USC Morning Buzz: Why Would Graham Harrell Go To Eagles?

Would Graham Harrell take the Eagles offensive coordinator’s job even though Doug Pederson calls the plays?

I asked an NFL coach that question: “He would be an NFL offensive coordinator at age 34. That would put him in a position to be an NFL head coach in a few years.

“What happens if he stays at USC and they hire an offensive-minded head coach next year? The new coach might want to call plays or even hire Harrell and bring in his own coordinator.”

32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Why Would Graham Harrell Go To Eagles?

  1. Here’s how the Richard interview went

    Gomer” I’d like you to be my DC ”
    Richard ” I like to practice in pads and hit ”
    Gomer ” We don’t do that here”
    Richard ” Nice talking to you “

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    1. karma — I think there’s a small possibility that Helton is so desperate to get a DC he’s gonna be amenable to doing stuff he hates —like practicing football —in pads —and tacking to the ground —the way all the other teams do.
      Bohn’s ass is on the line too. I can’t imagine he’s so weak and dumb that he’d let Helton keep scaring DC’s away by refusing to let them do what’s needed to get the team semi-prepared for Alabama.

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      1. Folt publicly states that Bohn ” had no restrictions on hiring a coach “. Then it’s learned that she says Meyer is radioactive and Stoops is not going to hire who he wants, Gomer stays.

        Gomer can’t hire a DC, the OC is trying like hell to leave, recruiting sucks, yet not one person in the USC administration seems to care.

        And Bohn gets whatever comes his way, if he was told he had no restrictions and then there were, he should have resigned on the spot and stated publicly why he was doing it, now he acts like he’s a castrated flaccid dick with Folt’s hand up his ass

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      2. “A castrated flaccid dick with Folt’s hand up his ass…” Woody Allen would always follow a line like that with a semi apologetic, “If you’ll forgive the disgusting imagery…”

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  2. when will this nightmare end? Even back in the day when we sucked we still got good players to root for. Now we suck across the board and i need to find a new fall hobby. what is everyone else goona do?

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  3. This quote from Haden is off topic, but priceless. It is when Haden picked Sark over Orgeron:

    “In the end, Ed O. wants to be a head coach,” Haden said. “He deserves to be a head coach. I told him I will do anything I can to help him become a head coach. It was hard. He was hurt. But in the end my job was to make the best decision for USC. We fought hard to keep him here. God love him, I hope he goes somewhere and makes me look like an idiot.”

    It is official, Haden is an idiot. Full stop.

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      1. And then, the SC admin doubles down on the Haden AD failure by hiring Swann, another guy with absolutely no experience and who had no idea what he was doing.

        And Swann goes and extends Helton.

        And here we are, living with their legacies.

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      2. “Bigger trouble”, karma? Only if they can find him to serve him a subpoena….
        [J. K. McKay will pull a Tom Hagen in the Godfather:”If I accept this letter it could be said in a court of law that I know Pat’s whereabouts…”]….

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  4. This entire process, anchored by Gomer is amazing.

    Not sure why USC even releases stuff like “We’re contacting… or USC to interview…” when the bozo running the interviews [supposedly] is Gomer.

    Why would Graham Harrell go to the Eagles? That has to reign as one of the stupidest questions ever – asked by non other than Flow himself. NFL>USC our boy Harrell is a football coach, and the pinnacle of his profession is coaching in the NFL – not coaching at a college where there are problems with management, the athletic department is in shambles and the head coach is incompetent.

    The crapola continues…

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    1. You know what, Juan? It just occurred to me: Helton need Harrell to stay in order to survive….
      [The problem is the new DC will want the moon too —and there is no such thing as “twice everything”]

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      1. gt —Very, very funny [but I love Max, a totally lovable rogue —he deserves better than being in the same sentence as Clay Helton]….


    2. Dude, you cannot ignore one of SCs greatest comebacks ever in Bball.

      You are insult to journalists throughout the nation

      You’re negative schtick is getting tired and you are just an old man playing the clickbait game.


  5. All my life I’ve heard, “Money talks-Bull Sh*t walks.” But when the money is saying the current state of USC football (Helton and his ilk) Is Dog Sh*t, it isn’t a big leap to see Bull Sh*t not far behind. The money is walking Harrell is following the money.
    This problem is easily rectified by one dismissed coach. Let the new guy fix things back into a real football team.

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  6. Please go and take your shitty one dimensional offense with you!
    One step closer to firing Dimwit Helton!!
    He’s Toxic and know one wants to be part of his sinking ship!!

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