Mike Bohn Enjoyed Quiet Night At Pauley

Just as predicted, Mike Bohn was at Pauley Pavilion on Saturday night. He got to speak to Bill Walton, watch USC beat UCLA and congratulate Andy Enfield.

And, more importantly, he did it without any hecklers. The only floor level seats for USC at Pauley are for boosters, family, friends of the program. The students and average fans get to sit in the upper deck.

Now, after many reasons (moving from Cincinnati, family engagements), Bohn should be at the Galen Center on Thursday when USC plays Cal.

That could provide one-or-two interesting moments.

P.S. I didn’t notice Max Nikias at Pauley Pavilion like last season.

23 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Enjoyed Quiet Night At Pauley

  1. There’s no reason to bug Mike Bohn at a basketball game. It will just give your blood pressure meds a run for your money. If really cared about the opinion of paying guests Helton would be unemployed and a real staff would be in place.
    It has the same effect as holding up a John 3:16 sign- people see it, they know what it means, but nothing happens.

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    1. Of course we would, but I doubt he’s gonna’ be available.
      Also, seems Ken Norton Jr is now a career NFL lifer. Doubt he would benefit by a return to NCAAF–unless he aspires to be a HC,

      Nevertheless, I share the dream.

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      1. I recall an interview several years ago Ken Norton Jr., in which it seemed very clearly he loved teaching the players. Perhaps that would bring him back to NCAA? And given his enthusiasm and his high expectations of the players, I think he probably would be a really good HC.

        We can always hope. Though after 10 plus years of the same ole, same ole, hope runs thin nowadays.

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    2. We would take him as our new Head Coach.
      He would swoop in eventually with outperforming Clay Helton and then security would have to escort Helton off the campus after trying to beg with his final punch with “god” references at the wrong time one last time in an interview that reporters didn’t want to attend.

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    3. I would love that hire but there isn’t much of a chance of that occurring. Claydough would never hire anyone with Norton’s resume and experience. Claydough will more likely hire a really old non-threatening defensive coordinator or a young inexperienced coach….. 😦

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      1. I don’t see that either. There’s no way he would work under Helton unless he was told he would be replacing him soon or later

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  2. I didn’t comment on the John Robinson knows the Air Raid post so:
    I don’t think that it is bad to spread out the opposing defense and to let them try and stop four talented Trojan wideouts where mismatches will be everywhere on the field. I also think that you could run the ball more out of these formations and be successful. What I am not sure of is whether it is or was best suited for a defense- a unit that might go two deep, but was led by a coordinator who refused to play or develop backups ( except through attrition) – that had trouble getting off the field and faded during the second half of games (they looked gassed during most games).

    Is it me, or is the solution this obvious: run your 4wideout spread, but get into huddles or just run down the clock to give a defense extra rest. The mismatches will still be on the field, the 50/50 balls will still favor Trojan wideouts, Here’s a novelty, get under center.

    Mixing new creative ideas with proven, old- school ones would work.

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    1. Not to cast shade, but did Coach Orgeron take the DC job at LSU knowing that the Tigers were tiring of “the Mad Hatter” and his inability to win big games?

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      1. I doubt it, Bourbon. I think it was more a case of Ed being in the right place at the right time. I think this is one of those rare cases of the man and the moment coming together….

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  3. Enfield’s teams are just like Helton’s – no discipline and a lack of basic skills taught to the players. This SC team is a bunch of ballers thrown together and each game is completely different because there is no plan and no real training.

    Bohn needs to earn his salary and get rid of some of these coaches. Has anyone been fired in Heritage Hall?

    Why dont they clean out the mess?


  4. gametv is spot on. A bunch of ballers, no coordinated scheme, just come down the court and play as if it’s a pick-up game. That said, when do these kids learn fundamentals? Doesn’t seem like ever and D-1 Basketball is not where a good player learns fundamentals for the first time.


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