Clemson Has USC Connections Too

LSU isn’t the only team with USC ties.

Clemson offensive lineman Trymayne Anchrum is the son of former USC basketball player of the same name.

Now here is something for USC coaches: Anchrum was a three-star offensive guard and ranked the No. 73 player in the state of Georgia. And yet, Anchrum was a first-team All-ACC and second-team All-ACC in 2018.

Imagine that? A player who developed during his college career.

The Tigers also have wide receiver Amari Rodgers, who is the son of former USC assistant coach Tee Martin. Rodgers committed to USC and then changed his mind.

14 thoughts on “Clemson Has USC Connections Too

  1. i fear a clemson win tonight because i think the only thing clay helton would take away from it all is that he, too, should now adopt the hotel ballroom ‘practice’ model. hey, is this mic on? alright, fine. i’m just gonna get back to work now.

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  2. This time for SC is like watching hyenas rip off bits to eat from a wounded lion that won’t fight back because he’s lost his will to live.

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    1. Hey guys! Coach O was sunk cuz the USC offense could NOT score against it’s 2 rivals, Notre Dame and UCLA. As a matter of fact, Notre Dame was without it’s quarterback and completely toothless on offense….but USC could not take advantage.
      Big Question: What was the NAME of the worthless piece of shit Offensive Coordinator who sunk Coach O’s chances???

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      1. USC found the perfect guy to preside over the de-emphasis of Trojan football. Helton has stunk up every QB he’s worked with — seriously — they’ve all regressed. He’s also sunk the careers of every coach he’s worked with. His reward? He’s USC’s Head Coach In Perpetuity……

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      2. i remember that, mike. i totally held those loses against orgeron. irish couldn’t move the football a goddamned foot in the second half. and it pissed me off sc couldn’t capitalize. i didn’t care what he did against cardinal, it was the pathetic performances against irish and b-ruin that sunk him with me. (not to mention his ole miss record.) … of course, i expected sc would finally go out and conduct a serious coaching search for, you know, the school’s most prestigious asset.

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      3. Coach O was sunk becuase he was not a kiss ass elitist, fucked up snob like Haden. Mr. Rhodes scholar, Riordan asshole buddy, and Notre Dame commentator. What an incredible POS.

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      4. Good stuff, Mike.
        [Thanks for the Redd Fox post elsewhere. It’s fun to think of all the trouble Redd could get into on tv today].


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