USC Morning Buzz: Change In Joe Barry’s Status

I’m hearing that Rams assistant coach Joe Barry is upset he did not get the defensive coordinator’s job with the NFL team and now making a hard push for the USC job.

It’s sort of like Clancy Pendergast, who wanted a USC job only after he couldn’t get what he wanted in the NFL.

Meanwhile, did you see USC men’s volleyball lost to the New Jersey Institute of Technology? Is that “Fighting on to victory?”


40 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Change In Joe Barry’s Status

    1. Oh no! You have to stop, Mike. You’re making the rest of us look bad…
      [The computer graphics people at Disney Imagineering could SO easily change that face into Clay Helton’s]..

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      1. sorry, mike!!!! i’m … i’m tired of typing the same thing over and over and over, again about the helton era of usc football. yet, much of what we say here needs to be expressed. if we don’t, i feel like we’d be complicit in this … cult. so, … i don’t know, i just post gifs.

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      2. I would definitely take the “just” out of that sentence about the gifs. They are fucking hilarious, mike. [I’m sure President Folt and Mike Bohn look forward to seeing new ones each morning — “Oh, look, Mike! W.Texas captured what everybody’s thinking about us …again”…]…..

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      3. MG, I don’t interpret the gif as Clay Helton’s face getting swatted.

        The dude represents USC fans taking one right on the noggin after the “spike” (retention of Helton) from President Folt.



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      1. 67 —Mike is handling this situation the only way it can be handled….with humor.

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  1. no, wolf. nobody saw that the usc men’s volleyball team lost to the new jersey institute of technology. and, you know why? because we’re all too busy hounding the school president and athletic director over the sorry state of the the football program. so, if you wouldn’t mind, we’d like to get back to that now.

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    1. …and yet, Mike… it’s always enlightening to hear about how fucked up the ENTIRE sports program is, yes?

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    1. That’s the kind of enthusiasm that Clay demands of his coaches. LOL.
      One and done. Of course, Clay is the stabilizing force between any and all the coaching changes.

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    2. P. S.
      All Trojan fans should stop and ponder the following for a moment: We were all WRONG when we said that the new D. C. had to be someone who could take over after Helton got canned. Helton himself has made that impossible. The new D. C. will be a 2nd rater who couldn’t possibly take over the program. Helton is SO radioactive that he’s untouchable. His reputation for incompetence has, paradoxically, made him invulnerable.

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    3. He’s gotta be an upgrade. But what do u think about him being our DC Mike? Do you think we our just going with what’s convenient, and maybe not really looking at what else is out there?

      Wolf is in love with just talking Barry. He hasn’t mentioned anyone else yet other SC sites have candidates to look for potentially along Barry.

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  2. I wonder if the Ubermensch Helton will be a featured Speaker at this weeks AFCA convention….on the benefits of being a Con Man and how to bamboozle collegiate administrators for monetary gain.


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  3. As I think most recall Scott – it was you that was pushing very hard for Barry a mere 3 days ago. So what? The Rams won’t hire him – that franchise is slowly turning into what they were in the past. Blew all their money on, at best, an average QB (Goff) signed a bum running back rather than draft for one…dump one of the most proven coaching minds in Wade Phillips….Snead as GM and McVay as HC are both convinced the other is a genius and based on those moves above, Barry could do a whole lot worse than signing on with USC.


      1. Wolf doesn’t know what he prefers. He has to ask Petros or coaches in the Pac 12 what is their perspective so he can have a perspective. He’ll always be in hiding.


    1. Yes, 67 —And Bohn & Folt will continue to wonder each year why Helton’s status interferes with recruiting, staff hiring, team morale,etc., etc….

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      1. gt —
        …and they’ll be shouting it right up to the moment they look out the window and see a few thousand people heading their way with torches and pitchforks….

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  4. Volleyball lost to N.J.I.T. ? How can that be? The team wasn’t expecting the computer guys to put a physical threat? Was this revenge of the nerds?
    That’s nothing though, one our former mega boosters said team is South Hampton Institute of Technology. I read it here first but the story actually made to the mainstream media. So we’re changing our fight song title to “Fart on”
    Sing it if you dare;
    Fart on S.H.I.T.
    Our men fart on believe you me.
    Our Alma Mater dear
    Is away from this place here
    Fart on S.H. I.T.
    Fart on relief for me
    Fart on

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      1. I guess you’re right MG, sometimes my mind comes up with something silly and instead of thinking it through I post it. Looking back the whole Volleyball thing just got me going. I probably should be a little more tactful.
        Hurry up SC and hire a defensive coordinator so I something to complain about -right?

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      1. We probably shouldn’t lose to New Jersey. At least I haven’t done any research to know if they are a true opponent. But see that’s what the Wildman does. Finds any reason to speak I’ll against someone at USC.

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  5. Sometimes my mind comes up with something silly and instead of thinking it through I post it. at least I haven’t done any research to know if they are a true opponent. I think the chance that Helton continues on, year after year, is higher now with Folt and Bohn.


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