The Rumor Mill

The word around USC is Graham Harrell might be talking to some other teams about a job.

It would really throw a spanner in the works if Clay Helton lost his “most valuable asset.”

41 thoughts on “The Rumor Mill

  1. I wonder if Usc administration has finally figured it out and are going to can Helton. Maybe GH got insider information on whats coming up next at HH! They are dragging their feat on a new DC hire. Lopes and a few others also got fired today. Hopefully all this plays out in USCs favor in a total house cleaning in the football program is next. After last night’s game people started realizing USC is no where near those top 2 programs and need to reevaluate things about Helton. Hopefully Urban Meyer awaits! No more clown college

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      1. Surely, by now, Folt sees Helton lied to her about getting the team ready for the Holiday Bowl by lazily skipping practices… and lied to Bohn about having a great “silent” recruiting class. IF (HUGE IF) she’s had enough of his bullshit, fires him and hires Meyer, we will all owe her a BIG apology.

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    1. You sir maybe absolutely right. It sure would cost but it also would remove a lot of anger form alums. It would be an interim hire maybe even Harrell – doesn’t matter who. Folt and Bohn have seen what keeping Helton resulted in. Those remarks by the wealthy alum Kennedy were published in the LA Times for all to read.

      Neither Folt nor Bohn want to endure another 10 mos. of speculation and contempt.

      You maybe absolutely right.

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      1. Arturo I’d take Jeff Franklin over oh my I’d take anyone over Helton but I understand your assessment of what passes for football in State College, PA these days.


    2. If Harrell leaves Helton might as well go and Usc needs to start over again. You need an OC and DC with a lame duck coach. 3 administrators have just been let go during the week. Clean house and start all over again. That Makes the most sense now. Hire Urban Meyer Asap, time for Bohn to go for a power play grab with some big boosters; with big dollars backing him up.


  2. Just read that Brady, after promising to stay at LSU, is going to the Panthers to be OC. It’s a common thing for hot assistants to get better (paying) gigs. We shouldn’t be surprised.

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      1. Ed’s problem next year is going to be more about getting Myles Brennan to grow up than about losing Brady…

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  3. I think that anything is possible at this point. My guess is that Bohn woke up after the signing day disappointments and the bowl game and realized that Clay was just full of BS. Bohn got tired of being given the stink eye by everyone.

    So now, if Helton cant hire a decent DC because they dont want to work for him, that might be the final straw. Graham Harrell leaving would absolutely end the Clay Helton era.

    I just think that Bohn was counting on Clay to step up for the recruiting day and the bowl game and in both cases Helton failed.

    With HH being cleaned out, it will open up opportunities to bring in people who are much less favorable to Helton.

    Think about it. SC will probably lose 3 of the first 5 games next year. What DC or OC wants to be around for that? How can anyone believe Clay will survive that?

    Brent Venables as HC. Folt does not want Meyer and most of the other great HC are already taken, so Venables is the solution. He had LSU stymied at the start of the game, but they were just too good in the end. the offensive side at Clemson did not hold up their part of the game. with the right coach, SC could be LSU within 2-3 years.

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    1. Brent is smart, tough and has winner written all over him. I just worry about putting somebody in charge of this mess who’s never been a head coach before.
      Also remember: IF there is a new He

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      1. P. S.
        [Don’t know what happened above but]….
        ….If there is a new head coach, the poor guy will have a hell of a time finding assistants at this late stage of the game. Not sure anyone wants to walk into the mess Bohn’s procrastination has created….

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    2. I would take Venebles as head coach if Bohn head still can’t convince Folt the dolt to hire UM. He would be a great choice even though I had to ask who he was a while back on this Forgot he was the DC for Clemson. Let’s just hope the used car salesman (helton)is wearing off on Bohn and a firing is in place soon.

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  4. The following comment was posted on BG FB today by “Woochifer” :

    “Orgeron organized the recruiting operation at Southern Cal. The corrupt enterprise was already in place before Carroll got hired. O was the dark lord, while Carroll was the pupil and willingly crossed any and all ethical boundaries that Hackett wasn’t willing to cross.”

    “As I’ve posted before, I think the whole story about Orgeron not getting the Southern Cal job because they were concerned about his country bumpkin persona is just a cover. Hiring Orgeron would have landed Southern Cal straight in the crosshairs of yet another NCAA investigation. The Bush report included allegations that the NCAA did not follow up. Considering that Orgeron was right in the middle of those allegations, would the NCAA have re-opened those avenues of inquiry? Say what you will about the NCAA, but they did not appreciate Southern Cal’s stonewalling and arrogant boasts about how they were bigger than the NCAA. Hiring Orgeron would have brought on the NCAA hammer all over again.”

    This comment seemed relevant in light of “O’s” LSU’s NC victory.


    1. I’m sure that FEAR was a big part of Pat’s rationale for not hiring Ed. Fear was a big part of every decision Pat made after he became AD. But —in order for the NCAA to make anything stick —-they’d need evidence of wrong doing. And —to date — there hasn’t been a single scrap of evidence suggesting Ed did ANYTHING wrong [and, by evidence, I’m talking about specific testimonial or documentary evidence —you know, the kind that includes names and dates and citations to code sections violated]…..

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    2. Hey owns the Ncaa Nazis didn’t even interview Pete Carol. Who they said should of known of about a Reggie Bush deal with a wannabe agent and was blamed for the program being out of control. They were just jealous just like Mike Garrett said. Like you are on here every day stalking on this site!

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  5. First I’ve heard of all this JustOwns… I’ve read the report several times – no such evidence.

    Nice try.

    Hey, your guys still using false placards to park in handicap spaces at ucla?

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      1. My dear friend, Owns–
        Yes, Ed got his ass kicked by Mora —-but it’s a little hard to get the troops up for the Big Game when Haden’s leaked you’re not going to be retained the day before the game (as was reported here yesterday and various other places for the last 2 years).

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    1. Don’t know, but I bet you’re on Doc Tyndall’s Medical Examination Pix for sale mailing list.

      No doubt Juanita, you’re a “scatch and snip” aficionado.


      1. Mule, I gotta hand it to you. When Fucla wins-you’re a poor winner.
        When u clowns lose again, you’re a sore loser.


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    2. Poor, poor Owns. A guy with a Cerritos education trying to stay relevant. His adopted school FB hasn’t had a winning season in 4 years and his beloved BB program is in the shitter with Tex Ritter. And he is cutting and pasting conjecture from a nobody, just like him. Poor, poor Owns. Get a grip.

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  6. Wow it is a slow news day. Owns had me looking up Orgeron on Wikipedia…now that’s proof there’s a sucker born every minute.

    Just like the rumor the Harrell is looking for greener pastures. Whoever writes this stuff has gotta be kidding. Harrell has a much larger buyout clause than Kingsford berry. No sir bub! Bohn heard about the $100k buyout that made us the idiot limelight last year. He promptly raised Harrell’s money and no doubt raised the buyout to $101 k. That Bohn’s no fool just ask Helton.
    Thanks Owns for the lesson.

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  7. Memo to: MG

    I guess the biggest difference between you and me is I don’t make up cheap excuses for Bruin losses.

    I’m curious MG what’s the excuse for the bozo Volleyball team dropping 3 straight (0 – 3) to the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

    I can’t wait for that cheezy whopper of an excuse.

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