Morning Buzz: National Title Game Highlights USC’s Awfulness

How did we get to a point where LSU playing in the national title game highlights multiple USC shortcomings?

One reason is because Ed Orgeron is aware of and highlighting the shameful way USC treats people.


  • John Robinson was let go by Lynn Swann last spring and told he would need to pay for his season tickets.
  • Brian Kennedy was banished by Pat Haden for pushing Orgeron to get the head-coaching job and treated poorly by Lynn Swann for not offering a blank check book at all times.
  • Kenechi Udeze was fired by Clay Helton in large part because he didn’t curry favor with Clancy Pendergast and was a selective scapegoat 13 months ago. You can argue about whether he was a great coach but was he any worse than John Baxter, who kept his job a year ago?
  • Then there is Orgeron himself. Haden, an elitist, didn’t like his blue-collar persona and got rid of him for Steve Sarkisian. It wasn’t unreasonable for an athletic director to want to hire someone with head-coaching experience. But Sarkisian? He was on the verge of getting fired at Washington when USC rescued him.

Whatever happens tonight, remember all these people were committed to helping USC for many years and given a cold sendoff.

  • USC women’s basketball dropped to 0-5 in the Pacific-12 Conference after losing to Utah on Sunday.

Why was Mark Trakh brought back for a second stint? The quick answer is money. USC didn’t even want to pay what Washington offered Jody (Anton) Wynn and she is a former Trojans player.

Mike Bohn needs to address this too as soon as he finishes ignoring football.

40 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: National Title Game Highlights USC’s Awfulness

  1. 2 Thoughts:
    1. There has to be a better picture of John Robinson.
    2. Udeze was a garbage D-Line coach. Let’s be honest.


    1. He wasn’t garbage.
      His DLine led College Football in Sacks. We got our a** handed to us by the Bruin run game. But Clancy never once showed any kind of useful impact that he made while leading the defense. BKU wanted to be down on the sidelines also and Clancy didn’t let him work the way he needed. Just another case of self indicted wounds that Helto and Pendergast led.


  2. It must be time for me to move on. I’m starting to think like Wolf. My thoughts while reading the paper this morning were; “With Tollner, Smith and Hacket, we didn’t ship people off because they didn’t like the coaches.” The list this morning is just the tip of iceberg.
    I grew up in an SC family. My parents both attended school there and my siblings all attended games. I even took the field with the band. My kids both followed me to Trojan games because of my love of all things Trojan. But now I’m the last holdout. My son doesn’t even watch on TV, my daughter walks out when the team starts tanking. My wife politely reads a book while I fume and FUSD over the stupid way we are playing. And the goodwill stores are turning Trojan jerseys into rags selling them by the pound because they don’t sell well.
    All of this because of short sighted Pat. He must wake up and wonder “what have I done?”

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    1. I hear you brother. Often, my youngest gets so upset watching the games that he has to leave the room. My wife will come in and say “Another lousy year? Didn’t they fire the coach with the ‘Dear in the Headlights’ look on his face?”

      And the answers are:

      “Yes” to “another lousy year”


      “No” to “Didn’t they fire the coach with the ‘Dear in the Headlights’ look on his face?”

      And then she delivers the coup de grace:

      “You know you’ll just be upset after the game. Let’a all go to the movies”

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      1. You know what’s coming with Gomer,
        games that should be walk over’s aren’t,
        he’ll get blown away by teams that play big boy football,
        they’ll have the usual blowouts against inferior teams and the rah rah’s will say “see, we’re on the right track “,
        he’ll say that winning the PAC 12 South is the goal,
        just wait until November,
        he’ll have to watch the tape,
        he’ll golly shucks his way through interviews,
        say it is all in God’s hands,
        play favorites,
        have a shit coaching staff
        have shit recruiting classes
        but he’s got integrity
        it’s not worth watching or getting upset over and the sad part, it’s going to be like this for years to come

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      2. BK, sadly, I think you nailed it.

        The hardest part is where you note “Years to come”. Which will be the case unless the donations really, really stop.

        Assuming Caruso runs for mayor, he will have to give up his spot on the BOT. Maybe, just maybe, a clear thinker who has an appreciation for the history of the university will take over.

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      3. SC’s troubles run deeper than just Caruso, the BOT is full of ankle grabbing libs, the AD is a yes man, it’s just a shit show, or dogshit if you prefer

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      4. 67 — We ALL need to do our homework and find out what movies are scheduled for release in September (especially the weekend of September 5th)….

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      5. Same at my house T67.

        My youngest bleeds USC – all of my kids do, even the ones that went to U of A, one is still there. They’re Trojans, and they grew up watching Pete and the Trojans run roughshod over the CFB landscape.

        Your wife’s assessment of Gomer is spot on – worse than Bambi he is!

        All I can say is Fight on and keep the faith brother.

        Hit’em where it hurts – their wallet. I’m out of C&G, and said no to season tix and any sort of giving. Told them to leave me alone until they decide to run USC responsibility and in the best interest of the students and alumni.


    2. I can assure you of two things, Truman:
      (1) Pat Haden is NOT going to have one of those noble Alec Guinness moments at the end of the Bridge Over the River Kwai, where he looks to the sky and cries out “what have I done?!” [Pat is just praying that NOBODY figures out what he’s done].
      (2) Bohn and Helton are NOT looking for a “transformational” Defensive Coordinator to save the day. [If they were, they wouldn’t be interviewing and re-interviewing Barry].

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      1. gt –Do you think we’re giving Helton too much credit by comparing him with Col. Nicholson? Isn’t he maybe more like Joyce —the volunteer who refuses to use a gun or knife and gets everybody around him killed?

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      1. That’s why he’s disappeared since then. Oh, he ripped off some scholarship money before he eventually ran off.

        I’ve come to realize that USC has been f*cked over by their own people more than anything. Former greats that are lazy with power and put band aids on the most important issues that needed much more. It’s truely sad.


  3. What’s funny is that USC isn’t willing to pay coaches for the “minor” sports but handed out an extension to a coach that wasn’t in demand and is awful to boot.

    Aside from the women’s soccer hire, I can’t name a coach that Haden or Swann hired that is a worth a shit

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    1. Hey you dumb shit . Keep your conservative views out of this site.
      Your karma is worthless. Beach volleyball was a good hire, but forced
      out. Soccer coach had the one special year, but loses to the ‘ruins
      every season.


  4. The Sarkisian hire was a bad one. Haden must have drank with him as his alcohol issue became well known with Washington alumni and ex players. Thats why they hired a guy like Petersen to coach the program. No discipline you didnt play. Think Helton would kick Marcus Peters off the team like Petersen did.

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    1. Haden was the only person who didn’t know that Sark was a philandering pill popping drunk, yet the elitist bastard wouldn’t keep Orgeron.

      Petersen wasn’t hired because he wanted more control than USC was willing to give, which is why Gomer is still there, he does what he’s told and doesn’t say anything except ” OK coach Folt, OK coach Bohn “.

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      1. It’s clear that USC isn’t looking for quality coaching. How do you explain inserting a $150,000 buyout clause into Kingsbury’s contract other than we aren’t serious…

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    1. “For in much wisdom is much grief. And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.” You may find it here: Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verse 18…..I recommend the entire chapter…it’s only 18 verses, of which I show the final….it’s entitled: “the Vanity of Life”…it will help your in spirit.


      1. In fact, try and remember the entire book of Ecclesiastes, as you go….I find it nearly impossible, but, with the one true God, it’s possible, as are all things….


    1. Admittedly, it’s a little early (since 2019 season isn’t officially over). But congrats to Sporting News—- a smart, safe choice.
      [I’d feel more confident if we had a Defensive Coordinator …and knew who his or her assistants were…. and a Special Teams Coordinator….and knew whether J. T. would ever walk again……. but, all in all, Sporting News has shown deep wisdom on this one]……

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      1. gt —It’s a little known fact that “Clemson” is just code for “USC” in Sporting


      2. P. S.
        Helton has just put out a statement: “It only LOOKS like USC has been totally ignored in the latest top 25 list….in actuality we are there…at #1 [but under a different name]…..”


      3. The embarrassment just seems normal I guess because we’re not in the top 25 which is just sad as f*ck but it feels right with our team and the the trajectory it’s been on.


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