LSU-Clemson Chat

Clemson isn’t done yet. It’s nice to watch two teams so much better than USC.

Joe Burrow is doing it all. He throws and runs for more than 320 yards in two quarters and LSU leads 28-17 at halftime.

LSU takes the lead, 21-17. Nice job of the Pac-12 refs to not see the guy touch out of bounds.

Clemson is off to a flying start with a 17-7 lead. LSU has not trailed by double digits all season. But Joe Burrow brings the Tigers back with a TD and it’s 17-14.

I am picking LSU to beat Clemson 38-37. Here’s a place for you to make a prediction or comment on the game.

I hear USC mega-donor Wayne Hughes is also at the game

45 thoughts on “LSU-Clemson Chat

  1. If Orgeron called Brian Kennedy every morning at 6AM, as has been reported, to bond with him, I’d be curious to know how he bonded with Hughes.

    BTW, who is Helton’s football alum/booster/trustee buddy that he leans on? You know, the guy to learn about USC’s tradition and how things go?



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    1. Wayne Hughes is founder of Public Storage and 86.

      Let him spend his money and enjoy himself.

      Another non-value added comment from a jealous Wolf!!


  2. Marvienna,

    Based on un-named, reliable sources, it’s been reported that Gomer has bonded with non-USC alum Pee Wee Herman. Gomer uses Pee Wee as inspiration for his overall coaching strategy, game prep, brown-nosing, player selection and development and his locker room demeanor.

    It’s working so far. Though Gomer has yet to be arrested fondling himself at a porno theater.

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    1. Pee Wee Herman has too much class to hang out with Gomer.


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    2. Did you ever hear of Ostarine?

      Me neither

      But Brandon Galloway served 1 yr suspension for testing positive.

      Imagine if that was a Trojan ?


    1. Yes, Alv —- at least at this point —if you’re going by the look in their eyes — Lawrence has it all over Burrows. Burrows keeps tugging at his face guard like’s he the lost Max Wittick. Hopefully he gets his head in the game real soon.


  3. Watching this game negates the thought that quick offensive play makes it hard on the defense. I had forgotten how quick football can be, but watching two championship caliber teams play is fun.

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      1. The whole world gets to see Pac 12 officiating …

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      2. Total bullshit call by the refs on the interference with catch —costs LSU again. The call was so bad that ESPN didn’t even show a replay.

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  4. Bohn, Helton, and Holt are all about winning National Championships? Whatever…If you’re watching this game–objectively–or painfully–you know that it’s NEVER going to happen under these 3 Bozos…and nothing could be more painful for the diehard Trojan fans than seeing former Trojans involved in this……How disgusting..Be honest, .either of these teams would have already made the wimpy Trojans quit…Harrell Air Raid–ugh– or not—truly disgusting!

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  5. Sabin is quite astute at halftime. He will slice and dice Clay like one of the info commercials. He will back off after they score 56. Bohn, you fucking own it.

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  6. If we’re being open minded, no one can say the PAC12 refs have had a bad game. They’ve actually been pretty good compared to what I saw in conference this year. There haven’t been 14 holding penalties called like is the norm in conference.

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    1. No…you gotta give ’em that. No holding. All new crap —weird offensive pass interference calls, a nutty interference with catch call, kooky face mask call. Finally ESPN just had to say that the PAC 12 “just has a different way of looking at things that isn’t necessarily consistent with the other conferences”…

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  7. Congratulations to Coach Orgeron.

    Great move Haden, great choice: Gomer over a National Championship calibre coach.

    Before that a rummy, and now a dummy.

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  8. Coach O was much too hick to be the HFBC of the Clown U FB program.

    However, Coach O wasn’t too hick to win the 2020 CFB NC for LSU.

    #Fireballs on the house, courtesy of St. Pat.

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  9. LSU looked like what USC could be. LSU has the best receiver corp in the nation and USC could be second. But LSU is disciplined and competitive and physical. USC is soft and has zero discipline, as it acts like its coach. Slovis could become an incredible player in the coming years.

    SC will never get there with Helton as coach because he is too soft and is OK with losing. A national championship team can never have a Gomer as head coach.

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  10. JOE BURROW MAKES coachORGERON take Joe Burrow OFF the Team and Orgeronlooks likecSHII burrow makes any coach look Great…..


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