Pete Carroll Has A Role To Play In This Defensive Coordinator Search (Of Course)

It’s been 10 years since Pete Carroll left USC but don’t think he is out of the picture.

For one thing, Carroll loves to play a part in any coaching search that involves a former assistant (except Lane Kiffin).

Sources tell me Mike Bohn called Carroll for advice and even brought up Kris Richard, who used to be Carroll’s defensive coordinator in Seattle. This is probably why Richard’s back in play after Joe Barry turned down the job.

Why doesn’t Carroll help Kiffin? Their relationship has been on the rocks since USC people told Carroll all the negative comments Kiffin made about the roster he inherited in 2010.

  • In the continuing series of players announcing they will return to USC who had no business going pro, offensive lineman Alijah Vera-Tucker announced he will return next season.

45 thoughts on “Pete Carroll Has A Role To Play In This Defensive Coordinator Search (Of Course)

      1. Michael, still no word from Scottie on the hoops victory. And it is their best victory all year – Stanford was 15-2 coming into the game, with their only losses coming to the number 5 (Butler) and number 6 teams (Kansas). And they lost to Butler only by 1.

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    1. On campus today – up at the University Village – looked like ‘rush’ was up and running… a lot of good looking girls dressed like ‘street walkers’ doing the ‘sachet chanse’ next to ‘Hera’s’ statue.

      Driving s/b on the I-110 – turned on the game @ 3:45 pm – USC hadn’r even scored a point!

      Unbelievable comeback! Praty tell why did ‘bel-airtech’ lose?

      Oh BTW – bel-air tech is playing Cal @ 5:00 pm during the GB @ SFO….yeah that’s a winnah’!

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    2. No self-respecting Stanford fan would be caught dead at Galen Barn. So the bozo home town comeback win is penny-ante. Ninety-five % of Andyaintwinng’s all-time Pac-12 wins are of the home court variety.

      If and when the Clownster do the same thing at Stanford then the Rah-Rah’s have something to scream and shout over.


      1. Dude. You’re delusional. And making no sense at all.

        This coming from someone that ‘likes’ your posts from time to time.



  1. Typical dip shit Kiffy … Pete screws over his program for those two idiots Kiff and Snark and Kiffy backstabs him. Those two tools cannot fail enough. Poor Ole Piss

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    1. Who can forget Pete getting jealous of the acclaim Norm Chow received at the 2005 Orange Bowl and replacing him with the clowns Kiffin and the Drunk Sark and thinking it wouldn’t affect the team?

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  2. Just hire someone already.
    “We are SC ! ” chant should not be replaced with with “We are Dog Sh*t”
    I just want to say SC Football may be dog sh*t but it’s Cardinal and Gold dog sh*t. Let’s mine the the gold and send the cardinal up north to fertilize the farm.

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    1. Rick Caruso and Carol Folt want SC to become The Stanford of the West where no one cares if they blow a 20 point lead and lose a basketball or football game.

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  3. Hey Scott – excuse me but ‘ would you ‘connect the dots’? You cite Layne Kiffin and then what? Zt a minimum Pete Carroll owes USC ‘big time; for resurrecting his career from ‘cemetery’ to ‘new borne’….so glad that putz PC addict ‘Mark Jackson’ from Villanova didn’t get his ‘hooks’ into USC as all should be.

    Pay up Pete …. you left in January 2010 – ten years ago this past week rather than face the fire…your ‘doggie’ Mark jackson ain’t here …. pay up Pete or stay away.

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  4. Pete is the sole reason USC football isn’t all the way relegated to a once was. Without Pete we would be sitting on 40 years of mediocre football.

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    1. Different way of looking at things — The internet is filled with messages from folks HOPING that Harrell leaves so that Helton gets canned. Maybe, instead, we should be hoping that Richard and Harrell save the day …and Helton still gets canned.

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    2. …and Pete would be the answer to: ‘what former NYJ head coach in 1994 was 6 – 10, got sacked….2 yrs later returned as the NE Patriots head coach yet found himself, in 2000 as a ‘doorstop’ for ‘who dat?’ in ‘Trivial Pursuit’?

      no PC no resurrected USC and no USC, PC a ‘flyspeck’

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    3. Lol, no. Carson Palmer was already on the roster and there was this dude named Norm Chow calling plays for two National Champion teams. Pete didn’t like Norm getting the shine and cut Norm loose. That led to Lane & Sark running the offense and then returning courtesy of our least favorite drunk uncle Pat Haden to run the program into the ground. Oh, and Clay Helton who Lane hired b/c their Dad’s are friends. So yeah, Pete is the messiah.

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      1. Yes, Pete is a terrible coach and USC is the sole reason he is any good. USC Also brought him a Super Bowl after he left. Norm Chow has also gone on to be a rousing success after leaving Pete as well. I stand corrected.

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  5. Here come those ‘sources’ again… in other words ‘unverified’ and probably made-up or at best, total conjecture or idle gossip.

    What qualifies as journalistic ‘reporting’ these days is truly pathetic.

    These ‘sources’, if we recall, also announced the release of Gomer, the hiring of Urban Meyer and a myriad of other ‘news’ that never came to fruition.

    This particular tidbit qualifies under the ‘no shit scott’ category. Doesn’t surprise me anyone would consult PC regarding Richard. What does that signify? Probably not much, if it’s even true.

    Move along – nothing to see here. BTW – my suspicion is that later today we’ll get the news that Richard isn’t coming to USC.

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  6. That statement is outrageous and offensive and mean spirited!!

    Written by someone fired from the Daily News and not provided a media pass to USC!! Let’s call this blog “Outside Looking in on USC”

    These are 18 to 22 year olds, stop being petty, snarky and down right OFFENSIVE you no good blogger living in a basement with OWNS and the BUCKET meister!!

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    1. Yeah, this is Scottie as his snarkiest. Totally gratuitous insult to a current Trojan player. Whether or not the kid ever gets drafted, gets a tryout, or whatever, he is a Trojan and he is working his butt off.

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      1. 67 —
        As a kid did you see the 1960 version of The Time Machine? Owns’ view is the same as Rod Taylor’s: a little dress store across the street. And –just as in the movie– neither the store mannequins nor Owns ever grow old [because they inhabit the 4th dimension].

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  7. Happy that AVT is staying.
    Replacing two starting OT’s will be enough of a task for Drevno.
    Replacing Pittman will likewise be a task for Coach Colbert.
    Nevertheless, could be a fun offense to watch in 2020 for at least 10 of the games.

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    1. Bourbon, spot on. IMHO, Keary Colbert is the unsung hero of the coaching staff, including coaching up Drake London as well as Pittman, Vaughans, and St. Brown. . Next fall, there will be Vaughans, London, Bru McCoy, Kyle Ford among WRs, Stepp will be back at RB, Slovis at QB….could be a lot of fun to watch…particularly with the right coaching, which sadly won’t happen.

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      1. Are with you guys on Colbert – he is a gem.

        We all know where the ‘real problem/weak link’ is. It’s what is keeping quality coordinators away, as well as 4+ star recruits.

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      2. 67 —
        Kris Richard has been quoted as saying he’d only get into college coaching if he was offered a head coaching position —- what does USC do on this one? Make him DC & promise he’s next up if Helton flames out? Would that give him much incentive to help Helton win? Or do they try to get Kris to lower his head coaching sights and risk losing him altogether? [And how will Harrell feel about all this? He’s ready to leave as it is]…….

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      3. Michael, If Websters dictionary included a definition of “cluster****”, it would have an image of Helton. Front and center.

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      4. 67 —
        It’s clear that Helton gives off so much toxicity first rate coaches want to stay clear of him. The only big name he EVER brought in was Kingsbury…. and he lasted all of 1 day on campus (even though it took 2 weeks to make the formal announcement of his departure). How on earth did Bohn think he’d build a contender around this man? Did he actually buy Helton’s lies about a great “silent” recruiting class? Or USC’s readiness to play Iowa on 7 REAL days of practice? Is Bohn THAT naive?

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      5. the whole problem at SC comes back to the lack of standards set by Helton. he lowers the bar in terms of practice, discipline and expectations. even if a position coach is great, he is limited by the overall lack of standards from Helton.

        SC’s receiver corp could be the best in the country next year. Slovis seems to be able to get the balls in the right vicinity. the only question on the offense are whether the air raid system is too simplistic to be effective against good teams and whether the offensive line can keep Slovis from getting injured again.


  8. MG – great point on Richard and his aspirations.

    No way he comes to SC to help Gomer – unless he gets some sort of assurance about the HC job. Wonder if Bohn and Gomer even research those they interview? Doesn’t seem like it. Read this about Richard in a few articles. Doubt this interview would even take place. What’s the point?

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    1. Juan — Helton & Bohn will try to bullshit Kris with all kinds of fairy tale possibilities and opportunities ….. but he’s in the diver’s seat and he knows it ….it’s co-coach or nothing […in which case Harrell will get all butt hurt]…

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