USC Morning Video: Mike Bohn Speaks To Boosters

Did anyone listening to Mike Bohn last night buy whatever he was selling? Probably. There’s always someone.

I don’t get what he is saying about the Coliseum. He went to one game (UCLA) in a half-empty stadium. Worse, this was during the LSU-Clemson game.

Did anyone ask about Clay Helton?

FYI: This was at Rolling Hills Country Club for the Trojan Golf Classic, which raises money for the golf program.

27 thoughts on “USC Morning Video: Mike Bohn Speaks To Boosters

    1. Luckily, I do have a copy of Bohn’s remarks, kenwible:
      “We are gathered here tonight to celebrate! As our integrified Coach has promised —we are going from “Good” to “Great” in 2020! How you might ask? The answer is simple — we just continue moving like molasses in our search for a DC. The message this send to recruits is: “All the other bad schools were precipitous in filling coaching vacancies. USC has too much integrity to do that!” Our plan is to re-interview Joey Barry another dozen times, do an FBI check on his background and hire him as soon as it’s too late to use the hire for recruiting purposes. But that’s only half of what will make us great. The other half is WISHING. Remember how, in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…. when the car would get stuck and wasn’t going anywhere…..and it just grew wings and flew? Clay promised me that he’s working on a wrinkle to that approach for USC’s Air Raid this season. …..”

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      1. Mike — I watched plenty of Davy Crockett episodes when I was kid and he was always saying stuff like “why you rantakerous hoss-fly –you didn’t tell me I was gonna have to speechify!”

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    2. Oh, shit! I just watched the video! Bohn is going through the motions. They’ve killed this guy already. This isn’t the same man who they introduced to us a little while ago. Like all attorneys I’ve had to give closing arguments in loser cases —you listen to your own voice and you can hear how hallow you sound. You can’t fake sincerity. Poor Bohn —he sounds like he knows the whole thing is a big fucking disaster and he’s stuck with it.

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      1. He was either groveling or too many drinks. Or both. I vote on both. In either case, no body was listening from what I could see. Sad-sad.

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      2. kenwible –I don’t know if it was sad or funny to see that little enthusiasm [from the few attendees —but also from Bohn himself]. This is SO much worse than any of us thought (we all owe a debt of thanks to the guy who took the video). Bohn looked like one of the generals stuck in the Berlin bunker at the end of World War Two.

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  1. Behind their smiles you just have to know that Bohn and Helton were hoping that LSU would start every series the way they started the first three series —on the 9 yard line. It would take the bright lights off Helton’s humiliating loss to Iowa if our former [and coulda been present] coach had blown the Championship. But –instead —Coach O just shined the lights on Helton’s inadequacies even more brightly. Our guys aren’t tough enough to come back and play spectacularly after going down with early injuries. It’s not that their “spirits aren’t willing.” They haven’t been conditioned for it. Our guys lose their focus and wind up getting overwhelmed by first rate teams and edged by mediocre ones. LSU went through Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma and Clemson.
    Lesson? A tough Swamp Fox will beat a pretend Holy Man every fricking time.

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    1. Well stated Michael , what an embarrassment of a program we have right now. Coach O was all about USC . He wanted the job and was lied to by incompetent AD. And now we battle for sorry Pac12 South division and Coach beats national contenders on a weekly basis in an elite football conference . Anybody that believes in this administration and head coach clearly accepts being 5-7 or 8-5 .

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      1. PJM —
        Here’s Bohn’s response: “Coach O did well —but USC did well, too! And this year looks brighter than ever!”

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      2. That’s right, karma ….. and Bohn knows ALL about integrity…..

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  2. Fuk you bonerino!!! Really high tide rises all boats!!!! Wtf is that bullshit…what a pile of DOGSHIT!!! #briankennedyspeaksfortherealfans. Is it true they gave a signed portrait of Carol folt last night ?????

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    1. pt —I think they will be forced —at some point —to try to change course. But you know what? I really think they are SO clueless that they’ll make all the same mistakes all over again. This ‘leadership team’ doesn’t have what it takes.
      I wanna get serious for a change. I’ve seen great fakers and frauds up close — top business and public officials. This is what I’ve learned —no matter how ugly the criticism they keep their cool and fly above the storm. One prominent public official even told me that in so many words — don’t land the plane in the middle of a brutal battle, fly above it. Carol Folt immediately went from “hello, and who are you?” to “don’t be a jerk!” when she was challenged a little tiny bit by a concerned booster. What does that tell me? She’s an amateur. And she’ll fuck up or sidestep every big decision that lands on her desk.

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    2. No they won’t. SJW’s Opie, Spielberg and the other Hollyweirdos and Silicon Valley Robber Barons will step up and make up for the losses in football and pay off the $315 million Haden’s Folly.

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      1. gt — What these fakes don’t realize is their show is gonna fall of it’s own weight at some point….


  3. I don’t feel bad for Bohn….the dumbass had one thing to do right, fire Gomer and he did not do it. Now he has to live with the storm that he created along with Folt. I won’t be at any games until they make a change and bring in a true leader of young men a not a fu.ken fraud in Helton. This once proud program has become a national joke on the field, recruiting and everything else that relates to football. And let’s not get into the admission scandal. Imagine 2 or 3 years down the road if Gomer is retained. Maybe 10000 fans at the coliseum including the band and a bunch of 2 and 3 star recruits and losing to UC Davis. If the clown only wins 5 wins with elite recruits, how many wins will he produce with 2 and 3 star athletes? 2 or perhaps 3? Anybody with common sense would have fired the clown.


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