USC’s Biggest Donor Ever . . . Goes To LSU Game

Wayne Hughes, the biggest donor in USC history ($400-450 million), sat next to another major donor, Brian Kennedy, in an LSU suite at the Superdome last night.

Getting Hughes to come to the game was another masterclass move by Ed Orgeron. I hear Hughes also brought his usual companion, former USC football player Al Cowlings.

Imagine the two most prominent USC athletic donors sitting at an LSU game, watching five former USC coaches on the sideline.

Kennedy, who is in the news after calling the football program “dogshit” has not even met Mike Bohn since Bohn was named athletic director. Kennedy did attend a USC basketball game in November which Bohn also attended, but the pair never met.

11 thoughts on “USC’s Biggest Donor Ever . . . Goes To LSU Game

    1. Kenwible,
      It’s possible. With Haden, his daughter and Sister in law as board members sucking money out of a Foundation….let your imagination expand and consider 53 Trustees at USC filling their pockets as well…it adds up!!!


      1. Haden kicked us in the balls when he hired Helton and then took our wallet after we fell to the ground when he walked with the money from the foundation. He’s not from my era but, I didn’t see the guy play. He didn’t even seem to put up a fight with the NCAA/Sanctions and probably because his priorities were stealing. He won a lot of games but in my eyes he’s
        not a “Trojan Great” to me.


  1. Let’s face it, the game was awesome and Coach O was a favorite among many donors. Most of the time I like saying “I told you so,” but this is one time I wish I didn’t have to. Coach O completely turned the program around after Kiffen struggled to make it go. I was a Marv Goux type spirit with energy to ignite the team. What Haden saw was a hick from Hicksville who once took his shirt off and offered to fight his whole football team at Ol’ Miss. Coach O admitted his mistakes at O’ Miss and learned from them. He was trying to motivate a group of kids who didn’t relate well. So saying I told you so doesn’t bring the satisfaction it once did. We will forever remember the one that got away.

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  2. “Imagine the two most prominent USC athletic donors sitting at an LSU game, watching five former USC coaches on the sideline.”

    In another life, Mike Bohn (or Helton, take your pick) played the role of Flanders on The Simpsons:

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  3. Actually Scott Wolf should take a lesson from Coach “O” about treating all people with respect and not burning bridges with people. Hail Coach 0 of the best revenge is success.

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    1. Why not !!
      You people rant and rave about some jerk (jerkette) and every 2 or 4 years elect them to an position where they do the very same thing you seem to detest.
      Get Real !!!


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