Don’t Doubt The Rumor Mill!

I wrote earlier this week there were rumors Graham Harrell was interviewing for other jobs and the Philadelphia Inquirer reports Harrell spoke to the Philadelphia Eagles today.

Clay Helton and Mike Bohn still haven’t hired a defensive coordinator and now Harrell might leave? The USC fanboys must be wringing their hands over the thought of Harrell not calling plays next season.

I wonder what Harrell’s buyout is from that new three-year contract he received last month.

22 thoughts on “Don’t Doubt The Rumor Mill!

  1. Let him go.
    Has Mr. Air Raid, Mike Leach ever won a Natty–Pac.12 North–Pac. 12 Championship ? Univ. of Washington has owned WSU for 8 years.
    You still have to run the ball. throw to tight ends ( hello- 49er’s- Eagles- Pro Teams), screens, misdirection, etc.
    McKay started the I formation- why run the ball. The quicker you score, the more your “D” is on the field.
    If he goes to another team be it Pro or College, why would there be a buy out?

    I have question for Helton– UCLA game– 1st quater, calls a time out to kick a field goal ??
    4th quarter– 1:54 to go we are up by 2 scores, UCLA is out of time outs and he calls a time out ??

    Enough of this crap— you want to leave–LEAVE.

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  2. This is such an incredible cock up it is actually hard to believe. Can’t hire a DC, even a mediocre one (Barry) and now Harrell is sniffing around outside the program. I hope he leaves tomorrow. What will Bohn and Helton do? It will be incredibly entertaining to watch them fumble around like the fuck ups they are. Maybe, just maybe, Bohn might be pushed to a place that he will have to replace Helton in order to have any coaching staff at all. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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    1. Precisely. The only way Bohn could patch this sinking ship is to get rid of Helton this continued mess. Plus, Meyer is still technically available. What a hero Bohn would be!

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      1. Agreed. LSU has to replace its DC and Passing coordinator so it’s not too late to put a coaching staff together. Other schools have hired new HCs, with an inevitable change in their staffs.
        IF Meyer would agree to come, he could easily put a Quality staff together and produce results in the coming season. The problem with a late change [after a f*** up recruiting class] is the effect of the “low” quality of this recruiting class in the coming years.


    2. Only one, teeny weeny problem with starting a coaching staff search at this very late date, Linkster —nobody’s left. If it weren’t so hard on the players, the possibilities would be hilarious.


  3. What a f.cken crock of shit this program has become. Gomer interviewed one guy and the guy turned him down for DC. Why would anyone want to coach with a guy who may get fired at anytime? And now Harrell May be leaving. Wow , one could not make this shit up any better. Can’t really blame Harrell for looking to jump from a sinking ship though. And what’s next….back to the Gomer led Gumbo offense? It’s like a nightmare that never ends right now. Can Bohn just make this end and hire Urban? All will be forgiven and we will all have a season to look forward to come the fall.

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    1. We’re all forgetting one thing here — even IF Harrell doesn’t get picked up anywhere else, it’s now obvious to the whole team he DOESN’T WANT to be at USC. How’s that for team morale?


  4. I want him to leave just to make our point on this blog even more valid. They should have fired Helton and cleaned house. Now Heltons most prized coordinator may take off too? Nobody is going to be loyal to an idiot like Helton. Every decent coach that comes through USC while Helton is here will be looking for the first thing smoking to get out.

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  5. If Gomer is all that is left, then it’s time to disband the football program.

    Seriously, these morons in charge [Folt, Bohn, et. al.] can’t be serious. Gomer and a bunch of C and D list coaches? What player, with any NFL aspirations are going to choose USC to play football?

    This now beyond a dumpster fire – the entire landfill is on fire!

    With all due respect to Brian Kennedy, we’ve gone lower than ‘dog shit.’

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  6. Please take him.

    This program with get nowhere fast with the gimmick he calls air raid.

    Get a real offensive coordinator in there that understands the importance of the run with pass.


  7. Please take him.

    This program with get nowhere fast with the gimmick he calls air raid.

    Get a real offensive coordinator in there that understands the importance of the run with pass.


  8. Phili would be crazy to hire Harrell. Air Raid is an offense for a team that can’t recruit (I guess it makes sense for Helton). It’s an offense that is stopped by by almost any descent defense…. such as Iowa, Oregon, etc…. Even Stanford has given up…all passing… Harrell ain’t that good, but compared to Helton, he looks like a genius…..


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