Kris Richard Contacted By USC

USC has reached out to former Dallas Cowboys assistant coach Kris Richard for the defensive coordinator’s position.

This is really a color-by-numbers search:

  • Former USC player/coach Joe Barry
  • Former USC player Ryan Nielsen
  • Former USC player/graduate assistant Kris Richard

The Richard-Helton pairing is the one I’ve been waiting to hear about. Richard has a fiery demeanor that has rubbed some people the wrong way. He seems exactly the opposite of what Helton likes in an assistant coach.

I joked with a USC coach that if Richard gets the defensive coordinator’s job and Graham Harrell had a 20-second possession with three incomplete passes, you might see Richard body slam him in the pressbox.

39 thoughts on “Kris Richard Contacted By USC

    1. Another quality performance by the men’s basketball team in the first half against Stanford.

      I bet CAE doesn’t survive NCAA allegations if they determine he should have known Tony was funneling some cash albeit chump change.


    2. That would be the first public on the field incident to make the media shake their heads when Clay Helton calls for an action to happen with the Defensive practice but Richard tells him “I’m the only person the defense listens to on this team and we will tackle in my practice to prepare properly. We want to win football games”

      Something like that I would imagine.

      And if he has to make it known because Helton doesn’t get the picture you may hear…..”That didn’t work for you coach and that’s why i am here now”

      Coaching shouldn’t get to that point first of all but Helton still believes he can lead this program. I feel sorry for him to that degree.


      1. But, if the guy can handle the business, no problem. I just wonder why Pete, and now the Cowboys, after an underachieving defense to say the least for that ball club, let him go….

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      1. This is the sad $h*t show that gets worse with each day Clay Helton is still the head coach.
        For a guy on the hottest seat of any coach in CFB he hasn’t done one thing, not one thing correct or showed any sign of possible improvements since he was told he would return as coach. It’s January 19th and we don’t have any clue to who will be our DC while we could be looking at another Clff Kingsbury matter again where Helton gets ditched from his OC who leaves him for the NFL.

        If this is not the biggest red alert for Folt and Bohn to hit the emergency brake to either fire him, or strip him of further involvement all together of these coaching searches because I think this is as clear as it gets. With Clay Helton we’re the kid who sits at a crowded table in the cafeteria to eat lunch and everyone immediately leaves.

        They can’t be part of him at USC. The only way any respectful coach joins is with the goal of unseating Helton as HC. Apromise of being seriously considered as a replacement would be a reason. Attendance this season is gonna be the worse since Reggie Perry was the starting QB. The coliseum looked empty as I recall and it’s gonna be empty this season.


  1. If Richard gets physical with Harrell, we might have the makings of “Polamalu v. Kiffin 2.”



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    1. marvienna —I suppose you’ve seen the stories on ESPN that Helton is insisting that Richard take anger management classes and double doses of estrogen as a condition of employment….

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    2. Marv:
      Kennedy was the most noble guy “off the gridiron.”
      As either a LB or FB, KP was monstrous AS A FROSH!

      If he cold-cocked Lame Kitten, the HC deserved it (and likely more).

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      1. Bourbon4me,

        Not a slur against Kennedy, just referring to the infamous Sun Bowl incident.



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  2. Pretty sure I put this in your comments last week, but Scooter doesn’t like to be out-scooped so he started deleting my comments….


  3. Anger management issues?

    If the guy could handle all of the crap in Dallas with ‘Coach Ginger,’ Jerry Jones and the press. He can easily handle Gomer and Harrell – in fact, he might just make a decent head coach as soon as Gomer is released. Hire this guy and the dog shit days could be over.

    Fiery demeanor is what this program needs besides a good kick in the ass.

    Hope he decides to come back and help save his alma mater.

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  4. He could replace that POS Helton. One year as DC and the job is his if defense performs. Harrell is gone. Why would anyone stay unless they knew they had a shot at HC job. We are a joke and let that bitch Folt deal with the rest of the corrupt, rotten institution SC has become. We are all well deserved laughing stock

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  5. I spoke to soon!!

    Ding goes the Victory Bell!

    Sorry as I admit my mistake which rarely happens on this site!

    Happy to see a victory over the Trees!!

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    1. You bet Scottie will find a way to crap on this win.

      Some possibilities include:

      “Needed a desperation three and overtime to overcome Rakocevic’s disappearance”

      “It would have been another loss to a decent, but not a good team, had Stanford not gone ice cold in the second half”

      And if he hits the post button a bit too soon, we just might see:

      “Just wait until USC gets punked by Oregon this Thursday.”

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      1. I think Scott may have to settle for half a loaf, 67 —Helton won’t disappoint him the way Andy did today…..

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      2. Michael, I agree. It was a really good win. Stanford had won 9 out of the last 10, and I believe the loss was to Kansas.

        Hoping Trojans can find a way to beat Oregon. Now, that would really be something. Take that, Scottie!

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      3. 67 –As a Trojan himself, I think Scott may secretly (very, very secretly) be happy that our entire athletic program hasn’t gone down the crapper… I mean where’s the drama in that?

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      4. 67 — I never got along with this one priest all through high school [mainly cuz I never cared about his classes and spent all my time in student politics]. The day I won the election for student body president he actually saw me coming down the hall, turned around and walked the other way. Another priest saw this and said “he’s actually proud of all the work you put into this –he didn’t think you had it in you —but he’s too proud to let you know it.”

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