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I hear Mike Bohn met with Brian Kennedy last night at the basketball game. Bohn was alerted Kennedy was at the game in lieu of Kennedy’s remarks last week that the football program was “dogshit.”

21 thoughts on “Development Of The Day

  1. Bohn ” Did you really say the program was dogshit ? ”
    Kennedy “Yep”
    Bohn ” Can you donate some money ? ”
    Kennedy ” Nope ”
    Bohn ” Why ? ”
    Kennedy ” You’re sock puppet dogshit “

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  2. I just finished watching the champion LSU tigers football hosted by the president Trump at the White House. You have to be happy for coach Orgeron how he battled thru adversity in really never been given a chance to be the head coach at USC but still not being discouraged and to move forward to fulfill his destiny. You can’t help but hear coach O and know that he is a true leader of men which Helton is not. I had just wished things were different at the time and coach O would have had a chance to lead the Trojans.

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    1. In 2003, there was a billboard near the Coliseum someone put up embellishing LSU’s BCS National Championship (and mocking USC’s #1 AP Ranking). Perhaps a Go Fund Me Page to get one for Coach 15 and 0?


      1. They should put up a billboard in that same spot (off the 110 near the Coliseum if I remember correctly) saying the Trojan Family wants Helton fired.

        If they open a GoFundMe page for that, I’m sure thousands of Trojans can drop a five or ten into the pot.


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    2. Lost respect for Orgeron going to the White House to meet that moron
      Trump. The 7 people that posted liking are a bunch of losers to boot.


      1. I hope they ran the 40 to get COVID tested as soon as they wiped the Orange bronzer off their hands…


    1. Yeah, I noticed that, too. But with this crowd it’s about par for the course. In response to an earlier article today some fool claimed to be a USC “alumni”. Of course I was amused.

      Then an even bigger fool stuck in his two cents, being too stupid to comprehend the error.


  3. Clemson is claiming that LSU stole the sign language that Clemson was using to signal in offensive plays. But the NCAA said, “If you are holding up a huge cardboard sign every time you run a certain play it is not cheating for the other side to figure it out.
    LSU responded “We can barely understand our head coach consequently we must learn to read all of the signs.”
    Clemson had a clever retort that they were going to post on their Marquee out front, but the Huston Astros stole their signs.

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  4. Yes Kennedy was there getting mad love from real usc can hear people as he was walking by say out with the DOGSHIT.he is a true usc hero. I yelled folt is a cunt he smiled and laughed.


    1. I support your anger, Rol rol.

      Many on the site have asked you not to use the “c” word.
      It reflects poorly on all of us here to air our anger (and voice our support).

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      1. I laugh at people who think the word can’t be used. But I do believe it should be reserved for people who are actually mean or vindictive. It shouldn’t be used merely because someone doesn’t do what you want them to. I don’t believe she’s made her decisions to harm anyone, nor do I believe she hasn’t taken both sides into consideration. I’m going to have faith that if this year is even close to being a repeat of last year, that she’ll do the right thing for all, including CH. FIGHT ON!!


  5. Did it ever occur to anybody that maybe Scott Wolf may have a love for USC. So he writes what he writes ?

    What I don’t understand, being a light poster is why on these sites people call each other names, etc. Why can’t you just stick to the subject.

    I firmly believe FOLT–BOHN–HELTON have no idea how passionate USC fans–supporters–donors are about USC Football. Just looking at Her-Helton-Bohn tells me they have NO CLUE. Helton is terrible and is milking the USC cow for all he can. He is afraid to hire any quality assistance that will show him up. He has to go, the sooner the better. How can you coach in a environment where no one likes you–thinks you are a bad coach ( which he is) and claim you have integrity, honesty. You are just as stated “milking the USC cow for all you can”-for fear no one /school would hire you.

    I’m sickened, sad what USC Football has become and the School. I did not go to USC, I’m 83. Went to Road University and got my Masters at Street University. Gave up over 18 years of Cardinal & Gold. Have given over $ 25,000.00 to the Band for uniforms-instruments-edowment & Notre Dame trips. Used to fly down for all the home games and went to all the away games. Great memories & times. No more!!

    Just a pissed off fan..

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  6. Sometimes the TRUTH HURTS….
    Change it and all might be better
    With Clueless HELTON in charge—along with FOLT & BOHN It will continue to be Dog Shit!


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