A Galen Center Protest

I hear some boosters skipped last night’s USC-Cal basketball game as a show of support for Ron Orr, the administrator who was fired this week.

And here Mike Bohn just reached out to Brian Kennedy. Well, he can reach out to these people at the next basketball game, if they show up.

15 thoughts on “A Galen Center Protest

  1. Ron Orr, Lopes, Noriega are part of the swamp culture at SC.
    Greedy, hated ex football players.
    Corrupt and incompetent
    USC took a positive step in the right direction!!
    Now fire Helton and clean house!
    USC needs to be an elite program again!!
    Big Time Donor Brian Kennedy stated it perfectly “ USC Football is Dog Shit”

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    1. One of the reasons that “USC Football is Dog Shit” is that Helton never has and never will understand his mission (and nobody has bothered to straighten his ass out). What he’s getting paid to do is NOT about Faith or Family. He’s not raising a family, he’s not founding a religion —he’s in charge of a football team. It’s fucking unbelievable that this goofball has been retained —but I can promise you this: he’s gonna bring the 2 goofballs that retained him down with him.

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      1. i largely agree with you, mike. but as coach harvey hyde likes to say, you gotta really get the those kids to believe in you and your philosophy to go out and put their bodies on the line — through pain and fatigue and intense pressure — to achieve greatness. so, while i often roll my eyes at helton’s ‘faith,’ ‘family,’ ‘love of my life’ rhetoric, it would all be fine — and even understandable — if the team won meaningful games. a lot of sc’s fans twist ourselves into knots debating what helton needs to do. and what he fails to do. but, the only thing he NEEDS to do is win meaningful games. and, do it within the rules. the rest is … well, largely debatable. but, ultimately, it’s clear, he doesn’t inspire in his team what it takes to win those kinds of games.

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      2. mike –I think Helton played a ‘short range’ smart game — sell the program as a family…. and unite the family with religious fervor. But Helton isn’t really about family or faith. He acts like a punk when he’s challenged …and he acts like a bigger punk when he loses (all of a sudden there is NO talk of God —as though God disappears after losses). Sooner or later this approach was gonna wear thin and the players were gonna become disenchanted. In the long run it would have been smarter of him to concentrate on putting together a first rate football staff that the players respected —not hire relics and relatives and try to gloss over things with happy talk.

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      3. MG, you are spot on. He is a conman who brings in cultish features to keep his “kids” in line. Once they are committed there is no turning back. I certainly can’t speak for God but I would imagine that he is not too pleased with Clay’s version of what “Faith” is. Reminds me of a great Bizarre episode [can see Helton & Bohn playing the ]


  2. I gather from posts here and discussion elsewhere Orr was thought very well – alas he was caught because of the scandal not just hearsay nor recording but in E-mails and as said E-mails may have impugned nothing worthy of termination as is always the case …perception is reality.

    Orr seems to be that which is called today ‘collateral damage’. I don’t fault Bohn for mving and sacking those he did – best to Orr and move on. Life is not fair and far more have had far less than those who have just been fired and the former soldier on.

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  3. My thought on boycotting games is it didn’t happen. We are talking about a basketball game against Cal. Who goes to game like that except students and reporters?
    As for Helton wearing thin, that has happened. Do we really think these kids don’t know what a fake Helton is? Moreover the local high school coaches have had his number for at least three years.
    If Harrell doesn’t stop looking for greener pastures he might be asked to accept the next job he’s offered. It doesn’t look good if you sign a contract and keep looking for a job as if any port in the storm is better than your current job.

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    1. IF Harrell REALLY is looking for a job in Philly (after already seriously considering leaving USC for Texas), we have to consider the possibility he hates working at USC, wants to escape —but just hasn’t found the right escape hatch yet. Anyone who watched him after the Oregon game literally spewing food crumbs on reporters could see being around USC & Helton is getting on Harrell’s nerves.

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      1. If reports are true, he turned down more money from Texas to stay at USC. It’s not fair to say he hates working at USC.

        Also, the chance to work at the highest level, for a Super Bowl winning organization under a head coach who is a protege of one the brightest offensive football minds since Bill Walsh, should not be seen as a chance to escape as much a chance to learn. He certainly isn’t learning anything of value working under ole Clay-doh!


  4. OMG!! i cant wait til the revolt!! marcus, ronnie and willie and a bunch of formers at a news conference behind current players saying we were lied to and we tell recruits to not come because we dont stand for shit


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