Morning Buzz: USC Fans In Foul Mood

USC men’s basketball is 14-3, so what could be easier than facing the boosters in the Founders Room at the Galen Center before Thursday night’s game vs. lowly Cal?

That is probably what assistant coach Eric Mobley thought until it was time to answer questions.

“Who coaches your son?” a booster asked regarding USC freshman forward Isaiah Mobley.

“We all do,” Eric Mobley said.

“Well, he isn’t getting coached,” the booster replied.

This is what happens when you win one NCAA Tournament game and one First Four game in 7 seasons. Also, it’s what happens when you have endured Clay Helton for too long.

  • USC women’s basketball won it’s first Pac-12 game of the season with a 70-68 double OT victory over previously unbeaten UCLA, which entered the contest as the last undefeated team in the nation.

Aliyah Jeune had 27 points for the Trojans, who are 9-8 overall and 1-5 in the Pac-12. No. 7-ranked UCLA is 16-1, 5-1.

28 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Fans In Foul Mood

      1. karma –Check this out—USC is going to pay UC Davis three quarters of a million to cancel the game in 2021. USC would only have had to pay a half million if they had cancelled the game 2 weeks ago.

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      2. Hey boody boy

        I here cursing 101 is a grad class at SC. You took it I see. Required for those with a limited vocabulary. All that trolls here.


      3. Hate to mess with ya’ Cal 75, but you typed “here” instead of “hear.”
        I expect better grammar from a noble UC Berkeley grad.

        That said, creative cursing is an art form, and Buddha is pretty “darn” good at it. I post clean stuff, and use BK as my surrogate curser (not cursor). I flunked CUR1010 at USC.


      4. Dear Jim Beam,
        Please accept my sincerest apology. You sir, have witnessed a truly rare event. My newest phones spellcheck has betrayed me. Wait for ‘s’ aka ‘stevieb’ to kick me off the blog.



      1. You are SOOOO on target PJM. Harrell to the bEagles and then Clay could be OC/HC/QB coach. You’d get your wish in triplicate.

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      1. It’s funny when people complain about “Scott’s World” when all Scott is doing is reporting on “USC’s World.” What kind of world is that? Its a world in which our university watches all the best local players travel thousands of miles to get away from Helton. All the best Defensive Coordinators in the county make their first choice “some other school”. And our Offensive Coordinator is so worried about the pressure placed on him by an under performing defense that he wants to break a generous& freshly signed contract just to get the hell outta Dodge.

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  1. As I said a few days ago, that 14-3 record is meaningless. I would agree with the booster the players do not look like they are well coached. Not enough movement, guys holding the ball too long, “bigs” bringing the ball up court. I want to be optimistic and hope with the talent they have they will play better when they play the better teams in the conference.

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    1. You are living in a different era, no offense. Bigs bring up the ball all the time in NBA. Bigs also shoot threes and iso- ball is another common strategy.

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      1. Not everyone’s Lebron…point guards all over this country, bring the ball up lol….ISO is nothing but a coverup for team ball, best suited for the NBA, not college…


    2. I’m with you, Mike. Nevertheless, an 11-7 season and a few wins in the Pac12 tournament and we get a “decent” seed.

      I think 2020 is about Nick and Jonah leading as Seniors and the younger talent following the lead. The Assist to T.O. ratio is deplorable with a Senior like Jonah.


      1. Linkster:
        Drove through the ‘loin (straight down Jones) on my way down to the Central Coast this week. The ‘loin is becoming downright “g”-fied.
        (Can’t use the “g” word any more). If JO is living down there, he’s in the $1000/sq foot country.


      1. 67 –We’ve talked before about a certain somebody’s hallucinogenic midnight swims at Santa Monica pier….Is it possible that “victory bell” someone keeps hearing is just the police ringing that certain somebody’s doorbell?

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      2. Michael, I can well imagine that “said person” you referenced does receive a few “checkup visits” now and then. The authorities are often perplexed when owns answers the door and starts spouting “commie lush! pisley! missing link! juanita! clown u! SUCCXX!!”

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      3. yes, 67 —all of which leads to a constantly ringing front doorbell —which could, sadly, be mistaken for a victory bell if one were in the “right frame of mind.”


  2. Here’s a test: today’s 3:30pm game versus Stanford shows USC favored by 2…..USC -2……I’d say Stanford should be favored by 2…….Stanford -2…..that’s a 4 point window OR GREATER!!!…for the casual observer, lol lol lmao…..if the Trojans can outrun these numbers this afternoon, that means a little progress since Washington whipped them, hopefully into shape….


  3. Meanwhile, as the football program continues to erode, Gomer is out recruiting players. He’s attempting to recruit while USC has the following to ‘offer’ potential recruits:

    A. No viable defensive coordinator, nor even a candidate that is close to being in-place.
    Nor any semblance of a defensive ‘identity’ to rely on.

    B. Soon, no viable offensive coordinator, nor even a candidate this is close to being in place. Nor any semblance… [see above].

    C. No special teams coach, or academic advisor

    D. A program lacking a legitimate FCS-level head coach, who serves currently as the ‘face’ of USC Football, i.e. Gomer. The identity of which is hugs, soft attitude, and being disingenuous.

    E. A transfer portal that will soon be to capacity with players wanting ‘out’

    F. An athletic department in disarray, lead by a castrated AD and a feminist president

    G. A fan base that is dissatisfied and disengaged and marginalized by all of the above,
    and donors that feel betrayed and let down.

    Yup. Signing day is gonna be ‘great’ – you can just feel it.

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  4. the baby brewies lost last night tra la tra la….they nere did put up much of a fight tra la tra la…..what thinks us now of their fare state? tra la tra la…..and all their detritus found at the gate…tra la tra la….what say we now oh gentle folk….tra la tra la…that now dd see bel-air tech is truly a joke? tra la tra la… now we await the next grenade tra la tra la….to shove Heltonska into his grave…tra la tra la

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