Former USC Defensive Lineman Declares For Draft

Oluwole Betiku, who played at Illinois this season, announced he is turning pro and skipping his senior season. He ranked 11th nationally in sacks per game.

Betiku had nine sacks, 13 tackles for loss and 37 tackles overall this season.

6 thoughts on “Former USC Defensive Lineman Declares For Draft

  1. He was recruited as a 5 Star Defensive end for USC. Actually was 3 years at USC b4 grad transferring to ILL. He sat out his last year due to a hip injury. Reading into his story, this may be a case where he wasn’t utilized and/or coached up.

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    1. Is it possible that the USC medical staff is not clearing players who Helton doesn’t like? It’s weird how many USC players go out for the WHOLE season under Helton…..

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  2. Great talent. Was passed over at USC and never got a chance to play more than 3 snaps a game. Watch for him in the NFL. He’s an elite talent. Helton’s issues run deep into not utilizing and developing his star players. We have had only two four or five star players go in the first round since Helton has been head coach. And two? in the second round. The statistics and facts don’t lie. Why would anyone want to come to USC under the current circumstances? These kids and their parents look long and hard at a program; its staff, its resources, and its INTEGRITY on supporting their kids the right way with a leader, disciplinarian, a coach and a teacher of young men. I daresay that is not Helton. Urban Meyer, yes. Clay Helton, no.

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    1. Agree. Another head-scratcher here is Connor Murphy. With his physical measurements, he should’ve been a difference maker as a DE or OLB. SC seems capable of tearing them down but can’t bring them back up as a best version of themselves.

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      1. No one wanted to play football for USC more than Daniel Imatorbhebhe –a superstar tight end and one of Sam Darnold’s favorite targets. Helton let him die on the vine.
        [For all of you who don’t know how government works —if the government WANTS to siphon public money into private hands, it simply appoints the WORST attorney in the office to defend the government from a $100,000,000 lawsuit. Nice way of paying off donors with OTHER people’s money. Applying a variation on this formula, is USC purposely throwing games by keeping Helton]??


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