USC Fires Steve Lopes, 2 Other Administrators

USC has fired COO/CFO Steve Lopes, Trojan Athletic Fund senior associate athletic director Ron Orr, and associate athletic director Scott Jacobson. The Los Angeles Times was the first to report it.

I’m told these moves are primarily related to the College Admissions Scandal. Lopes and Orr and long-time employees while Jacobson is not a widely known public figure.

Some sources feel bad for Orr, because he was often caught in the middle with donors and athletic directors pressuring to get people into school.

You can also be assured these moves were coming from Carol Folt well before Mike Bohn was hired.

Meanwhile, Clay Helton is safe!

32 thoughts on “USC Fires Steve Lopes, 2 Other Administrators

  1. Lopes and Orr needed to go! They forgot about Tessalone. Hopefully he’ll be fired next! Jacobson was collateral damage who should not of been fired. He was a great asset to the athletic department. I’m sorry to see him go and to be lumped in Publicly with the above mentioned POS!!!

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    1. Your wrong about Ron Orr. State one thing he did so illegal. You are
      full of it. Tessalone has no personality, but promoted the football team


  2. They all should have been fired years ago. Lopes and Orr came up with this Trojan Athletic Fund nonsense that striped long time season ticket holders of their seats unless they paid the shakedown amounts demanded by Max Nikias, Pat Haden and others within the ticket office. Other remain in the department who should be flushed out of that place. There is no denying Helton’s involvement in this mess. He lives close to Steve Lopes and Tim Tessalone (another one who needs to leave ASAP). Helton even awarded Matt Lopes a football scholarship even though he was entitled to free tuition status because his father worked at USC. Matt was a below average player at Palos Verdes High School but somehow got on theUSC team and then got a scholarship. He’s no better than Lori Loughlin’s kids and all the rest who were admitted through the side door of admissions. All of them felt as though they were so entitled. Matt Lopes is also employed within the Athletic Department (surprise, surprise, surprise) And, as for Board of Trustee member, Rick Caruso (who named the Catholic Church on campus after himself) he needs to exit stage right too. While this admissions scandal was playing out across the United States, he was hosting the 2 Loughlin girls on his private yacht in the Caymans. What a coincidence that his kids came to know Loughlin’s girls on such a large campus in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, disgraced former USC President, Max Nikias, remains on campus in a tenured position, doing nothing but partying with his moneyed chums on the Board of Trustees and collecting a paycheck that he spends on his house in Manhattan Beach (that he recently bought from sportscaster Colin Cowherd).

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    1. As long as “Nicky Squid” remains a tenured Professor and lifetime BOT member no amount of antibiotics will cure Clowns U’s cardinal infection.


      1. First you lose to Gomer in football and then to Gap Tooth at home in BB, can your suicide be far behind ?

        DING GOES THE VICTORY BELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      2. Hey mule
        How about those Japanese yakuza triad guys who needed livers and with a little side money to the fucla med center they got moved right up to the top of the waiting list?
        Nice ethics mule.



    2. No wonder Eastern Washington alum Cowherd pretends to be the Ultimate USC Kiffin-Sark Fan. He’s a Nikias pawn. He admitted today on his show he was rooting against Coach O!

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    3. Back in the day Larry smith gave a scholarship to his son Corby—same thing, free tuition for people who work for the school–he ended up holding for after touchdown points-=-left when Larry left.


    1. That’s your basic problem boobykrap, you base your illogical. whiny thoughts on minor bozo wins and losses.

      I might take you seriously boobykrap when you begin to base your win and loss evaluations vs Alabama, Oregon, ND, etc.

      Oh BTW bk, the Clown U Women’s BB team is currently 0-5 and in last place in the Pac-12. But I don’t equate their BB record with your shitty, ignorant patois. That bozo BB team is competing, as opposed to you bk, just a rotting PODS on a valley slum sidewalk.


    1. Glad to hear it, Owns. Actually, I see Coach Helton himself ending up the star my 11th story tale (the day after the Alabama game)—- the fire department will talk him down but his threats to detonate his suicide vest will pretty much render him unemployable as a head coach….]…


  3. I truly hope Lopes was terminated for scheduling UC Davis. Ron Orr is another case – he was in good standing with many major donors – sad to see him go.

    Strong suspicion the firings were indeed linked to USC recovery from the admissions scandal – or the “appearance” of doing something after the fact. Now if we could just pin a single scandal football recruit on CH, our troubles here would be over very quickly…

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    1. Judging from THAT look Helton gets on his face when he’s asked an “impolite” question (about Callaway or Baxter or Toa, etc), I would be worried about what he’d do if he felt the walls closing in (maybe time to get all the sharp objects out of his office—we don’t need one of those ‘last few seconds of the warden in Shawshank Redemption’ moments) —-
      [Luckily for Helton’s attorney —and I’m dead serious here —the “I’m just the dumbest guy on campus” defense is available to him in a way other defendants can just dream of]…..

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      1. Very astute. Helton as Schultz is SO much more apt than Helton as Gomer. I hope karma takes note of this fact in all future posts…..


  4. What!?

    How could they fire Steve Lopes? Now I have no reason to come here and rant and rave about someone in Heritage Hall’s incompetence!




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  5. If these folks were all terminated for cause, this may even be a bigger story than we thought. Interestingly, when I paid my TAF last fall, it took several calls and emails from me to finally get it posted to my account almost 6 months later. The email that finally got it done alluded to the perceived corruption at USC. Insignificant dollars, but perhaps indicative of a bigger problem?

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  6. What happens to Matt Lopes and his budding coaching career he started at USC with the help of his dad?

    What happens to Helaine, who has been doing alot of USC Alumni work, now that her husband got the axe?


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    1. So it was okay for Pete to hire his kid but Matt Lopes is off limits? I believe he made honorable mention in PAC-12 for specials teams. Sounds legit to me.


  7. Finally the Swamp is being cleared out.
    These are pompous Twits and all they wanted was money! Zero concerns for the Athletes and Football Program.
    Sports Information head, Tim Tessalone Should be next!
    The only positive actions Folt has taken were firing Swann and now these Twits!!
    Helton has to go.
    The program is sinking fast!
    Congrats to Coach O and Coach Robinson at LSU..
    Piss on dimwit Haden!! For setting the program back for a decade!
    We need to hire Urban Meyer or the OC from LSU!
    Mega donor Brian Kennedy summed it up perfectly!
    USC Football is “Dogshit!”


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