, have a sip for me.



  7. It’s just a matter of time, Wazzu will offer Harrell a contract. He’s young, dynamic and runs the Air Raid. And with the talent mix Wazzu has, it’s a natural fit. Tic tic toc tic toc… he’s gone.

    Then we have Gomer and Gomer and Gomer – awesome. And Folt and Bohn will have no idea what to do. The transfer portal will begin to fill soon. My guess is that Slovis [if he’s smart] will be the next guy in the transfer portal – especially if Harrell goes. He might head to Wazzu with Harrell.

    Meanwhile, the second signing day is about 3 weeks away. No DC. No STC. And soon no OC. If I were Bryant, I’d begin looking elsewhere… Pretty soon it’ll be Gomer all by himself in the locker room. With half the team gone, nothing more than 2 and 3 stars for Chucker JT to throw to.

    It’s all Folt’s fault, she’s decided to play social warrior, castrate Bohn, so he can’t do anything, and Trojan Football is paying the price. This is ugly now, and it’s gonna get uglier. How low… can USC go? Only Carol knows.


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  8. Folt, Bohn, and Helton are basically all the same. Money grabbing, line toeing, non-decision making puppets for the BOT. And I would go as far to say that Haden, and Swann, were also mindless zombies for the BOT. So it looks like the blame has always been with the BOT, and we have just been watching one fall guy after another take the blame. So the sad truth is that even if we get rid of our knuckle head coach, the BOT won’t allow us to higher a game changing coach, that refuses to be a puppet (Urban Meyer).


  9. Please Go!
    And take your shitty offensive scheme with you!
    National Championship’s are won with a balanced attack and a strong defense..
    USC Football is an embarrassment !!


    1. wb:
      I must surmise that you and Global and others have the National Championship Calibre OC waiting to sign a contract the instant GH moves on to Wazzu, and that HC CH is ready to sign the OC who would take his job from him at midseason.

      While I am anxiously awaiting the DC hire as this can materially improve the product on the field, I will casually await the new OC hire.
      A few names from you would be nice however.


  10. If Harrell leaves, then who replaces him and will he be hired before spring practice? Top programs already have coaches lined up ready to take over. In the old days, SC used to do this. Now, they just call Account Temps to hire a coach.

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