USC Night Notes

USC defeated UCLA, 74-63, at Pauley Pavilion. Nick Rakocevic scored 17 points. The Trojans dropped 5 of the previous 6 games to the Bruins.

  • For some extra background on USC booster/donor Brian Kennedy. He has donated millions to USC but did not attend any games at the Coliseum in 2019 because he was disillusioned with the football program and athletic dept.
  • Adoree Jackson caused four incomplete passes in the Titans’ victory over the Ravens.
  • Tweet of the day

25 thoughts on “USC Night Notes

    1. Michael, there was that qualifier that followed: “The Trojans dropped 5 of the previous 6 games to the Bruins.”

      That stat doesn’t really didn’t seem germane to tonight’s game, but you know Scottie.

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    1. Your ‘ruins are pure crap in B/B. Go stick your head in the crapper
      where it belongs along with Walton who is a complete moron.


      1. Thank God For the UCLA bruins. Really. USC needs them more than ever.

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      2. Michael, as far as the bruins go, and having them to kick in the rear, your hastag:


        Really nails it. Well done, sir.

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  1. Well, let’s see, Andyain’twinning is now a smooth all-time 46 – 65 vs Pac-12 competition.

    And if Andyain’twinning mugs UCLA just 31 more straight times, bozo bb will tie UCLA rivalry for all-time bb wins.

    As of today, the bozos are sizzling 2 – 7 (.222 WPct) vs UCLA in the last 9 games.

    ##HoF SUCCX former player prognostication: **** “The Ravens are about to blow the doors off Tennessee Titans.” ~ Reggie “Little Keyshuck” Bush


    1. Mule busy working the all nite deep fryer at Just Donuts, Cerritos. Mule trying oh so hard to stay relevant by invoking yesterdays news.


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    2. “If UCLA was treated like the other programs, they would have had to give up 8 national championships and be on probation for about 100 years”

      – Bill Walton

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    1. OK, Juanita. Clown U Men’s BB NC’s: OOOOOOOOOOOOOO forever!

      The bottom line Juanita, the best former bozo BB player is a woman.



      1. JO, don’t minimize. We have 5 former WBB players who ARE awesome.
        (the McGee twins, Cheryl, Lisa, and of course Coop). To this day, I still can not understand why Reggie (unlike his sister) didn’t come to the School of winners.

        USC was dominating title IX sporting before it was “cool” to dominate title IX sporting. And yes, I respect UCLA for ultimately following in our footsteps.


  2. Excellent article from Plaschke in this morning’s fish wrap.

    UCLA treating Jim Harrick very bad and still smarting over the false expense reports he submitted. Really?

    Kind of reminds me of USC’s treatment of Jrob. Wonder if was due to due to alleged ticket scheme back in early 80’s?

    Nevertheless, just shows you how petty these administration’s can be over 25 year’s later.

    Both of these coaches won National Championships and deserve recognition especially since they are alive and over 80 years of age.

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    1. Petty, yes. Definitely. But both administrations are also running scared. UCLA: “Best to pretend Harrick never worked here! We’ve got SO much more integrity now!”
      [BTW, can’t you just hear President Folt discussing hiring Urban Meyer?: “But I’ll be criticized!”]….

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      1. Great point Mike. Sadly, the “integrity” obsessed USC and ruin educrats are interchangeable now. The ruins destroyed their men’s basketball program. And now USC is doing the same to the football program.

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