The Rumor Mill

I’m hearing Kris Richard is talking to the Minnesota Vikings about becoming the defensive backs coach.

If that happens, USC could be back at square one (again).

25 thoughts on “The Rumor Mill

    1. You would think that with all the “dog shit” around the football program Wolf would be glad to report on something positive regarding basketball. Not Wolf, the most negative, whiney weenie In town. I have been saying this for years. Of course, if your overweight, bald, wear sweatshirts 100% of the time, and live in W. Hollywood in your Moms basement life can be a bitch.

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  1. Time for Bohn to say “Kris, you are DC for the time being, but this fall, you will be HC. After the ‘Bama blowout, and one more weak performance, Folt will have to agree with me to fire Helton. So hang in there for now, and don’t spend too much time talking to him.”

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  2. He wants the usc job for the right pay and he goes to Minnesota it’s because usc did not come threw with the pay.he wants the job for the fair price his family wants to be back in california.joe Barry wanted the job for the right pay also which we seen the Rams top usc in the end.kris Richard would be a huge get with him and Chris Claiborne locking up the state of cali defensive players.its really sad USC is not stepping up.make this happen bohnerino.

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    1. addendum: THEN — THEN!!! — (because this is usc, this needs to be said) HIRE THE BEST GODDAMNED CANDIDATE!!! (hint: the best candidate would have won a national title in, oh, let’s say, the last seven years or so.)

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  3. We all have to suffer through this coming year – Heltonska’s buy out drops and the last thing Folt wants is another D. Wayne Hughes bragging about how he bought Helton out.

    If another potential assistant coach isn’t interested – good further cements Helton’s coffin

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    1. It’ll be SO weird if —after all the talk about UPGRADING the staff to National Championship level — Helton has to make himself DC….
      [But it will be fun to see Bohn spin it as a positive: “Last December we jettisoned some dead weight so that we could put together the best staff in America. Today I’m proud to announce that, after interviewing some inadequate NFL scum, Clay Helton has emerged as the best person to serve as USC’s Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator and Special Teams Coach!”]……

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      1. Mike we shall all ride the ‘sow’ because that’s what Heltonska is – and guide it to the abbatoir to his so well deserved end. ‘Bite the bit’ – this is finally the end of this truly incompetent fool…..hey a big ‘thank you’ to the real author ‘Lynn Swann’

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  4. SCOTT



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    1. You’re right –Scott’s blog is not an example of shoddy journalism…


    2. In case you hadn’t noticed, Scott’s USC blog has always focused on football, with the occasional mention of basketball and other sports, mostly during the football dead period when there is nothing football related to cover. I suggest you reset your expectations.


  5. This should be the last chance for Gomer.

    Enough is enough. If you are perceived to be this bad, then you can be fired for cause.

    He’s hurting USC. Some ‘integrity’ huh Carol?

    Obviously no coaches want to work with/for this clown. Harrell is most probably on the way out.

    No DC. No ST. Soon no OC. That should translate into NEW HEAD COACH.

    But… not at USC. For some inexplicable reason, no one wants to wear ‘big boy pants.’

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    1. Juan —IF (and it’s stiff an IF) Harrell walks, Helton has to go. Helton can’t survive (1) his offensive coordinator walking out on a lucrative contract AND (2) not being able to score a defensive coordinator after all this time. I’ve followed football a long time —and I’ve seen plenty of loser coaches come and go —but I’ve never witnessed a head coach have this much trouble in hiring or keeping a staff. Carol Folt and the local press might be too dumb to see the writing on the wall —but this endless search for a defensive coordinator and this endless attempt to retain Harrell speaks volumes about the state of USC football.

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  6. Okay this is strike three for Helton. He whiffed on three candidates. Three strikes you are out. You’re losing players to the portal every week.
    Let’s get on with rebuilding the program -boot Helton-before we run out of players to coach

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  7. MG,
    Truly, they don’t care – that’s what it must be. Felt, Bohn, the BOT, etc… Seemingly no concern what so ever.

    They don’t seem to care about Kennedy and others that have expressed their opinions.

    Who’s next? The Ahmanson Family?

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