The USC Fan Base Isn’t Buying It

I noticed yesterday USC fans were simply not buying a story pushed by the athletic dept. that Dave Aranda was on the verge of leaving LSU for USC before he got the Baylor job.

This type of story would normally be a credibility boost for athletic director Mike Bohn and that was obviously an intent of the leak. How do I know the leak was from the athletic dept.? Because that’s how I initially heard about it.

What Heritage Hall officials don’t realize is the fans have seen so much incompetence since Dec. 4 (when Bohn announced Clay Helton would return; said there were four silent commits; said recruiting was going great), they aren’t going to swallow the Aranda story.

It was a nice try, though, because it was meant to show fans that Bohn means business. Firing Helton means business. Leaking a story that a coveted defensive coordinator considered USC does not.

21 thoughts on “The USC Fan Base Isn’t Buying It

      1. gt –I USED to think that too. But could we be giving them too much credit? Is it possible these rank amateurs just don’t know how things are done in the big city? I’d like someone to tell me what the difference is between having Bohn and Folt …. or two 90 year old nuns —run the show.

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  1. Why on earth would Dave Aranda leave a national champion for a national sh*t show, for the same position? More nonsense from the athletic department.

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    1. If you’re following the NFL and College coaching hires, everybody who’s anybody has decided their destination is “any place except USC.”
      Bohn seems like a nice person (unlike Helton) who’s way over his head (like Helton). He actually thought “I’ll just hang on to Helton while I make big plans for the future.” The problem is EVERYBODY figured out that was his play and NOBODY wants to come aboard a sinking ship. Bohn made the ultimate amateur mistake: he read the situation but didn’t realize everybody could read him.

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      1. Yes, gt. The leaks coming outta the Athletic Department remind me of the tired, going- through- the- motions arguments you’d hear Public Defenders make when they were stuck defending an obviously guilty defendant who nevertheless wanted his “day in court”…..

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  2. Speaks volumes. Ink barely dry on Harrell’s revised contract and he is seeking an exit. If Harrell’s departure (likely inevitable if he can find work elsewhere) doesn’t force Bohn to realize firing Helton is the only answer, Bohn is irretrievably stupid, and we will be fortunate to have a minor high school level coaching staff come spring. Complete canine excrement…

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    1. No Coach wants to come to this Dogshit show!
      They will only come if its for the HEAD COACH job.
      Why would anyone with a brain want to take orders from Helton!

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      1. Craig –It’s unbelievable to me that Bohn couldn’t foresee this happening to USC. You can’t wait 3 weeks to announce you’re keeping a coach (it’s too obvious that you were looking elsewhere). Once coaches and recruits know that your head coach is dead meat, you’re done: nobody any good is gonna come knocking on your door. This was all inevitable. How could Folt and Bohn be SO dumb?

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  3. This USC story/spin is bull because of the timeline.

    USC was all in on Joe Barry until he turned USC down with the story reported on the 16th. Dave Aranda’s hire by Baylor was also announced on the 16th.

    Aranda was already in talks with Baylor by the time USC got spurned and was looking for another dance partner. No chance USC was juggling both names at the same time.



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    1. marvienna —enjoyed your post as usual —but I have to quibble with the part about how comical it is “watching Helton HIRE coordinators.” We should be so lucky.
      What we’re watching is Helton sitting by the phones like Bill Murray in Ghostbusters —waiting for a call.

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    1. 67 — Can you picture Pete Carroll saying we ALMOST signed a great Coordinator?! It’s loser talk. It’s like Helton saying “they made more plays than us” after the Iowa blow out.
      How much more of this embarrassment does Folt want to take? Does Bohn have any balls left? Do you wanna know the real definition of “radioactive”? It’s what these two will be on September 5th…..

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  4. At this point, Bohn, Folt, the BOT, HH, to the guy that delivers the port-a-potties*, etc.. have all but f–ked up Trojan football/athletics to the point that repair seems improbable if not impossible.

    To be honest, beginning to think that Flow gets his headlines from reading our posts, too.

    To say that “The USC Fan Base Isn’t Buying It” seems like something that Captain Obvious would say during a hotel booking commercial. No one on this blog, that I know of, has ‘bought in’ to the snake oil Gomer is selling. Only Bohn and Folt seem to be ok with it – for now.

    Question is, how low must the football program [USC Athletics Flagship Program] sink before something is done to remove the incompetent Gomer from head coach. Will it take another nationally-televised beat-down by Alabama? Shouldn’t the beat down administered at the hands of ‘dreaded’ Iowa be enough? Perhaps even the home-field beating suffered at the hands of the nike whOres?

    Apparently not, perhaps a recruiting whiff is the next domino to fall. That’s the way it’s looking now. Perhaps the fact that no coordinator or football coach worth his salt would even consider working under the schlub Gomer, should be enough evidence to convince Bohn and Folt to do something? Apparently not.

    As the program burns to the ground, with an under-qualified HC, no DC, no STC and an OC on the way out. And a transfer portal that beckons talented players to perhaps take their chances with another more quality-concerned program. All USC brass does is… not much, and instead proceed with idiotic ‘leaks’ that unintentionally add gasoline to the junk yard fire that has become USC Trojan Football.

    This whole mess was and continues to be, entirely avoidable and easily correctable.
    Yet no one at USC seems remotely interested in doing anything tangible. Sad.

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  5. Does any of this shit shock and of you? This type of non action is the norm now with this circus of an administration. When USC gets stomped by Alabama by 60 points next season, they will most likely still not fire this clown of a coach. Nothing shocks me anymore with these clowns. Does anybody expect anything but failure next season? I can’t be the only one that counts at least 5 defeats by looking at our schedule. All these idiots have to do is swallow their little pride and fire Gomer and hire Myer. DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE PROGRAM. I know that I’m asking for too much but imagine how much better the outlook of next season would be? At the very least 11 wins and a legitimate shot at beating Alabama in a true showdown amongst coaching legends. Instead we have a legend in Saban and a coach that should be coaching at a JR varsity level with Gomer. Done with this shit show.

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  6. Oaktown has it right……..rumor after rumor over these years…….all of them worth less than a crap………start using our common sense…….why would anyone good come to work for Gomer and this AD idiot and the rest.
    So we’ll get some dude from the program or someone from NE of the SW of Western Texas Tech Vocational that sells burgers on the weekends.
    Dan will promptly call his system so much better than what anyone else has and every recruit he brings in the next Dick Butkus.


  7. I am starting to believe that Helton will have to be fired. Harrell would be smart to take the Eagles job. Without an OC or a DC in place, there will need to be a reconsideration of whether Helton is so toxic that he cant hire ANY decent coordinators.

    If the SC players didnt really like the school and the degree, I really wonder if they would be defecting en masse.


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