LSU National Champs Thoughts

Five former USC coaches just won a national title and a ring (Ed Orgeron, John Robinson, Kenechi Udeze, Tommie Robinson, James Cregg).

They all left or were fired from USC. Meanwhile, USC continues to have Clay Helton to ensure mediocrity.

What is Pat Haden thinking tonight? Someone needs to send a search party to find him?

But don’t forget J.K. McKay, Mark Jackson and Steve Lopes also were part of the group that hired Steve Sakisian over Orgeron and others.

This is a total fail for USC.

And I would bet anything that tonight or tomorrow Orgeron spends at least one minute reflecting on what he thinks of Haden and what recruits he take away from USC in Southern California.

Meanwhile, are you surprised Reggie Bush did not make the top 11 College Football Player list?

Here is who made it:

1-Jim Brown

2-Herschel Walker

3-Bo Jackson

4-Archie Griffin

5-Jim Thorpe

6-Red Grange

7-Earl Campbell

8-Dick Butkus

9-Barry Sanders

10-Gale Sayers

11-Roger Staubach

30 thoughts on “LSU National Champs Thoughts

  1. Who cares if LSU won the national championship, they’re the enemy and have come into Cali and stolen top recruits. No, not Geaux Tigers, Neaux Tigers.

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    1. Who cares? A bunch of crybabies who still want to whine about something that happened 6 years ago obviously care. A day doesn’t go by without someone crying like a little girl about it. Mental midgets can’t move on with their lives. They probably still moan about their glory days in high school or how they could have had the Homecoming Queen. LOL

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  2. “Meanwhile, USC continues to have Clay Helton to ensure mediocrity.”

    Taking top 5 talent and going .500 the last 2 years is not medicore. It is abject failure.

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  3. Congrats to coach O! The USC football program and administration deserve every bit of this embarrassment. Maybe they will finally start taking the fans thoughts and observations into consideration? Yeah right who am i kidding those bozos will continue to be as clueless as ever. A clueless head coach chosen to lead by clueless administration. I see Saban was there scouting his top competition for next season. I wonder where clueless Clay was? most likely far away from recruits and far away from scouting what successful programs do to get to that elite level.

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    1. The large number of Helton defenders has dwindled to only a few —but there are still SOME who come here announcing Helton critics don’t know what they’re talking about. Tonight kinda proves that USC’s administration made a serious mistake in putting Helton in charge….and they are too proud (and/or dumb) to admit it…..

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      1. “SOME who come here announcing Helton critics don’t know what they’re talking about.”

        Well, those few are now relegated to the inpatient psychiatric ward at ucla-harbor hospital.

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  4. What a joy it is to watch 2 well coached college teams. The way USC’s program is headed it’s hard to have any confidence that we will get to a championship game anytime soon. It’s an absolute disgrace what Helto has done to this football program.

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    1. The morons don’t get it! He was 10-35 during his 3 years at Ole Miss, with only 2 of those wins coming against teams with a winning record. Simpletons want to believe that he would’ve been just as successful at USC. It may have been being overlooked for the job that lit a fire in him. It could have been the fact he LOVES Louisiana. We’ll never really know. But fools like to ASSume. People with a brain are merely very happy for him!


      1. He may have been 10-35 at Ole Miss which is not a Blue Blood program BUT he was part of THREE teams that played for the National Championship at USC. LSU proves if given the proper support, he can win. Damn, 5 of the LSU Coaches were from USC! John Robinson even won a National Championship at USC. So glad to see all of them get Rings even if it’s at LSU.


  5. Tom McNamara… the vast majority of this blog wanted to keep coach Orgeron. WE DID NOT WANT SARK. So your point is mute because you do not understand the chain of events for REAL USC Footbal fans. Seeing that the majority did not want Sark how do you think we felt when he got the job? we felt unheard. How do you think we felt after Sark was a disaster we all saw coming? we felt disrespected. How do you think we feel now that they will not fire Helton after 2 bad seasons and literally the worst USC recruiting class ever? PISSED! If you want to defend gomer that is your prerogative but please do not undermine our football acumen especially when it comes to the USC Football Trojans. Nobody on the thread said they picked Helton over Orgeron we all know how Helton got the job but we also just watched a man who bleeds cardinal and gold and who we wanted to lead our program win a chip with another program and kicked the butt of Alabama and Clemson to do it. Also, he used USC assistants that gomer through under the bus.

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  6. O.J. Simpson was the equal to Herschel Walker only that he played just two years out of J.C. Sayers, Butkus, and Grange were all Da Bears in
    the NFL.


  7. One cannot lose what one never had. Stealing means to take another’s possessions.
    sc has chosen to no longer develop players to be top caliber athletes as evidenced in retaining a low quality head coach…so be it, and forget dominating in recruiting as in the past.
    Congrats to a real fine coach, Ed O.
    That was a close game, and would have been closer if Pac12 dummies were not the refs…aka…the offensive pass interference on the Clemson TD pass in 4th qrtr, and Clemson losing their defensive leader on a dubious ejection for so called targeting.
    I thought LSU would win a close one and deserved this win…Clemson has a great program as evidenced in this game.

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    1. That was a flagrant target by the backer from Clemson. LSU was the better team for four quarters. The LSU threw the QB off his game in the fourth quarter. Coach O hired the best coaches.

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  8. The difference between coach “O” and Helton is attitude. Helton simply doesn’t have it,
    and until the current administration realizes this we will never have a top flight
    winning football team. Sad, but true. I have been a fan since 1958, and I have never seen such a mess. For the life of me I can not understand why the administration seems to
    think that winning and integrity are mutually exclusive. What a mess.

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  9. This morning the paper isn’t about LSU winning the national championship the headline says Orgeron won the national championship. I’ll steal a post from another blog. “4 years at LSU Orgeron has a national championship. 4 years at USC Helton’s made a national laughing stock.

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  10. Guys let’s be positive here. Look at the bright future we have in store.

    We got:

    HC from Western Kentucky
    OC from North Texas
    No DC
    Lots of three star recruits
    Pres and AD that could careless
    New stadium renovations with a press box that blocks views from certain seats

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  11. Stewart Mandel released his preseason Top 20 for 2020. USC is 14th.

    14. USC (8-5)
    The Trojans should contend for the Pac-12 title. Standout freshman QB Kedon Slovis gets back WRs Amon-Ra St. Brown and Drake London and adds five-star Bru McCoy (a redshirt) and four-star Gary Bryant Jr. All the running backs return. Whoever Clay Helton hires to revamp USC’s disappointing defense inherits promising talent like DE Drake Jackson, LB Palaie Gaoteote and S Talanoa Hufanga.

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    1. Not sure how a team expected to lose 5 games is ranked 14th.

      Just imagine what a first-rate HC and staff could do with the current talent level.

      I would expect 11-2, and a top 10 ranking.


  12. I don’t know why Barry Sanders or Earl Campbell are on the list. yes, they won Heismans. But there are guys that are All American that won college championships that are more that should be on the list. Who comprised this list anyways? Ronnie Lott should have been on the list. I notice that there were no linemen or receivers’s, or db’s, on the list.

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  13. I watched that spread offense of LSU blasting through Clemson and thought, Wow, that could be USC. We have the second best receiver corp in the country and Slovis is going to get real good over the next 2 years. So what are we missing? The coaching.

    The version of the spread offense that USC runs is too simplistic. It doesnt use the tight ends. It doesnt effectively use the running backs. The offensive line has not been taught to run block. The SC QB doesnt run. In any given game the SC offense can be stopped by an effective opponent.

    But the core problem is the attitude of the players. Orgeron and LSU players are hungry for the win. They are playing at max speed and giving 100%. SC players are part of a soft program that doesnt really challenge anyone to be great. Mediocre is fine. Certain players hold themselves to higher standards, but the program as a whole does not.

    The problems at USC football permeate the whole athletics program. USC basketball looks like the mirror image of USC football, with a complete lack of any discipline and an inability to compete against opponents that present a different challenge. Both programs are talented but fragile, and will never win national championships.

    When do we get some changes to HH and the programs? Where is Bohn?


    1. Finally – someone saw what I saw, which was a title being won with a spread where they occasionally ran/qb ran/passed to TE. But mostly it was 5 wide, QB in the gun. How does this differ from a pure Air Raid? For USC the DL/OL is where the work needs to be done. Our guys can coach themselves if they’re big enough and strong enough. They can win despite Helton. The offense should light it up. I hate Helton but I’m trying to use what I saw last night to project what *could* be next season.


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