USC Sunday Notes: Defensive Coordinator Wanted

Where does USC go if defensive coordinator candidate Kris Richard goes to Minnesota?

Is the defensive coordinator search really this complicated? I guess so if you want someone with USC connections.

  • If you doubted Mike Bohn’s involvement in the defensive coordinator search, why did he speak to Pete Carroll?
  • Bohn has still not composed a tweet since Dec. 4, when he announced Helton’s return.
  • Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid wanted to go to USC and enrolled at Glendale College on the recommendation of Trojans coaches. Reid didn’t get any Division I offers when he graduated from Marshall High School in Los Angeles.
  • Kyle Juergens, the offensive lineman who was committed to USC and presumably dropped by the Trojans, committed to Boise State today.

Reid still couldn’t get a USC scholarship so he went to BYU instead.

46 thoughts on “USC Sunday Notes: Defensive Coordinator Wanted

  1. A little confused with the latest Flow post.

    WTF does Andy Reid have to do with the USC DC search?

    Perhaps a current list of possible candidates? Heard on some sites that Ryan Kalil has mentioned that USC should Luke Keuchly who just retired from the Carolina Panthers.
    That might of been nice to see, or any of the other foo… I mean candidates, that are considering coaching alongside the great Gomer Hackleton.

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    1. I saw a movie with Gene Hackman playing a basketball coach —he looked pretty inspirational. He’s about 90 now …and he doesn’t know anything about football…. or coaching……..but any old port in a storm, right?

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      1. Hoosiers – great film – Hackman, and also Dennis Hopper. who played “Shooter”, the assistant coach who had a drinking issue, and who would diagram a play and get the fellas fired up by saying “Don’t let the paint dry.”


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    2. If Jimmy were a field goal kicker and he came up to Helton & said those words—- with every ounce of sincerity you felt in the movie—-at the end of a tie game with Notre Dame…..Helton wouldn’t believe him.

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  2. I would love one of the USC sites to set up a clock/ticker that shows how many days USC has been without a DC since Pendergast was let go. Just watch the number of days/hours/minutes/seconds continually go up, up and up.


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    1. marvienna —
      Everyone DOES know Helton sucks …..except Folt….& Bohn…..

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  3. I think the Andy Reid story shows just how much the local kids love USC and how easy it is to sell them on the program and school if there is no drama.




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      1. Mike – quit ragging on Holt – this is Swann’s ‘gift’ as that piece of filth brilliantly decided to ‘bid’ against himself per Heltonska.

        Folt is only doing what any prudent new head of a chaotic firm would do – ignore the ‘old guard (rich wealthy monied alums) and the ants (people as we are – ham and eggers) and work to create a school where what has cascaded upon USC never ever happens again. Football is the least of her worries – Bohn another story – but for Folt, the least.

        The trial in Boston is where her attention is – that and creating an internal ‘chain-of-command’ that does not have ‘cut-outs’ blocking any bad news, that Nikias always depended on.

        It could be a great start by firebombing West 28th Street, n’est pas?

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  4. LOl… I think i posted the day after the Holiday Bowl debacle that i wonder how long it will take USC to find a DC. 1.) What DC would want GH as the OC and what reputible DC would want to be apart of the CH coaching tree? The answer is none and none. So basically they will have to offer the job to someone who has no business being the DC of the USC Trojans. Oh wait the head coach does not have any business being head coach of the USC Trojans.
    #Should’vefired Helton

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    1. The new DC is going to be Helton or he is just going to promote a USC defensive assistant (none have ever been a DC) and give a graduate assistant a position coach position.


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      1. Marvienna:
        I kinda’ came to that same conclusion this weekend.
        “Promote” from within. (?)

        HC CH underwhelming hires after he took over for Sark were the first example that HC CH was not “connected” in the NCAAF coaching world. Pete Carroll had “connections” and knew how to bring ’em in. Clay. Not one bit. The Kingsbury hire was an easy hire–C-USA to Pac 12. Likewise, the Harrell hire–which was a good hire, folks.

        Anyway, at this late stage if Kris Rich doesn’t take the job, then there is no qualified DC ready to join us, and HC CH just might have to promote “someone” from within the ranks. Ugh.

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  5. If Juergens really wanted to be a Trojan, he’d offer to blue shirt like Jalen McKenzie, Clayton Johnson, John Jackson III, and What’s-his-name Barnett. Actually, I think JJ3 Grey Shirted- that’s how bad he wanted to be a Trojan.

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  6. hey i’m out… I was born in 72 . I lost my grandpa in 81 . My greatest memories were sitting with him and watching Marcus Allen and Tod Spencer run through people. It was the one thing in my life that kept us connected through the years. Every game I was at i used say a little prayer to him. He is in hevan and I know he is not watching now! I dont know what he watches now and how we can be together. Thanks Folt …You Tiny Bitch Go Home

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    1. Spencer is a great guy, BB–quiet, humble, respectful, genial.
      Glad you got to watch him play those seasons.
      He did run THROUGH guys, not around them.
      His fellow tailback those years, Michael Harper, was the shake and bake guy. Great moves, great speed.
      Todd was dinged up most of the 82 and 83 seasons, so USC ran “tailback” by committee.

      BTW, I’m hoping they get to watch a lil College Football up in heaven.
      (just no swearing at the tele, right?)

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    1. That’s what Trojan Daily Blog is for. The only problem is they are more like a weekly blog because the post sporadically, but it’s a little better than all the stuff here.


      1. He knows that “big victories” in basketball in January are Fools Gold. Remember how excited we got in January when Bibby was coach and then the team would flame out in March every stinking year?


  7. Flash!
    Daniel Immatorbebe ( TE ) returning to the Trojans this spring. Waiting
    to be granted a 6th year of eligibility . Maybe that position will finally
    be used a lot more in the fall.

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  8. Where the hell is that inimical, blowhard Kal 86. The Pyrite Bears lost both its BB games to UCLA and Clownish U.

    How ’bout them Bruins.


  9. Looks like Todd Orlando is in the process of getting hired:

    A 2018 write up at Texas

    Orlando simply proved what makes him one of the top defensive coaches in the country: In particular, his effective teaching, aggressive philosophy and high capacity for adaptation.  

    His aggressive style

    The name of the game for Orlando is attacking opponents where they are always weakest — in their ability to handle pressure and confusion with little reaction time. One of the areas in which Orlando has excelled as a teacher is in the art of disguising pressures and dictating to opponents with stop calls.  


    1. And fired by Hermann during a low point in Texas football…and coming to USC from…Texas Tech (has it moved to Kentucky?)…


  10. More….From a core principle perspective that’s not too far off. The goal of Orlando’s defense is twofold: 1. He wants to stop the run and make a defense one-dimensional. 2. He wants his defenders to fly to the football.

    Orlando’s scheme isn’t complicated – at least by memorization standards. But it can look that way.


  11. Gomer: “ I can’t hire a good coach away from another program, so I guess I’ll just have to settle for a bad coach who was just fired.”

    Way to hire championship level coaches!


    1. Andy Reid was being recruited by Stanford until he broke his wrist at GCC. Also BYU took Andy along with fellow GCC lineman Randy Tidwell. And the rest is history…Go Chiefs!


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